• MonsterWithoutBorders
    I have a bunch of grinders including space case, Santa Cruz, lift, Mendo muncher but now I use for my mv1 the S&B plastic. Consistent fine grind is what I like for mv1. I guess I will get a NV eventually.
  • Futurevapors
    the other thing is now when I go to use my space case, I now dislike a lot of what I used to love about it?

    This is most strange as I used to rate SC as 1# but the Ripper has just proved it’s weight for value for me.

    I’m not just blowing smoke up arse’s either, I’d loved to hear how other are rating the Ripper.

    Love or hate, it’s a game changer
  • Illinois
    Space Case 2- piece medium works well with my Dynavap
  • Pakalolo2
    @FuturevaporsReally loving this grinder but I'm sure Kevin will make the Ripper better after hearing from this and other forum's suggestions. This thing is just plain COOL!
  • Futurevapors
    100% the thing is he wants bare stainless steel for health reasons, witch is something none of us actually know when using powder coating. The function of a grinder is similar to a cars break, and the friction causes micro dust so at least he’s thinking long term.

    Everytime I’ve had these dough’s with it, I’ve always gone back to it?
  • Pakalolo2
    @Futurevapors I agree, and I believe Kevin is correct that the "non-coated" stainless steel is a superior choice for any surface that is in contact with your herb. There have been many on this forum who have made suggestions to improve/modify the Ripper including changing the geometry of the grinding "Teeth" to be more efficient in cutting moist herbs and others I think may have merit but damn!..I think Kevin has put together a great little grinder. I also believe that the Ripper has caused a ripple in the big grinder pond. Enough so to create interest and have other companies talking about its place in this upscale (It's not cheap!) market and seriously trying to figure out a way to get out their own versions of a stainless steel grinder.

    Just my thoughts
  • Futurevapors
    Absolutely, I contact Kevin weekly, he’s a really nice guy and I feel like he’s going to be a big name in the grinder world very quickly because there’s no going back once you own the Stainless Steel!

    It’s a beast, once your get used to the weight any aluminum grinder just feel a bit flimsy
  • Futurevapors
    Forgot to mention, I’m also saying Dimond teeth would help stop material getting stuck, But if you put a Diamond teeth grind next to the Ripper grind, the Ripper has a better grind? So dimond teeth might help with sticky material but might mean just a standard grind?

    Watch this Space, Kevin mentioned one extremely well know vape companies getting in touch with him about doing something together :starstruck:
  • Cl4ud3
    But if you put a Diamond teeth grind next to the Ripper grind, the Ripper has a better grind?Futurevapors

    So you have both these grinders that you have compared the grind ?
  • Futurevapors
    Yes I own both Space Case and Ripper.

    The grind from space case is more courser than the Ripper. The funny thing is I love and stand my the SC all day long But after a few months with the Ripper and I now feel like I own a Ford Focus and a Audi A6 in grinder terms.

    The feel in hand =Ripper
    Grind = Ripper
    Unscrewing =Ripper
    Non stick = sc but powder coating dust is unhealthy.
    Material storage area = Ripper

    It’s just funny when you love something so much but then a new one comes along and just does the job better.

    I have to stress I’d had 2/3 big fallouts with the Ripper todo with weed sticking to teeth but overall if I was going to a desert island I’d take the Ripper


    Ps o have the fine screen and to be honest it’s that’s clogged so I’d suggest getting the medium one to anyone

    Pps I seem to remember the Critic showing different grinds off recently but can’t remember where on witch thread
  • Cl4ud3
    Right well you didn't say the space case grind you said the diamond teeth and that implies other grinders.

    I think you should also have made it very clear that you sell the Ripper grinder and have a vested interest in it doing well, feedback you give should be taken as coming from a retailer account.
  • SlowDrawMG
    I agree........ you should make it clear if you are pedalling this grinder. If you are representing the company, you should state so. Some others can misconstrue this as a true customer experience.
  • Futurevapors
    Here we go again guys, grind me up onto tiny peices :fire:

  • Cl4ud3
    So this is the line you are going with ? the fact that the mods were sent a link months back to your store where you had the ripper 3 and 4 piece advertised for sale was a mistake then ?
  • Futurevapors
    When I received my 1x Ripper Grinder I tried to sell it on eBay, the listing lasted 10days and no one bought it! I still have it as you can see and I’m the only person in Europe with one, I think?

    Also let’s ask @HerbRipper what I have to do with his business, hopefully he will reply that I helped him with 1 piticular important design change with the mk2 Ripper, and other than that I’m a huge fan.

    But what is the real problem here Cl4ud3 because anytime you call me out usually I then ask the person who I was advising and they on both other occasions have been just as confused as me as to why you go for my throat on these matters.

    I’m clearly expressing how the SC used to be my favorite but now the Ripper is, and that’s it, but then you come in hot with the Sirons on woop woop, report just in @futurevapors is trying to infiltrate the vape market pretending he’s enjoying certain products but underneath it all he’s brainwashing people into buying them!
  • Cl4ud3
    Call whoever you want. The listing was there for several months and was showing 10 plus stock for both items. Just because you have removed the items doesn't change the fact that several people saw it.
  • Futurevapors
    Well I’m just glad that someone didn’t buy it now because it’s pulled through and as myself I love it.
  • Baron23
    Let's be frank here.....many of us on this board have seen you pumping the hell out of SBL stuff and although you may have mentioned it once, its not very apparent in your posts that you are a SBL affiliate and have some mercantile relationship to them. Is this true that you have a business relationship to SBL?

