• Dr green thumb
    they can keep their store credit. That's bad for business. It gives no reason to refer to them. The elev8r is more of a novelty vape. It takes too long to heat. You have no idea how hot it is. And has burnt my herb too many times. As the heat up time is always different even though it's the same torch.
  • LabPong
    they can keep their store credit. That's bad for business. It gives no reason to refer to them. The elev8r is more of a novelty vape. It takes too long to heat. You have no idea how hot it is. And has burnt my herb too many times. As the heat up time is always different even though it's the same torch.
    Dr green thumb

    Dude.....get a 16mm coil for your Elev8r.......it is the best quality vapor around...I rate it better than the Newvapes....cause their heat comes off Ti....not glass. Glass is Class!

    That said....I use both....just mostly the Elev8r for desktop dominance.
  • Mr White
    Is there a puffitup code ?
  • EconMan
    I emailed the owner of 7th Floor to find out if he could re-institute the coupon code, and he said he did away with coupons because they lost their credit card processing company because of them (I did not inquire further). It was just bad timing.highasakite

    Interesting. This is my profession - payments. I've never heard of someone losing their Merchant Account because they offered coupon discounts?
  • Magicman
    We only accept American Express because you always know your fee structure. Visa/MasterCard all have different structures. VapeCritic issued Visa charges 35-40% so that he can fund the VapeCruise. El jefe needs his cut.
  • Cuckfumbustion
    Decided that I wanted to buy my stereo matrix from a reputable US seller with no run around. Used the VAPECRITIC code with Newvape. So after S&H, $63.00 total. The Stereo matrix pictured on the website looks like a more rugged version with more glass on the welds. Which is good for my EVO.

    Hopefully, I'll get what is being pictured, down to the details that I noticed, and be happy with that choice.
  • juxt

    I hope so too, but I thought they sourced their glass from China.
  • Cuckfumbustion
    I hope so too, but I thought they sourced their glass from China.juxt
    The price for the rig tells me that it's sourced. However, Newvape, as a store front are more likely to inspect it before shipping it out.
  • Alexis
    yeah Ive been a bit confused about this. Bud has repeatedly stated that he git his FC 186 from Newvape. He showed us the page with the current model of the Stereo Matrix Newvape stock. But it is the flat top version and not the one Bud (and I) have- the Popular Glass 34 cm curved neck model.

    Apart from Bud saying he bought that rig from New vape I haven't seen anything else to make me believe that is the model Newvape currently stock, quite the opposite it has looked and sounded like they are selling the flat top one listed.

    Maybe they have the 186's for special request? I hope to get some clarity on this because then I know what to advise and recommend to people asking about these bubblers.
  • Alexis
    i just saw your post here. I can fully relate to this because for ease of use and consistency there are a lot of desktops I cant tolerate which I would favour over the Elev8r any day.

    The only thing though that I really dont like about it, is the bowl and sick clip deal. Its okay with the torch, I can touch the clip, just need tongs or some heat pad to take heater off. I like to check and stir my loads throughout each bowl to keep extraction and hit size at optimum levels and I don't feel I can achieve this the same degree by simply shaking the load.

    But with the coil, Its a big PITA. However loosely I load my herb it always sticks together after the first hit or two. Shaking rarely frees it up enough for my liking, if at all at this stage. I dont want to take more than 2 big hits initially without stirring. So my aim is to take those first monsters, then stir once, after that everything is looser and shaking will suffice.

    I could be sensible like @LabPong and just remove the coil, let it cool for a minute...but I dont like being told when I can and cant get in my bank. I dont care if it opens in 15 minutes- Im going to break in now, even if I dont need to.

    So I use my silicon finger guards on the clip, tongs on heater, stir, replace....then I can enjoy the rest of my load, having gotten the headache bit out of the way. So its a far cry from gently lifting off the Showerhead or Vrod.
    But to address your other point, regarding torch performance and inconsistent results and variable heating times, combustion etc- I felt exactly the same way and completely gave up touching in favour of the coil earlier this year. But now I'm using both depending on my mood, situation and time of the day.

