• Mike in Maine
    Hi all,

    Newbie here, but I’ve been lurking for a while. My OCD or VAS has got the best of me and I’m trying to pick out the best vape for each of these situations below. I do have young kids and a wife who ‘knows’ about me vaping, yet I still get the evil eye when I disappear to the garage. That said, the actual time to vape is important. Would you be able to recommend some vapes for each of these situations?

    Morning - on demand, quick solo garage hits - I’m usually alone during this time but am always rushing to get out of the door for work.

    Lunch - session out in public. I live in a rec state but I’d still prefer to be discreet.

    Early evening - on demand, quick sneak out to the garage. This is probably the most difficult time to medicate with the risk of being seen by the wife and kids.

    Evening - kids are asleep and it’s time for a session in garage - prefer a portable desktop version

    If it means anything, I’ve had my eyes on a new Dynavap Omnivap for those quick car rides to a store and a nonavong xls for the wood look and ability to use with water. Others that piqued my interest: Sticky Brick Runt and OG, Ghost MV1 stealth, and a Mighty. I’m a huge fan of the wood vape look and would to see how the Millana 2 compares to the others. Thank you in advance for any help and feedback!
  • Ctipp22
    Well the mighty you cant go wrong with the mighty and from the looks of it the MV1 is probably the best ondemand. I think RBT products are also great but a little more learning curve. Dynavap is easy but in my opinion it isn't flavor king. Firewood 5 seems cool also. I hear Enano is a great desktop as well.
  • Hammertime
    Morning - Splinter Z or Dynavap
    Lunch - Might / Crafty
    Early evening - definitely dynavap, they are small and hit like a truck. Just pre pack a tube and you're stoned in 3 minutes
    Evening - Mighty or Splinter Z are my go to home portables. Maybe a volcano for balloons at night?
  • standingsideways
    @Mike in Maine Awesome question

    Morning MV1
    Lunch DaVinci
    Early evening Stick Brick
    Late Evening Milaana Splinter

    What a great day!!
  • acstorfer
    If you want portability and discretion I wouldn’t go with a Mighty, and I love my Mighty. Personally I’d go with a Crafty but I’d still look into Davinci IQ and Pax 3. My MV1 is also a star. It’s quick and discreet, not all that “portable” though. Well it’s easily portable, but not very pocketable. I also love my omnivap xl as well. I use all 3 all the time. As far as desktop? If I go with a desktop it will probably be a Volcano, but I have three great vapes. If I thought something might be considerably smoother than my Mighty through my water pipe I might consider it.
  • bluesith
    For discreet fast on demand face blast , I'd get a grasshopper. Such a pain that they break tho. However if they ever get them reliable , they will get their popularity back I'd think .
  • Startedat52
    I have found that my two MV1’s can do it all. On demand quick hits and on demand session. At home I can session using both with a crushable in each or two crucibles using just one. I very rarely use two crushables as I’m still a light weight and glad as it’s very economic for me. I have spent WAY more on vaporizers then herb the last two months, lol.
  • cottoalvapore
    for morning and early evening no doubt you need a vapcap! at launch you can go stealthy with some electricl device that can be viewed as a e cig devices, i would tell you that the tera is good for both lunch and night but that's too strong (for me) and i would suggest to buy it and something weaker (i have an iq in my setup and it's really weak but it costs a lot i don't know if is a great deal) to seize the experience on what you what.

    I have had similar problem and solved it with my current setup: Vapcap used as desktop vape, for quicker session, also used through water, tera for when i want to get really wasted (but it Always goes Beyond the limit in which is pleasent,too violent) or want to have longer session, or just puffing while watching tv or reading,used also with water; and an iq to public situations and discreetness..
  • kebcatmorgan
    I would do it like this:

    Morning: Ghost MV-1
    Lunch: Davinci IQ
    Early evening: Dynavap
    Evening: Plenty

    I personally use Ghost MV-1 all the time at home and Dynavap everywhere else. Sometimes when I have the feeling I have a long session with Davinci IQ (I start on Smart Path 2 and midway I switch to Smart Path 3 and finish it), like 15minutes with fully loaded and tamped down bowl.

