• Baron23
    Hi Folks - we get a lot of members posting about any issues that they have with their MV1 here on VLF. That is perfectly fine as Ghost started their CS here and do indeed continue to respond to tags.

    But @Cl4ud3 and I (and other helpful members) have often had to edit posts to add tags to Ghost and this is really not the most direct way to contact them for CS. So, I checked with them to make sure I was right and yes, while they do continue to respond to tags here they do indeed also have avenues to directly open a support request.

    'Official' Ghost CS is can be reached either by the contact form page on their site or by the email address which is shown on their warranty page. They also have live chat available on the site from 9-5 Pacific for any queries.

    If you do submit a support/TT request, you will get a ticket number to reference and you can access your ticket(s) to see current status etc. The current initial response time to a TT is just over 3 hours which is pretty darn responsive, IMO.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • Startedat52

    Great post! I often wondered why people complain here first and have to be told to just contact them direct or tag them. Contacting Ghost direct is so easy and they get back to you within a couple hours at most, at least in my experience. Maybe it’s different for international customers but here in the US, no problem.
  • GhostWhitney

    Thank you for the post! We try to answer anything that comes through the boards and we are happy to do so if it's more convenient for anyone. But in the event that there is more troubleshooting required than a simple post or DM allows, we would be required to open a ticket anyway. We are happy to help, just give us a shout! info@ghostvapes is probably the easiest avenue, as it directly creates a ticket in our system. Please don't forget to check your junk or spam boxes for our reply if it's been a while and you don't hear from us. Thanks!
  • Dazza78
    Whitney, Whitney,Whitney
  • Dose
    I've always contacted support through their website, not sure if people are nervous or don't think they'll get an immediate response, but my experience has always been top notch and timely. I even made the mistake of sending a chat during their off hours, and I whole heartedly didn't expect a response but come next business day I had a ticket and resolution waiting for me in my inbox.

    I don't say this about many companies but Ghost has some really good customer service.
  • Magicman
    Damn. I had at least 30 more Ghost MV1 thread titles thought up.
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