• JimK1967
    I'd like to start by thanking @Pakalolo2, @Dose and @EasyToSlip for their valuable input! I came to this forum after a long time of researching portable vapes to replace my desktop unit (an Arizer Extreme Q) and it was their input that helped confirm my decision to go with a Ghost MV1.

    As I noted in my original post, I smoked for 20 years daily then took a 7 year hiatus as the number alone started to scare me even though I have the lungs of a race horse. During those long 7 years I missed it, bad - it was like water and air to me. My family used to joke that I had a THC molecule dangling from my DNA ;-) I only returned to this great love in my life because I could now vape it rather than smoke. For the last 6 years I've used an Extreme Q and it has treated me very well. It was left on for hours every day and still runs like a champ after all these years! The main reason I wanted something new was for ease of use - with the set-up time, preheating etc, it was always like 20 minutes until first hit and then time later to put it all away as I didn't want a contraption always sitting out on my coffee table. And if possible, I wanted something that could out-perform it as well. So - I wanted better form and function. With all that said, I got exactly what I wanted out of the Ghost MV1 - in spades!


    Firstly - it is so easy to use with only a couple minutes til first draw. Many have mentioned a learning curve to get the most out of it and this is true but it is not a steep one. I had mine producing tasty, thick vapor by the 3rd crucible. It's all about how you "pack" it. Most important is having a consistency of grind and much less to do with the size of grind as all work well if packed correctly. As with all vapes, it's all about good, even air flow through your herbs with no voids as air will follow the path of least resistance pushing your herbs into these voids, in which case the hot air will "tunnel" through in one general direction rather than flow evenly through it. Since a fine grind inherently has a smaller space between each particle, you want it evenly filled to the top with little to no tamping - just touching the lid, no compression. With a medium to coarse grind with inherently larger space between particles, it likes a very light tamp to ensure these larger particles stay in place rather than shift creating voids as air pressure builds. Out of all grinds, I get the best performance with the former - a fine fluffy grind filled evenly just to the rim of the crucible. I do find that different strains produce differing amounts of visible vapor but whether highly visible or not, it still delivers all the goodness contained. For example, two strains I know very well produce very different visible vapor - Chocolope produces very opaque visible clouds and delivers the effects I know so well. On the other hand, LSD, despite producing a much lighter less visible vapor, hits me like I know and expect it to - like a sludge hammer! On the subject of potency of extraction - it's mind boggling, literally. Maybe it's the fact that the herbs are exposed to the heat required to raise all the goodies to their respective flash points for only the small window of time it takes to finish a draw and as a consequence there are less unwanted metabolites in the mix? I don't know. But it's the cleanest, most clear-headed high I've ever experienced from flower in my life! And then there's the flavor - it's all there. No terpene is left unturned. It's so good, you can taste even the most subtle of differences between strains on the lower heat settings.


    This one's easy! It is such an curvy, elegant design that I can leave it out anywhere in the house without distraction and has a nice balanced weight to it that feels like it belongs in hand. Over the last 30 years I've collected 50's furniture from fleamarkets/garage sales etc and over the last 15 years my wife and I have collected pop art so having it look like it belongs no matter where I leave it is amazing. The Extreme Q was always hidden away in a kitchen cupboard! The pics below do all the talking regarding form!






  • JimK1967

    That seems to mirror exactly what I'm getting out of my battery as well...
  • Dose
    @JimK1967 - glad you're enjoying your MV1 and I love the pop art!
  • acstorfer
    I think a lot of the battery use is determined by how you use the Ghost. With me, when I use my Ghost for the occasional hit I get three crucibles. When I tear through the crucible I get 4 to 5 crucibles. Seeing how the unit doesn’t have to fully heat up for every pull that makes a lot of sense. Additionally I think is a huge factor. If you’re using around 15% active ingredient vs. 25% it’s gonna take longer to extract the thc.

    * Both of my “factors” are purely just “gee that makes sense” type statements. Absolutely no actual evidence was harmed in the making of this post.
  • Dr green thumb
    I am getting 20 draws consistently sometimes 5 more before needing to charge, and on ghosts website they claim this.

