• VapeCritic
    Random question but it pertains to my livestreams so somewhat relevant :sweat:

    I've been running Windows 7 for many years, I've had no reason to upgrade to version 10 and purposely did not because if it aint broke don't fix it, I like simplicity and don't feel like re-learning how to use my computer...

    Now the issue, my webcam is telling me that to get the full transfer speed out of it, which I believe I need for my streams to stop buffering, I need to upgrade to Windows 10. Something about the USB 3.0 performance not being 100% with Windows 7.

    Has anybody done the upgrade to Windows 10 and regretted it? And does anybody currently use this OS and not like it?

    Last question, is there an easy setting to make Windows 10 desktop look the traditional way and not with all those tiles?

    Thanx bruvas :strong:
  • Dr green thumb
    you are better off buying a new computer. I've upgraded four personal computers and three turned into expensive bricks. The hard drives had to be erased to fix it.
  • ConnerMcMaub
    Whenever you get a new PC you're going to get Windows 10 for free, it seems like a lot a money ($139) to fix a USB issue. You may also upgrade and find you still have the problem.

    Before you do that I'd google the crap out of it. Try different ways of searching, it's a PITA but usually someone out there has had a similar problem. I'd contact customer support for the cam, maybe even your PC manufacturer, sometimes they'll help even if they don't have to, CyberPowerPC helped me several years after my warranty ran out. Microsoft has some resources online.

    Make sure your drivers are up to date but that's probably not the issue. I also assume you've tried other usb slots.

    Have to respectfully disagree with the verdant doctor, most everyone I know including myself upgraded to Windows 10 because it was free and none of them ran into serious problems, not that we're in love with the changes.

    As far as making 10 look like 7:
  • GhostMV1User
    I'd buy a laptop with it already installed before I upgrade inplace
  • Señor Negro
    I've updated to windows 10 and completely regret it :rage:

    "New" Operating System versions from Microsoft have a tendency of going out for sale un-optimized and full of bugs and holes, and usually take years to have 'em updated to more stable versions. Not that that end all problems, because new vulnerabilities are discovered constantly with the needing of updates (no matter how old the OS is).

    I updated because I need to be on the edge tech-wise for my job, but a recent actualization changed all the mutimedia settings and now I'm having problems to return to my all-functional sound system settings. Not that its that hard but changing constantly how configuration settings works doesn't help, even if they are not hard to get used to.
    Problem is that you don't really NEED to change those settings, specially if everything was working as it should.
    A clear example of what I'm talking about is the new duplicated "Control Panel". They have been changing it from version to version of Windows to make it more appealing, which I think it's ok, but recently they started to make a new updated version of the same options but completely different in their HUD. So you can tweak now the same options but you have to spend more time looking for 'em if you were used to know where they were.
    Seems like they are trying to introduce it gradually just to take rid of the old version and leave this "tablet-like" version. And I don't like it. Make another SO for mobile devices and leave PC users in peace :shade:

    By the way, Microsoft does still provide Windows 7 with security updates, but standar tech support ended already. That's obviously a try to get everyone updated asap.

    That being said (TLDR: I don't like Windows 10 :angry: ) the problem with your cam may be solved without any OS migration. Try the following:

    1.- Check cam's official site for updated drivers/firmware.
    2.- Check Motherboard official site for updated firmware AND USB 3.0 drivers.
    3.- Check processor official site for updated firmware for USB 3.0 (I do know that Intel has a solution for 3.0 but not sure that it would work in your specific case. I guess AMD has something similar)
    4.- Try a HDMI to USB 3.0 adapter. Framerate provided by HDMI port should be more than enough to support an USB 3.0 connection.

