• okla68m
    Blinded himself while Dabbing !!!
  • Azn2101
    God How horrible of a story would that be?

    Person 1: I lost my eyes in war
    Person 2: I lost my eyes in a car accident
    Person 3: I was born Blind
    You: I lost my eyes getting high...
  • okla68m
    I've injured myself before getting High...Dumped a tank of Nitrous over breaking the valve, was also inhaling another substance...I passed out, when I came too, the Nitrous was spewing all over the carpet...I pick it up by what was left of the valve, not paying attention to the FREEZING Gas that was spewing thru my fingers...wasnt until the next morning taking a Hot Shower did the Monster size FROSTBITE BLISTERS APPEAR COVERING MY FINGERS....Took a Month to heal, Dr. said is Beyond LUCKY I Didnt have to have them Removed, so yes, That Can Happen !!!
  • Azn2101
    Bro that's some straight Richard Prior shit. Horrible but visually funny as hell but ya man that seems like you were even lucky to make it out of that room.

    You weren't having seizure like "fish outs" from inhaling a room full nitrous oxide after the initial pass out and wake-up period? I remember when I was like 19 someone handed me a balloon and the next thing I remember was everyone around me just staring down at me with that "oh shit!" look. Thank God there was only Facebook then lol.
  • okla68m
    My wife at the time was a Dental Hygienist, her brother and father dentists....Lots if Nitrous !
  • okla68m
    And LOTS of Stupidity !
    BLESSED to still be sucking Air, albeit difficult at times !
  • Hybrid420
    how do you upload a video?
  • LabPong
    how do you upload a video?

    If your using a PC.....I just tested...you can drag and drop the file right here in the text window.
  • Baron23
    Yeah, but it has to be 25MB or smaller file size which for HD vid isn't much.

    Alternatively, you can upload to your personal YouTube channel then enter the link by using the little camera icon above....this is a test of this.

    Video deleted by Baron23
  • Baron23
    HI guys - while I'm def not into PC and do not think that every time someone is "offended" that its the fault of someone else's behavior vice the offended person's possibly over-sensitivity, I do think my posting of a hunting video was a mistake and truly did not consider that some might find this video of active hunting scene may indeed be disturbing to some.

    In explanation, I was trying to send this vid to some friends and was having issues with it being too large, the codex and file format, etc.

    I had just found that if I loaded it up to my YouTube channel, which I only have for signing into Bud's LS, that I could send the link or embed the video without any problems.

    Its the ONLY video I have on my YT channel! haha

    So, when someone was asking for help on post vids, I suggested using YouTube link and then went to test it with the one video I have up there without a lot of thought of content.

    So, for any who found it at all disturbing, my apologies. This is, after all, a vape board and certainly not a hunting or firearm board.

  • okla68m
    How Quickly people place themselves Above where their Food comes from...True, not a Hunting site, but, the idea that someone could be OFFENDED, MENTALLY INJURED by it, is Beyond my imagination as a 70 year old man....!
    Sounds like a bunch of City Slickers if ya ask me !
    Wouldnt have Survived the 50's, 60's.....would have been sent home with their Pacifiers hanging from their neck on a string for fear of losing it !
    Obviously, I find the Entire Idea of PC as OFFENSIVE as it Gets !
  • John Cocktostone
    PC ruined Star Wars. Sad days
  • Baron23
    Yeah, brother....we view it similarly.

    But again, vape site so I try to tread cautiously.

    But yeah, anybody who is not vegan but is unwilling to confront how their meat gets to their table....well, they baffle me also.

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