    I haven't combusted with the torch for months no got anywhere close I have it dialled down so perfectly now simply using the stopwatch. With the Big Shot, 25 seconds is the maximum initial heat up time without being too hot and harsh but provides massive hits from the off with great flavour. This has been Bud's preferred initial heat up time as well.

    But I actually prefer 20 seconds to start. Still great hits but much smoother and better flavour.
    2nd hit 20 seconds is a monster if followed up soon enough. 3rd hit in a row, 20 secs is on the limit of what my lungs can handle, but no risk of combustion or charring. 20 seconds can even make for a harsher hit, and faster load browning and I am aiming for, depending on the variables such as heat remaining in the heater, stage of the load, material etc.

    But at the worst I just get a slightly harsher hit, with more actives being exhausted at that stage than planned. So I'm still pretty flexible with it staying in that range absolutely zero risk of combustion and really excellent performance. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to tell you how good this vape is and how you should be enjoying it and using it, just sharing my experience on how it can be dialled in pretty reliably for consistent performance and extraction, with both torch and coil.
  • BestBuds
    Anyone know of a firewood 5 deal for Black Friday?
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    cyberblack15 for 15% off 200+ cyberblack25 for 25% off 400+
  • bum karacho
    or BLACKFRIDAY18 on mamaste vapes de for unbelivable 30% on everything. crafty for 170€
  • Señor Negro

    You sure 170€?? :chin:
  • bum karacho

    i´m a old stoned man,you´re wright! :joke: :point:
  • Señor Negro
    I just was wondering if there's any difference in prices between namaste EU sites :sweat:
  • dzoinp
    Awesome deals at namastevapesportugal

    I am undecided between the square 111,97 € and the plenty 152,10 €
  • kpx420
    They used to sell the a Stereo Matrix that Bud uses but ever since it has gone out of stock on 420, I have not seen them re stock it and only carry the flat top since.. that might help your confusion
  • Alexis
    thanks for that. What confused me was how adamant Bud has been on the streams that that specific rig is available. He obviously snatched one before stock ran out..

    I actually like the look of the flat top one. I reckon it may pull/milk a little differently, perhaps with the vapor building density a bit more before travelling up the mouthpiece.
    Slightly shorter than the FC 186 too, so a little less lung work.
  • martinstraka8282
    Props to whoever posted the canadian sneaky pete Great White North store link.

    I didn't even know the store existed and now I have a Boundless CFX and water attachment setup on the way.
  • kpx420
    They definitely had the one Bud use for awhile until last 420..they had a selection of the three differently sized stereo matrix rigs.. I use the ever so popular side car matrix from StevenLMZ on DHgate (https://www.dhgate.com/store/product/2014-new-matrix-sidecar-glass-bong-birdcage/214701656.html) with my FP SH.. I was actually thinking about getting a new rig to change the experience slightly.. Does anyone use a recycler rig for their FP SH or Vrod setup?
  • VapeCritic

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  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Does anybody have anykind of insight on what to expect for boxing day?
  • martinstraka8282

    The day after Christmas day. It is the big sale day in Canada for a long time now.

    Now that we've adopted Black Friday, it's felt like a smaller deal.
  • Baron23
    Well, MJ must be going mainstream as Vapor Nation is having a Hanukah sale....there NEVER are any sales for Hanukah!!! haha

    No sales generally for Kwanzaa either! haha
  • beezee420
    haha its so great!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    My wife and i only celebrate christmas as a get together with family. we celebrate life all year round and capitalize on boxing day. Thats how ive gotten all my nice toys. Balling on a budget is what we call it lol. We told this to an occupational therapist when she commented on something. Her face lit up and she said ouuuuuuuu like cinderellla! I never knew it was a dual purpose saying:starstruck:
  • 52
    Splinter V-1
    $64.95 Shipped! With code DARKSIDE
    Since it’s posted on FC I figured I could mention it here. That’s a crazy price for a Splinter!
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