• Mahasiah
    Hello friends,

    I am felling a throat irritation all the time that I am Vaping. I tried passing the vapor through water, with no improvement. The vapor was cooler but producing the same throat irritation.

    I am using Solo II. It is a good vaporizer.

    I do not understand why this is happening.

    Someone can help me? How can I vape without the throat irritation?


  • EconMan
    I have never used the Solo 2, but all vaporizers, and especially convection vapes by definition "dry stuff out", including your throat. Hydration is important. regardless of what vape I use, I near always take a sip of something right before and then right after. I rarely have any issue anymore.
  • MrGreen
    I use the solo ll at 338f and end my session when it starts to get the burnt popcorn taste. This works for me to minimize the throat irritation.
  • Hammertime
    I had the same problem when I started vaping. At the time everything gave me a terrible cough since I smoked cigarettes and bud, now everything is much better even when I smoke cigs after sticking with vaping. Personally turning down the temp and not going above 365 F really helped when I started. Now I start at 365 and work up to 400 with no coughing at all!
  • EconMan

    Good point. I totally ignored that in my earlier reply. There is absolutely a positive relationship between air-temp and throat bun. In my FF2, for instance, it has a wide range of heat. I do mine at 380 but I have friend who darn near go into dabbing territory.
  • BobCat
    Bud uses cough drops.
  • StuAccepted Answer
    Try vapor bonging with hot water. I thought it sounded stupid until I tried it.
  • Mahasiah
    Very nice. I am trying all. Thanks

    The temperature is a good influencer I can already say. Siping water is good also. i will try to vape with hot water.

    One thing that did work was using the vape with my soon's nebulizer. Hoping someone invent an all in one vape.

  • bigldiesel
    x0qpkqc46ugcjm1d.jpg Get yourself one of these. I put my CFX at 430 F; through this with no problem and nothing but clouds.
  • Upinsmoke
    Can someone tell me what the name of that glass piece just above is and where to buy it?
  • Alexis
    you can try adding a few drops of high grade peppermint essential oul to the water in the bubbler. This helps me greatly with tolerating the vapor much better and not feeling nearly as aggravated afterwards. The Peppermint also affects the high because it naturally increases alertness and concentration so it actually goes quite well with cannabis and extends your stamina for the experience.
  • bum karacho
    adding a few drops of high grade peppermint essentialAlexis
    i´ve to try this out.

    i give half herbal cough tea half weed in my bowl when i´ve throat problems.more effective than drinking cough tea.
  • Mahasiah
    Nice. What is the name of the erb of the cough tea?

    Thanks. I will try this one.

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  • John Cocktostone
    try a slow exhale. Also are you asthmatic?
  • EconMan
    you can try adding a few drops of high grade peppermint essential oul to the water in the bubbler. This helps me greatly with tolerating the vapor much better and not feeling nearly as aggravated afterwards. The Peppermint also affects the high because it naturally increases alertness and concentration so it actually goes quite well with cannabis and extends your stamina for the experience.Alexis

    What a great idea! I will try this. I use them anyway for scents.

  • bum karacho

    i buy it in the pharmacy i think they mix it by themself.
    Marshmallow leaves
    hollyhock blossom
    mullein blossom
    marshmallow root
    liquorice root
  • Mahasiah
    I am not. It is just the troath. My lungs are good.
  • Hazel
    that sounds awesome! I’m goinh to make sure @VapeCritic tries this! He has losengers he eats to help with his throat but I hate them. And in general don’t like mints or mixing food or mints or anything like that with smoking or vaping. Not a fan of he combo. But this sounds genius! :strong:

    this sounds awesome too!! Gotta look into all these cool options with the oils. We have some essential oils and stuff but not using it for this purpose. Just for our infuser for air and a little for health purposes here an there when we hear from you guys or read that an oil can help with like pain or preventing getting sick etc. btw- last ingredient totally know what it is.. and how it’s pronounced.. but def read it as “anus” in my head! :lol: :strong:
  • EconMan
    And in general don’t like mints or mixing food or mints or anything like that with smoking or vaping. Not a fan of he combo. But this sounds genius!Hazel

    Yeah. Me either. Friends who like to eat while they vape... it's just so weird for me. In fact, I like to bush my teeth before I vape. ocd lol

    But I will try @Alexis idea. :cool:
  • Alexis
    Im with you guys, even if I could mix food, sweets etc and vapor- im sure I never would, and I always did keep them as separated activities. Quite anally in fact. Obviously these days it would not be an issue for me because I have to separate my food and vapor by hours to manage symptoms as it is, but Im with you on that 100%.

    Yeah the peppermint oil has a surprising effect. Very calming, assuring and uplifting. Inhaling peppermint oil has been shown to increase concentration by over 20%. So it really perks you up and can be like finding a second wind during your session. Even 1 drop.
    But it is primarily for respiratory aid that I use it.
    @Hazel hi girl, lovely show you put on for us last night thank you tons both of ya. Also for always being so completely open minded to everything we share with you, you will always here reason out fully and fairly before you make up your mind on anything, and fully open, which means we can just be dead honest at all times, and you guys get to learn new little ideas to try out yourself.