    I can't guarantee any of those will work but if you need further assitance please tell me brand and model of the cam to investigate about a solution. That's precisely what I used to work for. :wink:

    Whenever you get a new PC you're going to get Windows 10 for freeConnerMcMaub

    That's not completely true, as the PC price already includes OS. Nothing is given for free I'm afraid :fear:

    I've upgraded four personal computers and three turned into expensive bricks. The hard drives had to be erased to fix it.Dr green thumb

    What ? :brow:
    PC are not like mobile devices, you can't turn 'em into bricks.
    Updating to 10 is not the best idea unless you are planning to roll it back eventually to what your OS was. Recommended setup is to make a new instalation (formatting your drive, I guess that's what you were talking about when saying "erased")
  • EconMan

    I left windoze ten years ago, and never looked back.
    BTW, I do lots of DBMS work and therefore sometimes must have a wintel machine. The most stable PC in the world is a MacPro formatted with NTFS/Windows.

    Lastly, it was a good thing to upgrade IMO. They've stopped supporting 7 meaning that it's programs become increasingly :"legacy" every year. Programs that once worked fine, suddenly are sluggish and finicky, or one day just stop running. You're a businessman and your stuff needs to work like an appliance.
  • tripertronic
    I´m working 10 hours every day, hardcore usage...3d, video effects, compositing. Win 10 is the bomb when u have a newer pc. dont install it on an old crap. when u really need your pc for work, buy a brand name like dell or HP, WORKSTATION. Buy it refurbished! Cheap, tested, good. So you can buy a 6000 $ Workstation for 2000$. And the next min. 8 years, you dont have to think about your pc, or updates or russian hackers. By the way. Win 7 has a security issue. Long story short, u dont buy a wallmart mountainbike for tour de france. Buy once a good one and be happy for long time. I would recommend you a HP Z Series. Hardcore Pro Working Horse.
  • MustB
    I didn't want to upgrade but did eventually and, tbh, it's working just fine. It's something that every Windows user will have to do at some point, even the most subborn, otherwise new software will cease to work and the Windows 7 security will start to show cracks, especially if unsupported with updates. If you want to get rid of the tiles use 'Classic Shell' by IvoSoft. It's a free program and works as intended, giving you the expected windows 7 start menu.

    The only way to avoid any of these upgrades in the future will be to go full Linux and, whilst I like Linux for certain purposes, there's always the isssue of compatibility with different programs/software packages (although there are workarounds but can be awkward if you're not too PC literate).

    Also, ideally, you want at least 4GB of RAM and a 64 bit CPU to run Windows 10 well, imho.

    Good luck! :cool:
  • VapeCritic
    Thanks guys!!!

    I built my PC myself a few years ago and used good parts, i'm using an SSD hard drive and i got an i7 processor in there with 16gb ram, i installed Win7 on purpose when I built it and never wanted to update my operating system cus I hate change! :lol:

    I'm not 100% convinced that upgrading to 10 will fix my webcam issue either, I'm gonna keep googling for now and hold off on doing it!

    I don't update my cellphones anymore either, it has NEVER made my phone better after updating the software :shade: :lol:
  • MustB

    In that case, your PC will handle Windows 10 very easily and I'd consider performing the upgrade as, even though I was hesitant, I've found 10 to work very well. You can also turn off all the MS feedback functions as well, if that's an issue. You'll have to do it at some point as 7 will become vulnerable.
  • Señor Negro
    I don't update my cellphones anymore either, it has NEVER made my phone better after updating the softwareVapeCritic

    Yeah I understand you totally :100:

    Let me clarify my coment below. I'm not saying updating is bad "per se". Actually if you have a fully updated software you have the less risk (possible) of having any security issue.
    But still, there are some reasons not to update, and personally for me, those are good enough not to do it unless is mandatory:

    First and most obvious: NO system is invulnerable. Doesn't matter how good your set up is, no matter how often you keep your stuff updated. If someone is good enough to be able to get in your system by him/her-self, and REALLY want to do it no matter what, will probably do it anyway. It's just a matter of time + skills.