    I don't own Plenty, but it seems like the in-garage-evening-session "portable" desktop you want. And as @VapeCritic said on the last stream, if you would have Plenty laying on a table in garage, nobody will consider it to be a vape :D so it has a good stealth factor there.
  • Mike in Maine
    Thank you all for the responses! One thing I forgot to mention in my initial post - I do have access to oil carts and enjoy these with my PCKT and O.Pen Variable Pen.....but for the price and how quickly I go through carts, I find herb is still king. I just wish there was an on demand dry herb pen....something i can keep in my pocket and take quick hits throughout the day. Anything on the market like this?

    Re. the Mighty - what's the latest consensus from the forum...will S&B release an upgraded Mighty in 2019? I know Black Friday is coming, but realistically I would be pissed if they release a new Mighty in 2019 that has updated technology, or at the vary least, a new product will knock down the current version Mighty price. What do you think - wait until 2019 or buy on black friday?

    Re. the MV1 Stealth - is the current bundle offer the best you've seen, or should we expect something better by Black Friday?

    Re.the RBT Milanna 2: bummer, looks like they're out of stock at the moment, but what would you say is comparable in terms of performance? I understand there's a learning curve but would the Milaana 2 have any advantages over say the new Ghost MV1 Stealth?

    re. Dynavaps: I currently own the M (love it) and placed the O ring in the middle of the carb hole....I'm assuming if I upgrade to the Omni, this will allow me to simply turn to adjust the airflow? Set it and forget it? Next question is when using the dynavap with water, do you recommend the Omnivong or the Nonavong? Lastly for those who own the 2018M and an Omni XL, do you find the difference in length to be advantageous over the other? Here I'm thinking when out in public, would it look less sketchy with the M over the larger length Omni or simply too close to tell?

    Re. the Davinci - any advantages owning over a Pax 3?

    Re. Sticky Bricks - I'd really like to add one....I've seen reviews/vids on the Runt, but does anyone own the OG as well as the Runt and have you noticed one performing better than the other?
  • Dr green thumb
    the davinci has a replaceable battery vs pax3 not having that.

    For dynavap go to their website and order the fat mouthpiece it adapts the M or any other model to 14mm so they can be used with water pieces. It's under $2

    As for sticky brick I love my junior, the og is ok I sold my runt and I have a hydrobrick max arriving tomorrow. I dont think you can go wrong with any of those. The og is the most difficult for me to use.
  • Nwhite2443
    Firewood 5 is the perfect on demand-sneak-away vape I could recommend. 5 pre loadable bowls, pocket size, sexy wood, on demand convection with three customizable temps, replaceable 18650 battery (not included with it sadly) and haptic feedback so you don't even have to look at it to know it's working.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I second the firewood 5. I have had mine for a week and love it. Its small enough you can forget its in your pocket, it has a tray with 5 small (.05-.08 grams each) bowls. You will get better results if you stir every couple hits, but you dont have too. I really like the buzz this guy packs too. Being all convection its a very heady clean high.
  • Rich
    You should start using concentrates,either shatter,crumble or prefills and you wont have to worry about anything. Way more discreet and easy and fast to use then flower..It is a whole new world for this 40 year smoker..Sooo easy..
  • Dose
    Personally, I use an MV1 whenever I'm not in public. When in public I use a CCELL Palm since it's ultra discrete and virtually odorless. But if I had to recommend dry herb vapes:

    Morning - MV1

    Lunch - Davinci MIQRO (I'd use the MV1 here as well but it's definitely not as discreet as a MIQRO, IQ or PAX)

    Early evening - MV1

    Evening - Dynavap or Plenty (I find the whole manual aspect of the Dynavap soothing)

    Re. the Davinci - any advantages owning over a Pax 3?Mike in Maine

    To be up front I don't really like either, I found they both can chew up herb even with the half pack lid or glass inserts (nature of conduction ovens). The PAX gets really stinky and both units got pretty warm during normal sessions. If you want something discrete the MIQRO is the way to go, the PAX is just to stinky for public use.
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