• LabPong
    I feel pretty lucky to have a Pipes Skeletor. The 3 18650 model that goes for days of use...if not more for me. It makes me cringe when I hear others say their various IH's only net them a sesh or two.....wow...that seems not even worth it to me.

    I to have Pipes Jarhead and it is also still rocking solid. I have never had a single issue with either.

    I also cringe when I see other designs where you have to turn on the heater and then off every time you heat a cap......huh.....how many of you mess that part up after the first few hits..lol I know I would.

    Yup....pipes prices remain the same after all this time and after everyone else .........is doing what they are doing. More power to all...but lets step it up some please....IH's are for heating......get that part right first ...then add bling as needed...or not. :ok:
  • Baron23
    I have to correct myself re Lucid IH battery capacity.

    I am older and generally vape at home so I don't really notice battery capacity. I do some VC loads and then just plug it in.

    But I did try to run it down and yes, about 5 loads before you need to charge it again. Not great, IMO.

    Once charged to some minimal amount, you can use it with it plugged in but the cord on the wall charger isn't all that long either.

    Also, while I don't necessarily agree with all of your comments (and people of good intention are allowed to disagree, right?), I do agree that the price increase he has levied is not reasonable. Not sure why he up his prices so much.

    Anyway, I did want to state that I was wrong in my impression of battery life in the Lucid mini.

  • 52
    I did a count with the PSM and got about 11 loads(I think). The Fluxer gets about three times that!
  • Mangu
    dammit I want mine!!! Been waiting for so long since he started getting reports of bunk fluxers it was almost my turn!!! Glad it’s almost where it needs to be
  • 52

    Mine was working fine, I dropped it and broke the glass but it still worked just fine. I sent it in for repair and upgrades while he had it, but got caught up in the mofset issue and halted repairs and production till the problem was solved. Appears to be working better then ever, for the last 24hrs at least. It’s worth the wait but it was nice having a PSM while I was without it.
  • OhHello
    I’m dying for an IH, probably wait for an official dynavap one since they specifically said they want to make and test to death a product that is well built and that the basic materials needed in general are currently lower quality. They want to build a piece of electronic equipment that will last.

    I have yet to try any IH, I think I would really only want a plug in version because I never bring the dynas out but wouldn’t even consider a battery powered version unless it lasted 25+ loads , maybe in the near future as batteries change
  • Paxhead

    I am still using this and would like to be able to use it with 12V DC. I took the bottom off and never realised there would be so much circuitry needed for an induction heater. There must be some stepdown transformer to 12 V dc as the little fan runs on 12V dc. Is it doable to get one of these going with 12V battery? ysgwn8jg6jypo4un.jpg

    Anyhow I am waiting for the Dynavap IH whenever that happens. :smile: :up:
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