    Anyway, for anybody looking for top quality essential oils, I only use 2 brands. One from US- costs me a bomb and half with added customs, (I place a big order lije twice a year). But they make amazing oils for the best prices. Here are the 2 peppermints I use from them. I actually use three different peppermint oils are no because like different strains of weed they all have a slightly different action and compliments each other very well (for managing my respiratory symptoms that is).

    I get one from "Young Living" on ebay for about £18 15 ml bottle.
    Good stuff, been using it over 10 years.

    And the rest from here:
    This one is strong and is really helpful at hitting that deep lung congestion when I do my steam inhalations. I would not be able to get the same benefits and relief from The Young living peppermint here, not that this one is superior but it just gives me better results at clearing my lungs deeper. But they honestly compliment each other so I use both at different stages.

    And this is the Organic version which is a fairly new range slightly more expensive, it has gone up from about $18 as well. This will is very different to the non-organic one for some reason it is not nearly as effective as their non organic peppermint at really clearing that deep lung congestion, but it has it's own unique action and is different and amazingly refreshing and clearing for the sinuses and head.

    So I recommend any and all of these oils they are the best you will get for this price, with the greatest efficacy from any brands I have tried or have an idea about.

    @Hazel just one other oil to tell you about I have tried mentioning it a few times in the streams, this is an incredibly powerful and effective all round antimicrobial remedy, called "Thieves" by Young Living.

    It's essential oil blend based on a formula of spices the famous plague robbers massaged into themselves in order to keep them immune from the plague. When they were caught they traded their secrets for some leniency and this essential oil formula is based on that information.

    Anyway this is the one to have on hand for a cold or a virus. You can use it multiple ways I use it for direct inhalation from my hands which is very effective for bringing instant and Mighty relief from respiratory infections and head and chest colds. You just drop 2 drops into one palm and smear it over both Palms for surface area, Cup your hands over your mouth and nose and inhale deeply.

    I also use it in my steam inhalations after the Peppermint has cleared out the majority of the mucus. The Thieves oil never fails to bring instant relief and clears out a tonne of extra mucus after the Peppermint has done all of its work. The Thieve's action is primarily antimicrobial so when there is no infection or it is not too bad I don't need it as much and don't know just as much benefit from it, and vice versa.

    It has an immediate impact and improves the way you feel massively.

    But you can also use it other ways to one effective way is to rub a few drops on to the soles of your feet over 2 ft pressure points for the lungs bronchial tubes and sinuses which are mainly around the ball of the foot and the toes. You can also rub it on your chest mixed with a carrier oil and this is extremely effective at killing infection and relieving symptoms.
    Some people also take the Thieves oil internally like one or two drops in a cup of tea and swear it works wonders for knocking out viruses but I cannot take essential oils internally myself at all, and there is a lot of ancient Wisdom strongly cautioning against this practice.

    Anyway some options there for you guys who want some decent quality oils. Catch y'all later folks, and thank you all so much again for being so open and receptive here to everything with total fair mindedness at all times without exception. :up:
  • LabPong
    Can someone tell me what the name of that glass piece just above is and where to buy it?Upinsmoke

    This is my #1 glass rig to use with my stronger vapes. You can get them cheap here.

    I use a dropdown and also a 2nd downstem inside the main one. This makes a smoother draw that is more controllable and you get little if any back-blow at all. Hits like a mega $ version or better!

  • Hazel
    thanks so much!! So glad you were part of stream and so glad that you feel that I’m open-minded and that we’re open minded, and just overall enjoy our interaction. :pray: Love having you share and be on the forum. You offer great knowledge on all different topics!

    As far as the oil’s ago, thank you so much for all the suggestions as always and thank you to everyone else as well! Where did you say you lived again? Country wise? The Young living brand is very popular out here, people talk about it all the time as being like the best brand of essential oil’s. I’ve actually never tried it because I never really got into them that deep but I’ve seen them around for sure. Usually when I buy essential oils, to be honest, I just buy something in a pack that has the oils/scents I want for whatever purpose I want it for for the best price. We typically only use them in a diffuser for air and calming in a room.

    At my nail salon, when you get a pedicure, they ask you what type of essential oil you want rubbed on your legs and feet as part of the pedicure package. So at the same time they do the lotion massage they also add a few dabs (haha dabs) of the essential oil you choose and massage it in together with the lotion into legs and feet. :ok: Next time I’m there I’ll take a picture of the card… It’s cute. It has 4 oil options and it explains what each oil is meant to do. I believe they have eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and lemon. I usually choose the “energizing” lemon bc of smell or the “relaxing” lavender bc im a lazy fuck outside of the gym! :lol:

    I actually have one other cool item that uses essential oils in it for a health benefit. It’s a migraine/headache relief mixture… It’s like oil consistency but it’s not just a combo of oils in the bottle (there’s other stuff too). Its a roll-on so you can just roll it onto your temples and then rub it in. It has lavender, peppermint and I believe chamomile (off the top of my head) in it, as well as some ingredients. It actually works really really well for getting rid of a headache if it’s bad and isn’t going away from time or headache meds etc. And the instructions also say after rubbing into temples you should smell the oil or smell your fingers ( LOL bc the oil was on them :nerd: ) and inhale it to help as well. They say to inhale mainly because of the peppermint benefit. I really don’t love peppermint but it definitely works in this profuct.