    Then we see you pumping this Ripper....lots of grinders on the market, many good ones...but all we see is frequent pumping by you of the Ripper which, given the SBL situation, makes many wonder as to your motives here also.

    @SlowdrawMG, who commented above, did it right IMO. He has been a long time, highly respected, MJ related BBS member but when he went to work with SBL, he made it very apparent that he was posting as a company representative. Then, when he left that position, that was also made very clear.

    We don't really see that with you. Can you please clarify what business relationships you have with vape or vape accessory businesses?

    @Cl4ud3 @VapeCritic
  • elykpeace
    :yum: going to say SCS is the #1. Fluffy consistent grind Everytime.
  • Trix
    I love and use my SLX the most.
    The S@B grinder is good for fine grind.
    POV grinder is decent I just don't use it much.
  • Futurevapors
    I feel like a broken record with this one buddy.

    I’m a Fan Baron, SBL has already had to clear that up on this Forum only a few weeks ago for talking about my love of using Their products.

    I love their Products and I only currently own SBL and Dynavap and 0 battety so obviously I’m going to talk about only those 2 vapes?

    I have no profit connection with any vape company and I have never received any payment for anything I have helped out with!

    Baron if I got a job working for SBL, just imagine the picture I’d put up on receiving that news, why would I keep it a secret that I was working for them? I’d shout it from the roof tops dude.
  • HerbRipper
    I just came across this tonight and wanted to chime in for a second. Future vapors has received zero payments from The Ripper. We are a one man show over here, making, cleaning, packaging, and managing every aspect of the business. I came in contact with futurevapors months ago and after he saw what I was trying to do (change the standard of grinder quality) he offered to help me sell to the Europe market in a way that I could afford shipping. My plan was to ship 10ish grinders to him and him ship them cheaply to Europe. I never sent him any more grinders than the one he purchased.

    There was nothing in it for him and I was honestly blown away by him trying to help me. It failed. And we talk from time to time as he feeds me things that would help improve the grinder but that’s it.

    I really don’t know what else to say, I’m just a little guy going up against all these big grinder companies and I’ll take any help/business I can get. He offered to help, I took it and was thankful for it.

    I get it that he is very passionate about vaping and the few products he uses, he pushes for. I feel it’s like every time somebody I know wants to buy a truck, I push Chevy because I absolutely love mine. I don’t get anything out of it, but I still do it.

    If anybody has any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them truthfully.

  • Cl4ud3
    Thanks for the information. This would explain the multiple grinders he was advertising as in stock and for sale.
    Two listings were shown for several months for both 3 and 4 piece rippers, just because he didn’t get this stock doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying to sell them.

    @Futurevapors Then we come to the continuing story of how you aren’t tied to SBL when you have a store selling their product. I guess these would also just be personal items that you have for sale. Interesting that even though we knew about your store back in July you still say you don’t have a business relationship with any manufacturer.

    You have tried your hardest since joining this forum to keep your affiliate and retailer status hidden. You have been given ample opportunity to be open about it even when told that several people have mentioned and linked your store. You would still rather pretend though that you are some hard done by member being picked on by forum staff.
  • Futurevapors
    I'm also affiliate to Dynavap but don't use that code on insta anymore, Affiliate accounts meaning when i post imagines on Instagram i have a code witch give's anyone who uses it 10%-off Sticky Brick Labs products and i receive €0.00 in return, I'm a Huge fan and i really enjoy photographing their vapes and sharing and engaging in talks on how to best use their vapes.

    There's a Difference in being a fan bigging up products to working for a company and commenting to month sales targets and being paid a monthly wage.

    I do sell Sticky Brick labs on my Ebay store and everyone knows this and no one else feels i'm trying to pressure people to buy their products, only you think this. And I've never advised anyone to visit my ebay on this forum so i truly feel i'm not breaking your rules.

    I Do not make any profit from any vape company out there, FACT!

    @Cl4ud3 where do we grow from here, would you like me to leave or is my explanation enough for you to stop pointing your vape at me.

    I'm a fan, i love this forum, i provide good content but i only use SBL or dynavap, space case and ripper so that's all i'm going to be able to talk about.
  • Futurevapors
    You would still rather pretend though that you are some hard done by member being picked on by forum staff.Cl4ud3

    Every time I engage in a conversation regarding the only vapes i use you interject and pull me up for hard selling, when i have not mentioned my ebay account, where to purchase, any deals, any affiliate or pressure to purchase! people often send me personal messages thanking me for my content and how they didn't understand why you got involve to punish me for pressure selling when i was merely explaining how to use their vapes.

    i could see you point if i ever advised someone to buy a product off me!
  • evolve
    I use SCS and New Vape fine grind the most. I like the SCS grind for my Mighty, Grasshopper, Milaana and SSV, and I prefer the New Vape fine grinder for the EVO and the Flowerpot. I find different vapes respond better to different grinders
  • Futurevapors
    I truly Hope this is what you're looking for from me.

    Hi guys, my name is Futurevapors and I have an Affiliate to SBL with a Code for -10% off their products for anyone, that code is only found on my Instagram account should you like to avail of that.

    I also have a handful of SBL products on my Ebay store for European customer should you go out of your way to find, I offer a service where you can see the actual Unit before buying.

    I am a Huge SBL fan and if anyone has any questions regards their products I'm open to you reaching out to me BUT I am only a Fan and cannot answer questions that are for SBL directly as i do not work for them.


    Futurevapors :fire:
  • bum karacho

    :rofl: :rofl: :joke:
    i like your posts!
    i think you are authentic!
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