• EconMan
    Sorry but I don't think the M is worth the "upgrade" purchase.
    I am so happy with my 2018 M
    Señor Negro

    This is one reason why I love people in general and another reason why I love this forum. I have the precise opposite view. LOL :)
    The Omni XL is the only one "worth it" to me, for the M did nothing for me. If fact, it was the first Dyna I used and it sort of turned me off to them for a while. But I'm loving the titanium Xl.... very much actually, it is probably my third most used vape now. (now that I've been kindly resupplied with flower by a guardian angel).
  • LabPong
    Sorry but I don't think the M is worth the "upgrade" purchase.
    I am so happy with my 2018 M and if I had to buy a vape from dynavap would be the Shadow M and only if I somehow lose my 2018. Both Shadow and 2019 are, for me, mostly visual upgrades. No real improvement that really worths the extra full amount of money they cost.
    Señor Negro

    The only upgrade you should do.......is a Ti tip!

    Seriously....any other upgrade with M parts is just a "sideways grade"....lol
  • Señor Negro
    Yeah that was the whole point on my dyna cart. I felt really upset when I realized I had to make a bigger order just because I was dumb and I've lost my dyna screen :angry:

    $899 is just insane. There's no reason to ask for that shipping cost unless you don't want people to send the item and go directly to pick it up. :shade:

    I totally understand the Omni XL HAS to be better than the M. That's obvious to me even if I did not have the chance of trying both to compare, not only in the cool looking aspect but perfomance-wise. But still I see not reason, for me, to pay the huge price difference if I had to buy a new DynaVap.

    Do you ever tried (for a reasonable length of time) the M ?? I can't see why the Omni could the the only one worth for you... :chin:

    Yeah I thought that too because if there's a piece that really could get a significant difference in perfomance that should be the tip (or that's the conclusion I've finish at). But again, $40 for just a piece? I find extremely reasonable the spare piece pricing policy of dynavap, I could find it reasonable enough even if their prices were a bit higher, but on the other hand I find not reasonable at all the difference between some of the parts, and the tip is one of those last I'm afraid.
  • EconMan
    Do you ever tried (for a reasonable length of time) the M ?? I can't see why the Omni could the the only one worth for you..Señor Negro

    It is possible that could be the problem I had. Insufficient data with it over too little time? It is hard if not impossible to be rigorous with every vape. I took a hit a friend loaded, thought it tasted horrible AND was really harsh :vomit: So that is where the bias came from. I don't think the Omni Xl tastes great, but it is certainly acceptable to me. My one (admittedly insufficient) observation with the M created a bias. In contrast, after the first hit I took off the Omni right out of the @VapePartsMart box, was quite nice and exceeded my expectations. I like the way it never got hot to the touch like the M did.... no warmth on my lips.... the M gets hot and stays hot I guess? Not a dyna expert but a newbie with newbie's perceptions.
  • Señor Negro
    I do not find my M hits horribe nor really harsh, ever, unless I combust by accident.
    I don't feel capable of judging Omni perfomance without trying it, but I shall not feel capable either if I've only try once.

    I do consider myself a newbie vaper too, but my M hits are one of the more satifsying vaping experiences I've ever had so far. And that, by itself, means a lot for me.
  • EconMan

    Which is why I love people and forums. We all come to the party with a different perspective :nerd:
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