• Bruce
    I got two half lid accessories for the Pax at a well-known smoke shop locally. exact box etc... I looked it up its a fake. Accessories now are not fake proof.

    The owner said its authentic and if I have a problem go to the manufacturer. What do I say I got duped. 2 times, Pax won't care. The Box was almost identical. It felt authentic, but it wasn't. The was made of polycarbonate. Who knows how bad for me. These fakes are dangerous, unregulated crap.

    Do the safe thing pay the price to get from Pax or with links on the bottom of The Vape Critic's reviews. 2 in 1 get a review and demo, then buy it from a reputable company.

    If you see anything in regard to vaporizers on eBay the question is what is not an excellent fake on eBay and sites like it. I got the half lid from a friend who has the Pax deluxe. Wow, that half oven cover is pretty cool.

    The Pax 3 is producing even better now with stainless steel oven lid.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @Bruce i think that pax would be intrested to know. They would want to stop it
  • Bruce
    I have heard of a few situations Pax gave an exchange but they said they did it because it helps them know. but otherwise, no exchanges and I don't blame them.

    bottom line Buds Links at the end of his review or the manufacturer's site or nothing. Nothing worse feeling than getting hosed.

    Peace, Love and Vape
  • GhostMV1User

    I bought a knock off vape once. I found out us was a fake right away, contacted the store and told them if he didn't refund my money I would leave reviews stating they sold knock off vapes.

    They gave me my money back. Worth a try
  • Paxhead
    @ Bruce .Where do you get the stainless steel oven lid? Is it the one with the pusher?
  • Bruce
    My first Vaporizer was a cheap one. I figured just get quality and I got the Pax 1 from a store. For half price. "see I take care of you" is what they said when they sold me the fake. I went back a few days later after and said its a fake. I said better business bureau. I showed them the fake screw and the real one on google..... no no it is authentic. Nobody comes back with this. Lots of dumbass's lol.

    no, it looked the same but had some kind of hardened plastic. It also didn't go all the way to the half oven. The real one I knew after 10 seconds the quality. deeper, solid tight fit. everything seems right about it. Love the authentic half oven lid.

    I have seen the covers the ones with a pusher (looks interesting), I also read online there is third party oven lid that has vents and thus the claim turns the Pax into a Convection vape.

    When it comes to changing a product from its original accessories.

    Where I live legalized MJ is about to explode. And I talk to these smoke shop and vape shops. They all are looking at dry herb vaporizers. Some told me they are getting the accessories.

    I figured out there is someone going to shops and selling the fakes. Then the owners turn a blind eye just like they turn a blind eye when they sell bath salts.

    The only way to go is through the links on the bottom of the Vape Critic Video Ratings. Or the manufacturer itself. No ebay etc...
  • Bruce
    Of course any company would want that to stop. I say, have a call in number on the box and the company authenticates on the spot in the store. Period.

    I am outta here faster than Bud hitting his ghost after wakes up.
    pretty fast.

    Peace, Love and Vape
  • Bruce
    I agree. I will try. Thank You. I still won't deal with anyone but the company. The company directly will price match. I hate the shipping process, but its the best way. My advice based on my experience and what I have heard.
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