    My fav oils are coconut lime, and lemon (smell wise). Coconut lime because it reminds me of our hotel in Turks that makes their hand towels, linens, and rooms smell like this. It’s like zen spa amazingness!! :100: I wish I had the time and energy to do what they do. I asked them for the instructions actually. Lol They take white hand towels and soak them in this coconut lime mixture diluted with water and then stick the hand towels in the fridge so their cold when you use them. It’s like the best smelling, relaxing, refreshing, zen and amazing experience lol (shilling? I think not! Lol). I like the lemon oil bc it’s lemon. Chill, energizing, and not overbearing. :ok:

    Anyway... rant over. Worky time! Have a Halloween party tonight and need to get shit done before I have to go all dress up again! I’ll post pics of the migraine oil combo in a bit. Xoxo all!!
  • Hazel
    I shall call him Rigby!
  • Hazel
    This is the brand for the roll on shit I mentioned above. They actually make a bunch of other blends too. Haven’t checked any of them out but I will now that I saw they do lol Last super long too! Worth the price (bc is never spend that on the reg unless it was a true benefit). And I got it off Amazon.

  • Dr green thumb
    how do I check the quality of my essential oils?
  • Alexis
    @Hazel big big love girl, your wide open receptiveness is so nice and therapeutic thanks you, you genuinely brighten up my mood and life. I live in UK. I forgot to say actually that using an essential oil diffuser is probably the best way to use the Thieves oil. You can get two types of diffusers warm air and cold air and the cold air I believe is supposed to be better for dispersing the oil droplets into the environment for the best efficacy and medicinal use while the warm air diffuser is more for the aroma experience.

    Diffusing thieves oil in a room is strongly recommended as one of the best ways to treat respiratory infections. Also very interesting what you share about your own experiences with essential oils your usage is completely different from mine mine is purely and essential requirement to manage my symptoms and I'm with you I don't actually like peppermint oil at all but it is a means to an end and there is absolutely nothing else in the essential oil world that can come close to the deep congestion relieving properties of the menthol.

    It really is a no pain no gain thing as well where it will only hurt when there is work to be done and not at all when there is no congestion, and will only ever improve how things feel despite the pain fullness never causing irritation or making things worse in the process.

    Your spa treatments with that coconut lime oil sounds sublime and I would love to teleport to such a surrounding. I like lemon essential oil but would you believe it I'm actually allergic to that and lavender they are the only two essential oils I know of that actually exacerbate my respiratory symptoms and I cannot breathe them in at all.

    But I definitely think lemon is a good choice for your nail pedicure eucalyptus and peppermint don't really belong there to be honest. I can strongly recommend the eucalyptus radiata oil from Rocky Mountains oils that is another excellent one for relieving respiratory symptoms and tackling infections.

    @Dr green thumb easy man good day to you. Good question about checking the quality of your essential oils and I'm really no sounding board on this I just stick to the ones I know are better quality and really they are the ones which are the most effective. I trust both of these grounds but there are other manufacturers out there who are good as well, generally you get what you paid for and if the oil is very cheap the quality will likely be inferior.

    That is why I write Rocky Mountains so much because they offer very affordable oils if you look at their selections you can get a lot of them like orange for example for under $10 and they are high quality and amazing aromas.

    I strongly recommend the orange essential oil it's wonderfully uplifting and invigorating, and very cheap as well.

    So I'm not sure what to tell you about checking your oils, I can only say that these two companies make good stuff. I hope that helps a little bit anyway.
  • Hazel
    I want to be a dick and say price tag (and I just did lol) but in all seriousness good question! Never thought of testing the quality of an essential oil. Wonder what we’d find from brand to brand if there is a way to test quality and compare like that. Is there an app for that? Jk :razz: @Alexis knows all! :cheer: and that’s shy you asked her and not me lol
  • Hazel
    @Alexis @Dr green thumb actually.. I did a quick “Goog” search and found this simple wiki article. If you scroll through to part about testing it shows pics of one possible (simple) way to test. Not sure if this is really that accurate and obv not gonna tell you how specifically pure or potent in % one is vs the other but if this is accurate, you can at least test one vs other to see which is pure or potentially how pure. Just won’t get detailed info like I’d be interested in regarding % lol

    Wish they had a little lab testing kit... like color coded paper you dip into the oil and paper changes color based on potencity and purity, and then you can look on key to see what % or % range the color it resulted in corresponds to. Pretty much exactly like a UTI pee test where they dip paper in pee cup to see how UTI fucked you are OR chlorine testing kit for pool ph and shit. :strong: :nerd: :100:

  • Upinsmoke

    Could I impose on you for the URl's to buy those additional pieces, please and thank you, S
  • Tdog420
    No fucking way im trying essential oils tonigjt i jave torrea for my diffuser!!! Maybe it will help my fieance stay awake during shows.....if thats even possible jajajaja
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