    "Our high-power battery pack, combined with a super-efficient design means the GHOST MV1 will deliver by far the best performance of any portable vaporizer in the category. Whilst the actual number of vapes will very much depend on the way the GHOST MV1 is used, tests have shown that over 100 full length vapes on the highest heat setting can be achieved on a single battery charge. Lower temperatures result in less frequent charging"

    I understand a small variance but 25 for me vs their claimed 100 is a huge variance. That's why I was checking to see if my battery was bad.
  • acstorfer
    I’m surprised that’s still on their literature. The batteries use to be “smart” (they still may be but better). As the battery power drained, the battery output kept decreasing less and less. Theoretically someone might have gotten 100 uses, but in reality it was 30 or 40 before the battery was so ineffective it wasn’t worth the bother.

    Another thing to check is the overall power level output. While the unit is off click both buttons 3 times at the same time. There is a low, normal, and high. It’s worthwhile to see which you like best. I’d imagine going to the lowest setting prolongs battery life.
  • Pakalolo2
    I typically get 40-50 draws at 375 - 380 per battery.
  • ghost-ops
    Hi @Dr green thumb

    Your report of only 20 draws between charges does seem unusually low and unless there was something similarly unusual about your usage of the device we'd tend to agree that battery was not working to its full potential. Have you contacted our CS team about this yet ()? If you have, great, and we won't need to duplicate efforts here. I'm tagging @"GHOSTTEAM" so he is aware of the problems your having and will be able to set up a formal support request if needed so we can address this and fix you up with a replacement if need be.


  • Cl4ud3
    I tried to fix that tag but it's throwing up a funny. tagging again @GHOSTTEAM
  • Ctipp22
    What’s an analogy for how much suction you produce ? What’s your ghost technique for best extraction per temp?
    And has anyone used the liquid pad to make a one hitter? C
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    i go with the ghost recommendation to suck as if you were drinking through a straw. For me its all about temp stepping if you want full extraction (or do like bud and just start at level 5). There was a thread on here a few months ago where people were talking about using the liquid pad to microdose. I have not tried it but, i remember others liking it. I apologize but i dont have time to dig through all of the MV1 threads to find a link to the post. But like i said people seemed to like it.
  • Pakalolo2
    @Ctipp22 Yes I have, but because of my COPD it becomes a 2-3 hit wonder for me...amazing efficiency and effects.
  • Ctipp22
    Personally I just really like hit 1,2 and then maybe 3. Just like big tasty ones. Sometimes once the device is warm enough a fresh pack with 381 has been ripping an amazing flavor cloud and I temp step with the app but nothing compares to the first two amazing rips. I honestly just like the ghost for the superior flavor. I have a lot of devices that blow huge clouds but something about the extraction of ghost rip 1 and 2 are the best. Battery level and if the device is warm yet both matter..
  • JimK1967

    glad you're enjoying your MV1 and I love the pop art!

    Thanks buddy!
  • VapeCritic

    Re: Battery Life

    Ignore the battery indicator if it’s throwing you off...

    I’ve tested this a few times, you can get 90+ draws from one battery charge if you’re not stricly using the highest levels.

    After 20-40 hits the battery led will be blinking one light, which psychologically makes you want to stop and recharge, but ignore it, you can keep going for another 40+ hits before it’ll die.

    When I get to the last 10 hits I can feel the power start to decrease like it can’t fully vape my bud anymore, that’s when I put a fresh battery in and recharge.

    Try it, get a pencil and pad, OG style, and tally your hits like I had to :lol:
  • Dr green thumb

    Ghost took care of mine. George in ghost customer service determined that my battery had failed and sent me a replacement.

    I'm hoping that unleashes the beast in the ghost.
  • acstorfer
    That is really good to know. I strictly went by the lights. I’d stop when I’d hit one (most of the time blinking). I did that because I don’t want to leave a half of a crucible. Heatsink and all crucibles go into iso during charging (did I mention I’m freakin anal?). Or I can break down and get a second battery?
  • MAbud
    Been off the Ghost train for awhile. I went ahead and did the trade in and just received my Stealth. I love the look but first thing I noticed is that the mouthpiece tolerance is really off; it’s super loose when I pull it out. Anyone else have this experience? Pretty disappointed this is still an issue at this point in the life cycle...

