• SouthboundPachyderm
    Hey All! So with Black Friday sneaking up on us I have decided its time to upgrade my vape collection. I'm stashing cash away and think I should be able to have about $700 to play with by Black Friday ( provided life doesn't get in the way, lol.)
    The 2 biggest holes I need to fill are, a discreet vape for on the go, preferably on demand as I don't always have 5-10 minutes for a full session.
    I have The OG DynaVap and the 2018 M but using a torch isn't always convenient. I am anxiously waiting for DynaVap to release their Induction Heater, as a portable IH would be the perfect solution for me.
    I also need something for seshing with my girlfriend at home (generally sitting on our couch).
    Currently I use the OG Solo for this, but usually wind up needing to load 2 bowls. I love the flavor from the Solo, the draw restriction is mildly annoying but not a deal breaker.
    I also have a Vivant Alternate that I rarely use anymore, I liked the ease of use, replaceable battery, and temp control, but after getting the Solo I started to notice the plastic taste a lot more, and this thing gets hot as hell ( so much so that it cracks above the battery), and it kind of feels like a cheap toy in my hands.
    I am on the list for project A and not including that in this budget.
    So long story short... How would you Guys/Gals spend $700 on vapes? It's no coincidence that I can get a MV-1 AND a Mighty for this much. I am pretty sure I want the MV-1 but I am not 100% sold on the Mighty. If I could swap batteries on the Mighty it would make it a no brainer, that and I am a bit worried S&B will come out with something new next year and that then I will just want that. So Let me know how and why you would spend $700. It can be 1 vape or a combo of whatever. I just want to make sure I cover all my bases before making a decision. Thanks in advance for all of your input.
  • gnk

    That's what I have planned for myself.
  • juxt

    The MV1 can be tough to master, but the stealth edition promises to make all that go away so I doubt you can go wrong there.

    I've tried a lot of vapes, and I can say that the Mighty is strong, and can certainly keep up with anything in pumping out the clouds, but is a bit lacking in the flavor department (all conduction suffer from this)...First taste is good, then degrades from there. The Mighty is in my lineup, simply because it can reliably pump clouds.

    I actually just bought a stealth MV1 and a Runt from Sticky Brick, which was the only one of their lineup that I didn't have.
  • Mr White
    Mv-1 and E-Nano for the house just turn it on and it's ready to go when you are excellent flavor works good with ground herb or whole bud never have to worry about batteries again as it plugs into the wall also get the WPA if you want to run thru water or an empty water piece. And you'll still have some money left over for a little something extra if you like. Not sure if vape critic has a discount code for epicvape if not sneaky Pete does it's sneaky17
  • 52
    Mv1 and DaVinci IQ.
  • Trix

    Definitely grab the Mighty even without replacing batteries it is still fantastic and will last you a long time with the new improved version. Then I would grab an Arizer extreme Q desktop unit with the DDave mods. This would give you both out and about portability and home desktop use. You would still have $$$ to spare and spend on more material to vape. BTW I just started listening to Primus as every band seems to find me eventually. Saw Ween live for the first time recently. Mind blowing!!!
  • KKAMC72
    mv1 and mighty I'd an unstoppable duo. Cant go wrong. Dont worry about the batteries. It can last almost 3 hours of use on a charge
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I would have loved to seen ween when they toured with primus recently. Funny you mentiond the Extreme Q, as i was playing around with the idea of going MV-1 , EQ, and something else.
    I'm less concerned with how long the battery life between charges is, my concern is my Mighty will turn into a $300 brick when eventually that batteries wont charge anymore. 2 years doesn't seem like that long of a life span for that kind of money. If it had replaceable batteries i could just replace them when they die. Seems like a desk top might last longer.
    Whats the bowl capacity on the e-nano?
    I too have been eyeing the stick brick line. I asked for the jr for xmas so im not allowed to buy that one. Lol
  • Lucic and Chong

    Maybe something like MV1 for the on demand, and a Plenty for seshing?

    Still got that kickass S&B quality, but no batteries, a power cord instead. Hits like a truck too. Plus being an older vape you'll likely be able to find a deal somewhere. And it's already cheaper than the Mighty.

    And that leaves a little extra some room to get the bundle deal with the MV1.
  • standingsideways
    What's up man. Lucky you spending the bucks. I'm with @Lucic and Chong plenty over mighty every time. The mighty disappointed me, the vapour quality was not that great, it's not that efficient plus all the plastic and cleaning. MV1 for sure and if you can I think you would love something from rastabuddhatoa. The splinter and a MOD box if you don't have one, then you can use project a with a box to. When it comes to the extreme q I think e nano or woodsents would be a better bet. That's what I'd go for.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    whats the flavor like on the plenty...at least for the first couple rips obviously it will lose taste as the bowl goes on.
    I have thought about the splinter. I know woth the millana its unregulated, which is fine by me. The splinter is regulated right? No having to pulse or whatever. I worry more for my GF as ahe doesn't like to figure stuff put so much, and since I'm gonna for sure get the MV-1, I wanna make sure I get something she will be able to use easily too.
  • John Cocktostone
    Newvape Flowerpot seems like it's becoming the desktop of choice for heavy hitters
  • Lucic and Chong
    It's not quite a flavor machine like the MV1 is, but I still find it really enjoyable with good flavor. The vapor is really strong and potent with the Plenty and it's one of my favorite vapes to share. It's is also very user friendly and consistent, it's super easy to get huge clouds.

    The one downfall is that you can use a lot of herb, it has a pretty big herb chamber. I'll use the liquid pad to use less most times, and it works quite well.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Very cool. Thanks. I've seen Bud use the liquid pad on the streams. I assume one is included with the Plenty.
  • standingsideways
    Spot on, Milaana is unregulated and splinter has more precise control. Either is awesome IMHO. You don't need a particularly long draw like the mv1, vapour production gets going pretty quick as long as you prime it and give the heater a few seconds to warm up before you start. Even though they have quite a manual style it's not hard to get good results, it just makes them good to play with. It's so versatile you can use different techniques to get different results and change the hits depending on your mood.
    I got my plenty on eBay, used for a bargain. I threw away every part except the base heater and bought new chamber, cooling coil etc and saved a bunch on a new one. Try that and maybe you could afford both and a mv1. As the above says it's a great vape for sharing and super easy to use if you want to have something with you GF.
    I promised myself a mv1 for my birthday in January if I can hold off until then.
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