• m3llo
    Super.. Stealth trade in is ordered.

  • JermainDeGroot

    I'm gonna buy the MV1 this week but is 325 dollars (285€) a good price for it? I live in Netherlands, maybe you guys know a better offer on a site? Thanks

    Great question! If you don't mind, let me know the name of the retailer (just curious). On our website it's $295. Keep in mind when purchasing through us since the shipment is coming from the US, it's possible that you'll be assessed customs fees. Please be advised these fees are generated by the customs agency in your region and are not assessed or enforced by GHOST Vapes. 

    Alternatively, if you'd like to see the MV1 carried in your local shop, please send us the name of the shop, address, and the best point of contact. I can have our sales team follow up with them! 

    GHOST Vapes Customer Support
  • JermainDeGroot

    Hi Virgil, thanks for coming so quick with an answer , im planning to buy it on Vaposhop.nl , the shipment is free above 50$, so its 325 inc shipment.

    I can buy 3 glass mouthpieces on that site too. Do they fit on the new models?
  • EconMan
    We've looked at doing it like you state , without having to put money down, but it's not feasible with the rate the credit card processors would charge us to put recurring charges on cards. So instead we just have the customer buy it ( to serve as a deposit) It works like a rental if you return it under the trial period .Also we've got lifetime trade ins for store credit, since most people love their vaporizers and want it for more than a few months.To the Cloud

    Yeah. Also the fraud component. If your Merchant Bank knew, they would almost certainly not like that. Just had a client where the bank made them remove their "no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee" ("made them" in the sense if they wanted a good rate and fee structure).

    Something to consider. I try and encourage ALL my clients who utilize recurring billing to do so to the extent possible via ACH/EFT (e-check). The fees are considerably less and the protection for the merchant is much greater. I have a cannabis client who sells a subscription service where people sign up for monthly deliveries that are "surprises" -- 1 out of 50 orders are quadruple value, 1 out of 10 are double, and the rest normal). They were paying 7.5% on cards and we got them down to 2.9% FOR CANNABIS! , mostly via ACH. The risk to the banks is less with ACH, and therefore they are more daring with it.

    Another thing oddly few businesses utilize, is the "wallet" functionality of whatever payment gateway they use. (a stored-value card and most loyalty programs use an e-wallet, PayPal is a giant wallet). Some cool marketing programs can be done with it, and without much IT work.
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