    @VapeCritic @GHOSTTEAM
  • Dr green thumb
    the mouthpiece is looser on purpose and it still gets an excellent seal. You can test by placing the heat sink in your hand, the bottom against your palm, and suck on the mouthpiece. No air should get through.
  • MAbud

    I’ll try that in the AM thanks

    The new heat sink design was made with customer feedback in mind. Some reported a scratching noise that was made when pulling up and down on the mouthpiece. That noise was created by the glass material making contact with the ceramic inner sleeve. Please note, no glass was eroding from the mouthpiece.

    The new mouthpiece is made of Makrolon, which is a far more durable material than glass. We found that the glass material did not allow for consistent performance.

    You'll notice the Makrolon stem fits loosely. This is normal. What we found was happening with the previous design was when customers were pulling up on the mouthpiece to re-position it, the resistance was causing the lid of the heat sink body to become detached, unknowingly causing a bypass. This was causing performance issues that were understandably undetected by the naked eye.

    Overall, the benefits of the redesign is a perfect seal, a more durable mouthpiece, and consistent performance. Should you have concerns about the seal with your heat sink, we encourage you to carry out the air bypass test on your heat sink. For your convenience, here are written instructions:

    * Remove the heat sink
    * Place heatsink in the palm of your hand, blocking the holes on the bottom.
    * Please make sure the holes are covered, or the test is inaccurate.
    * Extend the stem, and try to draw air (sucking in).
    * You should not be able to draw any air through the stem

    GHOST Vapes
    Hours of Operation: M-F 9:30AM - 6PM PST
  • Dr green thumb
    What a difference a new battery makes. After receiving the replacement battery today I put it on the fast charger and let it charge while i was busy with other endeavors. In using it now set to stock calibration and level three I am getting four full hits out of a crucible before it's a nice toasty brown. And the clouds are huge. I'm not sure what was wrong with the first battery but the new one definitely is functioning correctly. Thank you george at ghost.
  • JimK1967


    I wonder if that's the problem with mine - I can get VERY light vapor (very tasty though) on level 3 and good taste but NO vapor on levels 1 and 2. On level 4 and 5 I get great vapor...and mine is stepped up on calibration.

    The first time I charged it out of the box it took 11 1/2 hours to fully charge. My sister bought me the fast charger for Christmas and while it charges a hell of a lot faster, it still takes longer than 3 hours from one flashing light to a full charge.
  • Dr green thumb
    ghost customer care asked me some questions and determined my battery wasn't working correctly. They sent me a new battery and my vapor increased alot and I'm getting a much longer life between charges. I'm running stock calibration and 5-6 hits at level 3 and my avb is a nice toasty brown. I'm sure they will be able to trouble shoot your problem. Your problem sounds similar.
  • Hermes
    mv1 needs a pax mode....one click.
  • JimK1967

    Yeah - somethings off with mine then. I'd be hitting it all night long to kill a crucible on level 3. I have to up-calibrate mine, hit 4-5 times on level 4 and 2 on 5 to get fully extracted avb.
  • Bruce
    Eventually I will get one. Saving up.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    Hi @JimK1967!

    Virgil here with GHOST Vapes. Thanks for providing the great detail related to your issue. Comparing your experience with @Dr green thumb it would appear that a new battery would be a logical solution. That said, our overall objective is to ensure you're taken care of for the long-run. Essential to that is making sure we don't overlook anything so we'll go over a couple of things to start. I'll send you a PM straight away so that we can resolve this as I'll likely need your account information.

    For everyone following I'll be sure to let you know what the problem and solution was when this is all taken care of.


    Virgil from GHOST Vapes 
  • Guiness
    Hi 4all!

    Now im in Germany, and going to buy a Ghost MV-1 black color. @GHOSTTEAM, how can i sure that this one have a new heat silk? Serial number maybe?

  • McNuggetsTrip
    Can the old Mv1's still be traded up to the new ones? I live in Canada and if this is still a thing wanted to know if you had a location out here to ship to
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