• 420V
    Just purchased this vape, buying into t vape hype. My first suspicion was their top ten rankings with pax and davinci being near the bottom of the list.

    Let me say right away of all the vapes I have purchased, this is hands down the worst.

    First the small parts you have to deal with are a nightmare. There is a gold screen in the mouthpiece, that gets clogged with herb after your first or second pull. You will have to clean it during your session to keep the draw resistance at its best.

    Cloud chasers need not apply, only on the hottest setting can you get decent clouds, which degrade as you go,further in your session.

    The taste is ok, but no miraculous flavor rush, especially compared to other vapes.

    Cleaning the vapor path requires poking out a tiny part, and some gold mesh fixed at the bottom of the oven. Those parts are destined to be lost during cleaning, just a major design failure.

    The rubber mouthpiece is another failed engineering example, as it houses the small gold screen, and refitting it back in the hole after cleaning is a pain in the ass. I see it getting worn and distended sooner than later, regardles, it's more aggravation than it's worth.

    Per the manual I packed full and tight load, which produced little vapor, and huge draw resistance. A loose pack half full produced better clouds, and decreased draw pull, the problem is, when you pack the oven this way, the herbs get drawn up into the screen in the mouthpiece.

    The gold technology is a farce of course regarding heat, bit it looks nice.

    I liked the shape of the arc, that is the best feature of this vape, discreet, and fits nicely in your hand.

    Make no mistake about it, this vape is no pax, nor davinci, it's a handsome, marginally performing vape, that is a dreadful pain to clean, if you can keep track of the tiny parts that you have to refit after your cleaning.

    I pre ordered this vape with great expectations, and it has been a terrible disappointment.

    I am not a professional reviewer of vapes, just a common sense user. From what I have seen of those that have reviewed this vapes on you tube etc, is they are more infomercial than info.

    Keep your money and buy a vape that has an established reputation.
  • Baron23
    Thanks...for various reasons, I have absolutely no faith or trust in Toronto Vapes.

    Good luck, sorry you were so badly disappointed.
  • LabPong
    Did Bud send his Zues away... in a give-a-way? lol
  • Cl4ud3
    He sent his back to Zeus. Got to say I'm not shocked by the user review.
  • Budman61
    I received my Zeus Arc GT however it has a very hard time connecting to a charge. I have tried a couple of cables and it is still the same. You have to wiggle the cable just right to make a connection and then during charge it will just suddenly stop charging. I think I am going to send it back and buy something reputable. I agree the mouth piece filter is always dirty and the draws off this unit vary.
  • 420V
    I checked their return policy, 30 days, unused and unopened for returns.

    A terrible product with an equally terrible return policy, how would you know you wanted to return a product if opening it voids the return policy? Who runs a company like this?

    I was tempted to do a video review, where all I do is throw it against a concrete wall, and smash it to bits, but then I would have to try and find these tiny parts and clean up, I have spent enough time cleaning this piece of crap already.

    A thoughtless design, hyped up advertising, and a non existent return policy.

    There, an honest no bullshit review.
  • bum karacho
    looks like it is
    a terrible vape
    from a
    terrible company

    normaly minus and minus is plus :joke:
  • Rockytdogg

    Nah, not according to torontovaporizers.ca... it's their highest rated portable. Better than S&B and Arizer combined...!

    What a joke.
  • ssaucyc515
    ... Jeez. I saw a preview for it a couple of weeks ago and I thought it looked super sleek. Reminded me of the iqs older brother. Thank you for taking the dive and getting it first so we don't have to hahaha. You are a true hero my friendm. I'm disappointed this wasn't great
  • 420V
    The best thing tvape does is marketing, they have a very convincing presentation. What got me curious about their marketing strategy was comparing ten vapes, and Pax, and Davinci were not in the top five. Where every other review of these two vapes finds them near or at the top.

    The Pax 3 blows away this vape, better pulls, less maintenance, longer battery life, and a ten year warranty. What kind of warranty is voided if you open the package? I am still stunned that this is their return policy.

    Sadly it was between this and a davinci iq,,

    Next, is to see if the beekeeper honey stick staff responds to the question I had about the size of the opening in their device, they wont accept a standard size cart.

    My Pax 3 works flawlessly, same with any Arizer product I own.

    My limited involvement here on this forum is not meant to be a negative, just a heads up so you don't drop 229 dollars on a fictitious presentation, backed by an underperforming product.

    Although I don't encourage anyone to buy this vape, I would like to hear from those that have, and what they think.
  • LabPong
    So Bud was spot on with his first look and use of it...........totally saying!
  • Dr green thumb
    the honey stick only fits the two carts that come with it one is for oil one is for wax. I am disappointed with it.
  • Baron23
    Who runs a company like this?420V

    Toronto Vapes....always has.
  • martinstraka8282
    Toronto Vapes... where every review of a 3rd party Vape ends with a reference to a "better buy" of their own product.
  • Baron23
    Toronto Vapes... where every review of a 3rd party Vape ends with a reference to a "better buy" of their own product.martinstraka8282

    Yep, that would indeed be them...sigh.
  • 420V
    Honeystick is another one, just wasted my money on another device I can't use. This just isn't my week.
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