• Oldtoker
    A while back I was trying to start sprouts from seeds produced by a very old and vibrant asparagus fern and I was having about a 40 to 50% success ratio. Then I ran across a tip in one of the gardening websites that said to take a piece of very fine sandpaper or emery board and lightly sand one side of the seed. My success ratio almost doubled. Has anyone tried this with cannabis seeds? I've got a bunch of bag seeds and I'm going to give it a try. If anyone else has tried this let me know how it turned out.
  • bum karacho
    if you are lucky 100% if u are not under 50% it depends on many things .best order it direct from the breeder than you get the most freshest. sometimes they are over two years old and even not stored in the fridge.
  • Alexis
    Some short abstrscts here of interest on magnetised water and seed germination, plus plant growth. As you know using south pole magnetised water is fhe key to pur monstet autoflowers. Bit we also place our seeds on the magnetic coaster for 4 or 5 days before germination.

    It seems to be pretty firmly established that this is a really positive thing to do for the seeds and increases their chances of germination and will have an effect on the plant growth and final result and yield. Honestly guys if you are into growing you will be crazy to not look into this magnetising business. I'm shocked more people don't pay any attention to this and actually try it out themselves it's really going over everybody's heads what a big trick is being missed here.

    If only used for seed germination that would at least be of benefit.

    100% seed germination year after year.
  • juxt

    The process you mention is called scarification (not the body art kind), and it can work on seeds that have a hard time popping.

    I've only ever known people that do soak in water 12 hours, then go to wet paper towels. No one I've ever known had bad enough luck with that to switch fully to something else.
  • Monsieur Noir
    You should definitely get a higher success rate then 50/50 . Indeed if lucky should be close to 100%. . Different germination technique will give various results . I like to place a paper towel inside a drinking glass's wall. I soak the paper towel so there's a half inch of water at bottom of cup. I then place the seed near the top-mid section of glass between the glass and paper towel . place it in a dark & warm area and voilĂ ! they usually hatch in a day or two.
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