• Baron23
    I'm thinking NewVape fineCaynan

    That's what I use. :up: :100:
  • AdeM
    Once you master it, the Ghost is a beast

    Mine felt inconsistent aft first...but spot
    On nowadays. It’s not even that difficult to maintain. Once a week, Regular soaking in iso works for me. But I do mix with milaana, mi2 and splinter.

    Now so want the stealth model....let’s hope vapefiend can ship for EU and the US can deal
    With the swapped units.
  • Caynan
    My Newvape fine grind and draw rates has brought consistency in my MV1. And yes this vape is at the top of the Pyramid when those good Rips roll off. I can honestly say they hit hard! I have made a great choice, MV1
  • John Cocktostone
    I use a Sharpstone Fine Grind or the standard Trees grinder from Puff It Up. I'd prefer somewhere between the 2. Will ne picking up the Brilliant Cut if and when it launches.

    Just like brewing coffee...the grind makes a difference.
  • Summer
    I prefer a medium coarse grind for this vape, but can't recommend any particular grinder. I have a no name off amazon &, imo, the grind is perfect. & I also have a prototype of the soon-to-be released Brilliant Cut Grinder & I'm very impressed with that one, too. But I no other experience. If, in addition to these 2, I would like to experience the LIft with both medium & coarse plates & the Groove as its grind looks medium - medium coarse & fluffy.
  • Startedat52

    Same thing here. I’ve had one of mine for 3 months and now get full extraction without stirring but rotate after 3 draws. I get better effects at lower temp settings getting 4-6 hits with my final draw on level 4. For a while I was just leaving it on level 5 for 2-3 hits, stirring after the second.
  • Merlin44
    My MV1 is on the way. The $70 Wulf Vape Digital that I purchased a few months ago does nothing for me and hope that the MV1 will allow me to stop smoking as my lungs are shot.

    @VapeCritic your review is what influenced me to purchase the MV1.

    Has any one tried vaping bubble hash or dry rub kief in the MV1?
    perhaps mixing the hash or kief with some bud?
  • androponic
    MV1 loves a DoubleDecker.
  • Merlin44
    Thanks for the reply. Being new to all of this, I don't know what "DoubleDecker" means and how to do it...I am a little bit out of the "scene" as it were. Knew more 40 years ago.
  • androponic
    herb base, hash or kief on top. Hell, all three, TripleDecker.
  • Merlin44
    Hell, all three, TripleDeckerandroponic

    Thank you @androponic that sounds like an excellent buzz waiting for a place to happen. I will certainly give that a go when my MV1 arrives on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Merlin44
    There seems to be a lot of buzz regarding the Stealth MV1. I just ordered an MV1 with the coppery finish. Is there a substantive difference between the Stealth and non-Stealth MV1's? I did not see any reference to anything but cosmetic differences. @VapeCritic @GhostVapesNerissa

    My preference is the non-Stealth finish but don't want to short myself on functionality or features.
  • ssaucyc515
    I'm 95% sure they updated the models being shipped now. It's not just the matte black
  • Merlin44
    Thank you for the reply. This is what I am assuming as well.
  • GhostVapesNerissa
    @Merlin44 Your unit will have all the upgrades as well.
    Nerissa :smile:
  • Merlin44
    Thank you for the reply and info, Nerissa.
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