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    Thanks man! Especially the first one. Redfund is NOT a bank but a capital investment company. They must have a correspondent bank somewhere or they could not enter the MC/VISA system, but I was unaware they were doing this, and combined with their other offering, I'm excited. THis tells me the ACTUAL merchant bank does NOT want to be known.
    Regardless, will be contacting them tomorrow. I want in. Thank you so much. Could hug you :)
    And I owe you a bowl!
    I have dozens of canadian clients and a potential alliance with this company may have some efficacy.

    I do not understand why banks would have no problems with liquor and beer while still having an issue with pot. I'm talking in Canada where it's legal where I'd think the banks would be fighting to get in on the money they could be making in this billion dollar industry.Dr green thumb

    Yeah.... re US/Canadian political economy, Canada is and has long been codependent with the US. US law does not apply to Canadians but it does apply to ANY Canadian banks who chose to do business with the US government (and they all want to). Back when I started my cash forecasting company, my partner was a Canadian and we both KNEW we had to develop the software for the US bank model because the Canadians would still buy it, and deal with the inconvenience, whereas the Americans would never buy a system expecting them to bend around a canadian" way. The banking systems are very similar like that. Indeed, I struggle to thing of two countries on Earth whose financial systems are more intertwined? As economists have said for decades.... when the US sneezes, Canada gets the flu. :angry:

    Here is the NIGHTMARE scenario that keeps us all up at night... :zip:
    The POTUS has a heart attack and Pence is sworn in. Jesus comes to him in a dream and validates all of Reefer Madness. Sessions is recruited back more self-righteous than ever. More "war on drugs".
    Shops and warehouses are raided at first, mostly to send a message (don't say it can't happen because it just happened with e-cigs). Any merchant bank funding MJ sales are declared OFAC, threatened, and if noncompliant, are locked out of the system. Canadian banks yield or go under. They yield.
    Weed begins to cross the US/Canadian border by the ton, and therefore Homeland Security alleges (of course) that these weed sales are funding terrorists, and something must be done in the name of national security. The US "muscles" Canada to abate its "dangerous" black-market drugs transported to the US. The War on Drugs is in Canada even though it might be legal in Canada.
    Class-action lawsuits overwhelm. Since the credit card "contracts" funding the illegal drugs, are now declared null and void, ALL purchases made are no longer valid debts to consumers under US law....
    By now near every Canadian who has touched MJ commercially, regrets it.

    All it takes is one overzealous and reckless POTUS or Attorney General, and ONE little Executive Order; then thousands of merchants, and some of their merchant banks, go bankrupt nearly overnight. Also, they are all criminals now. I by definition would be a money-launderer, and no telling what else they would drum up. When our attorney went over all this with us (and in much more detail), I remember signing the contract was simply surreal.
    It was 20% pride and 80% anxiety -- WTF did we just do? :scream:

    NO ONE in the business is going to feel good about any of this until CONGRESS acts. I am not going to hold my breath. :worry:
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    Regardless, will be contacting them tomorrow. I want in. Thank you so much. Could hug youEconMan

    Great news. Hopefully, something beneficial to you will germinate and flower! Screw Ayn Rand and ethical egoism :rofl: Or maybe an Econhug is my self-interest? Take care hermano!
    :victory: -Robert
  • EconMan

    LOL :rofl:

    I absolutely would smash with Anna Rosenbaum. Ayn Rand I would fuck. Now that would be something for the resume..... :starstruck:

    And she would I presume get a chuckle out of this. California is finally figuring out its own insanity (I hope).

  • BobCat
    Perfect! Just too damn funny. :rofl:
  • vaporenter
    If Infinite Jest was written today.
  • BobCat
    I'm trudging through that- still. Damn you DFW!!! 5 years ago, one of my nieces was reading him in college. I read his article about going to the porn awards in Vegas, and a few stories. I finally bought IJ a year ago and got 200 pages in and stopped. I think they were selling him like the new Pynchon to my niece in college. I'll give it another crack.
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