• Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @Stu@Mahasiah i cant believe ive never heard of this! Seriously I will never use cold or room temo water again. After my first hit I was actually really bummed at all the bings i never got to hit with hot water... Such a shame
  • Alexis
    "Do Terra" is another brand of oils I can vouch for, similar quality to Young Living I believe.
  • zancru

    For what I know.... “essential oils” are more a “memory of a memory” of what it was the “root” of the component.... don’t waste your money on “high quality essential oils”.... try to go middle level... or buy bulk....Botanic Choice I remember to being online cheap... probably there’re cheaper sites too...
    basically they are “memory” added water smells....
    I use them myself, but I’m “mentally predisposed” while I’m adding them to my e-Nano essential oils cup...that they “are good for me”.... like “I’m brainwashing myself for them to work on me”... makes sense???
    I can’t wait all the people screaming at me....but show me evidence, proof, results, no pseudoscience placebo.
    Probably the people that are going to scream to me, have no physical or chemical evidence of “essential oils” being really what they say they are, or PHDs, or MDs,.... or the “real tested” benefits from them.... “naturopathic medicine” still needs more “potency” jajajaja
    I can’t wait to all the “web doctors” crucifixing me right after my post...... diez,nueve,ocho,siete,seis...
    Stay vaped....
    I did start university, one year of BioChemistry, and we did discuss “essential oils pseudophathy” jajajaja
    Sorry for opening a “can of worms”....
  • Dr green thumb
    I do not notice throat irritation from vaping/dabbing etc. But I did remember a little trick for helping a sore throat from when I was growing up. You can take tea and add honey to it and that soothes your throat. Or if you do not like tea take some hot water add honey to it and a little bit of lemon juice. It works great when you are sick so it should help. Or you can just keep peppermint candy around it soothes your throat and calms your stomach.
  • John Cocktostone
    I recently purchased an essential oil diffuser. I love it. I live by Young Living farms. Quality stuff for sure.

    I need to try the peppermint oil in the water pipe trick.
  • Alexis
    good day man. Listen I respect you bro, but I cant agree with this viewpoint. But Im not disagreeing with you entirely, I just think a point has been missed here.
    All I know is I Began using essential oils way before I ever tried Young Living, like anybody else I just used all of the cheaper brands and didn't consider there was any difference.

    It was in December 2008 when I Began suffering really severe respiratory infections. It was the first time since my lyme disease developed in 2005 that I was experiencing acute chest infections. So it was my first experience of acute illness since having my allergies and respiratory symptoms, and I discovered that my chest infections were literally 100 times more severe than normal as a results of these already existing problems.

    I went through sheer hell for 7 weeks with the worst chest infection of my life I couldn't sleep more than maybe 2 hours and night because it was so hard to breathe and I just wanted to die. I was still using the Essential Oils we had around the house, I don't remember the brand names they were just affordable options from all over the place. But I was getting no relief and it really was total torture.

    However I have a cousin who was working for Young Living at the time and he gave my mum some essential oils to bring home to me one day while I was suffering with this chest infection. And that is when I discovered that there is indeed an enormous difference in the quality power and efficacy of different essential oil brands.

    It didn't take me long to clear my chest infection and from the second I Began inhaling the Young Living oils I experienced instant and extraordinary relief- I also rubbed them into my chest which is magical at bringing infection down and relieving suffering. Honestly the difference between with the Young Living oils and the cheapy brands is night and day when it comes to managing severe respiratory symptoms like I am describing.

    It just isn't worth me bothering with inferior brands I just don't get the results to make it worthwhile at all. The used you are describing using Enano for example, for the sake of creating aromas is a completely different application and yes I agree I'm not going to dissuade anybody from using any old cheap oil if it works for the purpose and you enjoy the scent and it helps you relax or whatever I have no problem with that.

    But for medicinal and therapeutic purposes I can guarantee you 100% there is a massive difference and to an extent you get what you pay for. I can't quote you any studies with scientific proof but I have no interest or need in this it is like coming from low grade weed to top shelf and experiencing the unquestionable difference yourself every single time.

    Also when it comes to Quality I am pretty certain that the cheap oils can be of an inferior quality due to the production method. I used to use lavender and rosemary for inhalation which were cheap oils and they used to make me feel absolutely horrible and feel really toxic and unpleasant afterwards. I don't experience any of this with the brands I have recommended and I honestly would not be directly inhaling cheap essential oils because I know that they are not healthy for you unless they're produced in a certain way. This I can guarantee you but again this applies more to certain applications if you are just diffusing oils in the room you will still be inhaling toxic by-products but it will not be nearly as bad as direct inhalation.

    Regarding the theory about the Essential Oils being only a memory I don't know about this personally but it really does not resonate with me. I don't see much difference if any between essential oils and cannabis oil and do we consider cannabis oil to be only a memory? I regard it as a complete and whole healing substance, a memory implies dilution or weaker but the cannabis oil and the Essential Oils are like are the concentrated potent medicinal compounds of the plant, and not much else.

    So I can't make sense of that. Maybe by definition there is technical correctness but needs putting into context.

    Sorry I'm not making very good points I'm exceptionally tired today. This has just been my experience and I will stake my life on what I say. All said with the best meaning @zancru , like I say I respect your opinion and perspective and hate to disagree, but on this- I must! :grin: :up:

    @John Cocktostone yes do give the peppermint a whirl. It really changes the high, I find it clears and empties my mind nicely and puts me in the moment. 2 drops is the most you will need, 1 may suffice even. Let us know how it goes and enjoy that diffuser.
  • LabPong
    Could I impose on you for the URl's to buy those additional pieces, please and thank you, S

    Here are the other parts needed.

    14x14mm double joint 8 cm/3 inch downstem (measured from bottom to bottom of first sanded joint bottom) CLICK HERE

    14mm female to 14mm male drop down (make sure you select the 14 male to 14 female one) CLICK HERE

    18mm to 14mm adapter (you can find everywhere) CLICK HERE
  • Upinsmoke
    Thank you that's great!
  • LabPong
    Thank you that's great!

    :up: If you need any more info on the Elev8r or Flowerpot....just ask.
    Lower temp !!!!
    Water filtration !!!
    And I feel like Stove should go on another cough drop binge and rate them all !

  • TheZman
    I get a tall glass of water drink before I Vape and then after I Vape. And I vape between 365 and 385 degrees. Works like a charm. 0 throat irritation.
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