• Dankpup
    kinda like you said give them a clear and easy to grasp explanation of the difference between carts and dry herb vaping.
  • Dr green thumb

    Stop limiting marijuana, give same freedom as alcohol. If I want 10lbs then I should be able to get 10lbs.
  • Baron23
    What are important things they should hear?EconMan

    IMO, your biggest challenge will be to tell them that the subject, "vaping", is a useless term as it applies to a huge range of VERY different devices and activity.

    Its like saying "sports" when you are really talking concussions in football. WTF does that have to do with tennis which is a sport.

    See what I'm saying.

    Somehow, in a very concise way, "vaping" must be broken down into very clear, and very different, categories including separating out nicotine e-cigs from MJ vaping.

    Good luck with it. My only advise is to be prepared and work very hard on a concise opening remarks along these lines.

    Good luck. When are the hearings?
  • BestBuds

    Legalize Cannabis. Full stop.
    Those shitty vape carts wouldn't have become as big of a problem as they are if you could go into a dispensary and get tested, inexpensive, quality cannabis carts. The plant is not dangerous, the criminals who drive the black market because the government makes it illegal are.
    If you take away all legal rights to own guns the only guns left are in the hands of criminals. Same with cannabis. If they keep it illegal and under thumb they are encouraging the black market.
    Thank you for being our voice :victory: :clap:
  • Pud
    exactly... and nicely explained
  • Dankpup
    you hit the nail on the head, but I keep thinking once it became apparent the VAPI illness was caused by spiked vitamin e carts the scare was co-opted in “stop the young kids from vaping e-juice” or “flavors are bad” so We’ll see if they actually want to be educated or what.
  • EconMan
    Thanks everyone -- and future people -- it's a little intimidating. It is congress and you can get your ass canceled today. :grimace: So I want to be factual, full of non-pedantic understandable analogies suitable for motivating professional politicians, yet entertaining in a populist manner that gets attention and perhaps might make another dent against imperial power.
  • Baron23
    So I want to be factual, full of non-pedantic understandable analogies suitable for motivating professional politicians, yet entertaining in a populist manner that gets attention and perhaps might make another dent against imperial power.EconMan

    hehehehe....and I want the winning Powerball ticket!! hahaha

    No, seriously, great goals but very challenging.

    I was once going to be an expert witness for the NRA regarding the lack of appeal, or really any due process, with a NICS decline. When NICS was set up, states just dumped boxes of old arrest/conviction records on them....most not electronic at the time...and NICS entered them in and mistakenly entered an arrest of myself that never happened. Wrong guy, and there was no process with NICS at the time to get it appealed or even to provide explanatory information.

    To get it fixed, at that time (this was mid-90's, don't know what processes are in place now) I had to hire a lawyer, have a judge reinstate the charge, then dimiss the charge with prejudiced, and expungment orders issued to my state, NICS, and a whole list of others. Cost me quite a bit to get this fixed.

    All of this is not relevant my point that I never did end up testifying as they cut the time in this hearing for witnesses and they went with the REALLY fucking hot looking blond gal. Hey, most of the politicians were men so....not really a bad tactic. hahaha

    Hope you do get your appearance in and I'm absolutely sure you will be well prepared and your remarks will be on point and unassailable.

    Best of luck....when is the hearing?
  • EconMan

    You make a very good point. :100:
    For near my entire adult life I've criticized The System, yet suddenly once I became a part of it I got excited. I must watch against this!
  • Baron23
    when is the hearing? Is it scheduled yet?
  • EconMan
    when is the hearing? Is it scheduled yet?Baron23

    It was, but they already want to reschedule, I'm awaiting confirmation. Some time in late February now. The "Iran situation" actually helps this Vape Panic as the spotlight is shone elsewhere.
  • Baron23
    yeah, our so called leaders just scurry from one tending topic to another.

    An actual thoughtful agenda out of them would be a miracle. LOL

    I think you are actually exactly the right guy to do this. You are articulate, an organized thinker/writer, and you do very well at separating actual validated facts from the general BS and rumors.

    If it’s vid recorded, we want to see it!!

  • EconMan
    If it’s vid recorded, we want to see it!!Baron23

    My understanding is it will be televised on Cspan.

    Also, this development has banks worried. I got calls, and had no answer. :nerd:

  • Baron23
    H Econ - yeah, I saw an article on THCP about a week ago.

    Vanishingly small amounts in flower though I suppose that they may be able to breed for it....but don't know really.

    What I think will be more likely is possibly using gene modded yeast or the like to produce it in clinical qtys, but I think all of it is a bit far out in time.

    WTF would banks be up in the air about this??? Has nothing to do with nothing they are doing.
  • EconMan
    WTF would banks be up in the air about this???Baron23

    Merchant banks that fund cannabis and cbd credit card transactions. They are VERY sensitive to risk, and a "new" sort of marijuana intimidates their already incomplete knowledge. What the press says, right or wrong, can make them very nervous. One bank wanted to know if a merchant sold "vape cart oil" which they viewed as not the same as cannabis.

    Everytime a credit card transaction is completed, technically, under federal law it is money laundering. So the banks fear everything from the Press, Regulators, Consumer mood, and especially the "known unknowns" of an emerging sector that right now is illegal everywhere.

    BTW, they also feared e-commerce in the late 90's and early 2000's. It's why "FinTech" companies emerged to do what the banks refused to get their hands dirty in. Nothing is more conservative (not in the political sense) than a banker.
  • Baron23
    Merchant banks that fund cannabis and CBD credit card transactions.EconMan

    Wow, CBD yeah....but I didn't know anybody was supporting CC transactions for MJ. That makes it more understandable.

    thanks for the explanation
  • EconMan
    As I've long said, there is theoretical law, and applied law.

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