    Second and maybe less known: Updates are not always good. That could sound simple and silly but its actually true, specially lately.
    There are not only cases when you only find aesthetical changes (no perfomance upgrade, maybe slightly worst perfomance sometimes), or "upgrades" that internally install spyware, but also known cases when you find way worst perfomance (in purpose) to make you think you need a hardware upgrade too. That's simply disgusting :rage:

    I don't know for sure about Windows 10 "malware system" but I do know it's the most privacy-thief ever made.
    There are a LOT of constant leaking data from your system to Microsoft about how you are using your system. And we all know that nowadays is completely futile to look for a way to use any net-connected-device without sending any kind of personal info, but in this case it's that bad that there are several 'unofficial-unsupported-unsecure' patches to prevent OS from sending personal info. (extremely risky too, but I do prefer to send my information to a random russian troll that took his time to make his effort than to a huge company that's making money from me for sharing my data -- Not the case tho :sweat: )

    So, IMHO: Are updates making your system better? They should, but probably not the case.

    As I understand a normal user is not spending hours reading patch notes on every single update they have available for any piece of software in their systems.
    My advice is not rushing updates until you really need it.
    Keeping up to date with malicious software and it's patches is recommendable too.
    And of course having a good antivirus AND a good malware/spyware cleaner ALWAYS UPDATED (those are obvious right?)

    By the way, not trying to offend anyone but, suggesting about buying a new PC because your webcam is not fast enough with Windows 7 ?? :brow:

    Again, I suggest you to try with the firmware/drivers update and if "free" solutions are not available that HDMI to USB 3.0 seems to me the best option I can give you right now.

    By the way, unsupported Win 7 doesn't mean Microsoft stoped to make security updates. They still do.
    It's a matter of any software related company made for Win 7 what is that anyone should check to see if they have discontinued (and more importantly, unsecure) versions, or not.
  • LabPong
    I normally use 6 various windows PC's almost every day. One with XP, 4 with Win7, and 3 with Win10.

    I can not stand using any that are not Win10. (pc stuf worx dis waay da besst bra!)
  • Baron23
    I may have to upgrade to Win 10 someday, but it will be with a gun to my head.

    I HATE stupid, comic book, touch screen, tile icon, hide the real guts from the poor idiot user, OS's. That includes Win 10 (and why I'm not a great fan of Apple either).

    And I object to having to get a 3rd party shell to get rid of the dumbed down interface.

    Bud, @Senior Negro' had some good suggestions...that is, look for updated drivers for your USB port.
  • LabPong
    I HATE stupid, comic book, touch screen, tile icon, hide the real guts from the poor idiot user, OS's. That includes Win 10 (and why I'm not a great fan of Apple either).Baron23

    No worries....you can make it look and function like Win7 for the most part....then getting used to some of the other settings and how they are newly worded only takes a short amount of time. I highly suggest upgrading to 10. It is different at first....then you tweak it easily....and you can quickly be more productive and have a better computing experience. I admit I am a puter geek...but also a simple user at the same time.
  • ConnerMcMaub
    My current CyberPowerPC is the first PC I've owned since 1994 that I didn't build myself, I was Black Bear Computers in the 90s. The reason I stopped building my own in the last decade is that it was cheaper.

    I guess they still sell PCs without an OS for Linux users but if you are going to put Windows on it anyway, it's a lot cheaper to buy it with the PC than separately. I should have said "included in the price" rather than "free".

    When you do upgrade to Windows 10, privacy is more of an issue than earlier versions as others mentioned:

  • VapeCritic
    When you do upgrade to Windows 10, privacy is more of an issue than earlier versions as others mentionedConnerMcMaub

    Then I will :100:% NOT be upgrading :ok: :cool:

    Nice!! LOL
  • Ctipp22
    Still cant beat XP :lol: :rofl:
  • MrMiyagi
    Haha, hasta la vista baby.

    Windows 7 has some serious security flaws that I don't think they plan on fixing any time soon.
    If you're against windows 10, I'd put linux on the computer, unless you play video games on it.
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