• Futurevapors
    Thanks Dude i seriously appreciate you sticking your neck out for me i won't forget that, me me smile also! Like everyone else on here i put a lot of time into my posts and i'm super positive and always happy to help any members if they reach out to me.

    :fire: All day All night
  • Paxhead

    My one and only. I stretched wide rubber bands on to improve grip when overloaded or use sticky flower. I had some other small ones but they were all crap compared to this. :smile:
  • biojesus
    I li0wq14a3i1crakk3o.jpg
    like the David, also my Bear and my Chromium Crusher.
  • BestBuds
    I have a dumb question. With a 2 piece grinder, what the heck do you do with your ground herb? I have been grinding a few buds and tapping out the ground up herb onto a paper plate and into the vape from there or I might put some into an air tight metal pill container you can get at a pharmacy. But I feel like all that kief and fine herb sticks to the plate or what ever service and I'm loosing all of that. I rather have the herb I'm using that night sit in my 4 piece till I come over and load up. Am I doing something wrong or am I just not a 2 piece grinder kind of guy?
  • Dr green thumb
    A two piece grinder functions exactly like you said grind it up and tap it out into a container it's just doing the basics. Next would be a three piece grinder which grinds into a bottom chamber for storage. A four piece grinder grinds into a storage chamber with a screen at the bottom over another chamber which collects your kief. I am not much of a two or three chamber guy myself as I like to re use the kief.
  • Kakarot
    The only grinder I use other wise I use trimmers to get desired consistency..Also I love Storz & Bickel but if you take a Microscope and look at your material after grinding with the plastic grinders you will he horrified.. Please use caution with those.
  • Amber Trichome
    Mendo mulcher for me, great grind consistency, no dodgy coating or broken off plastic but crappy magnets also a vapcap fits perfectly in the lid... did i mention the crappy magnets and no response in regards to customer service.
  • kebcatmorgan
    SLX it’s all I got and as far as I can see all I need?Startedat52

  • Hillbill
    I quit grinding!
  • UbarDog

    Are you a Shot glass'n'scissors, a Picker or a hole nugga?

    I have 2 grinders in use -

    One is about 17 years old now for £10. Metal 2 peace , unbranded.I used to use it for flower, nowadays my wife uses it mostly for euro-soild this grinder powders it nicely.

    For flower we use a $5/£6 tiny unbranded 4 peace. Anodised Au, I think. Only fit's 0.5 at a time. Its about 2years old now and produces a constant nice fine-med grind and fits nicely in pocket.

    I know alot of you are "Go big or Go home" but £100 for a grinder makes me want to vomit blood :vomit:
    I don't think i would spend this on a grinder EVEN if i won the lottory. I don't mind spending on quality but there are far more complicated machined metal pieces that cost less.I feel this instidistry still adds extra on price tags for basic things.

    Look a Water tools Vs Scentific Glass, Loading tool's( Like DankShank Loading Tool or Pax) Vs A Lab Spatula

    Different use's, Different Prices- Same Dam tool!
  • Hillbill
    If dealing with fluffy nugs I just load 'em. Denser nugs get pulled apart a little and then loaded.
  • iamcanadian
    When I first got my Zeus Vortex with the transparent top, I thought it was more gimmicky than practical.

    The see-through top has really grown on me, though, and it communicates when the grind is complete. I find myself going to this grinder repeatedly, especially when the herb is very fresh and moist.

    For achieving medium- and fine- grind, I am quite pleased with this Vortex.



  • Baron23
    I used a NV Fine Grinder pretty much for everything.

    I did recently do a trade to a board member, my NV Coarse Grinder (which I never really used but a few times) for his Armband version of the NV Fine Grinder.

    I really like the Armband version for the grip improvement.

    Great grinder.
  • fatbiker
    How does the NewVape Fine grinder work with the Mighty?

    The two-piece NV Fine does not collect pollen. Do you feel that is a drawback?
  • Baron23
    Do you feel that is a drawback?cheeseheadvaper

    Nope....keep the trichomes where they belong.....with the flower for the most part. haha

    And I run flower from my NV Fine Grinder through a Mighty all of the time. Mighty isn't a real picky or particular vape...it will eat almost anything.
  • fatbiker
    If I invest in a new grinder I'd prefer for it to be Stainless Steel. I have been using a 4-piece SC for years. I think it's time to upgrade. However, I'd like it to be SS and a 4-piece. Any suggestions?
  • warren0728
    my santa cruz shredder medium three piece does just fine for me ... i'm not a fan of four piece shredders ... i like to keep all my product together
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I love my ripper, makes for a nice fluffy grind everytime, and the SS just gives it a solid feel. Full disclosure, I am an Ripper affiliate. So if you have any questions feel free to ask. I do have discount codes, but people should check and make sure Bud doesn't have a code before asking for mine please. This is his forum afterall.... I also use a large space case for when i want a more course grind, or if there are a bunch of people around.
  • UbarDog

    You sound just like Futurevapors

  • Cl4ud3
    I wish there were more options but the only other 4 piece isn't out of pre order yet. I could of course be wrong and someone else can find another 4 piece in SS. Personally I want function over what material it's made from, but that's just me.
  • UbarDog

    :D I was expecting a F-off reply and would have taken it with a smile.
    And yes as far as I am aware your right , no other SS and 100% function over form.
  • Papic914
    I use a slx for all my Vapes and have a basic two piece for the occasional j.
  • Rudis21
    I use a 4 piece chromium crusher I got at my dispensary for $15. Gets the job done. I was surprised to not see it mentioned here at all. Makes me wonder why? Maybe it's trash and I just don't know it lol? I have been looking into a lift grinder, just trying to justify the cost.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    I've been using a sharp stone for a while :cheer: so buttery smooth and a fine grind but not too fine
  • Mangu
    I’ve been using Cosmic Grinders for years and have never failed me, still look to be in great shape. Small 4-piece for fine grind, larger 4-piece for medium grind. Every once in a while I do have to wipe the stickier stuff from the sides and grooves using a pick tool....mostly on the smaller one with its finer grind.
  • evolve
    I haven't actually tried it on the Mighty but it should work fine, I believe @Baron23 uses his for the Mighty
  • HerbRipper
    Just wanted to let y’all know that we are working on a polishing application on our grinder so it’s super slick in the grinding area to help prevent build up. Again no coating so no flaking can happen. I agree function over material which is why we are trying to take your all suggestions and make it better all the time!
  • Pakalolo2
    @HerbRipper Great idea Kevin, I love the Ripper but in my case where my herb is stored with the Boveda 62% humidity packs, I too have the same issue as it tends to leave the Ripper a bit sticky with build up in the grinding area. However, it does not detract from Your grinder producing a superior grind he others I've used albeit with just a little less sticky goodness in which to enjoy so...go for it Kev!

    I would love to Beta test this for you!
  • UbarDog

    "Back Leaf" Steely Dan Stainless Steel 4pc Grinder cost less than £40
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