• Baron23
    I rather like Troy's reviews and did indeed like his review of the Ditanium.

    And yes, IMO he is willing to be a bit goofy and humorous while keeping it real. No air brushed, sanitized, immaculate talking head reviews from Troy.

    He vapes just like we do and I appreciate seeing that in the reviews.
  • MothChewMoth
    right? Not to get too far off topic, but I'd love to see him and Bud team up and re-review things together on stream to see if any thoughts have changed.
  • BestBuds
    The best is when he takes a hit in the corner and he does his vapefoo or whatever he calls those little noises and the camera zooms a little bit. :rofl:
    I can't remember what review it was but he tells a story about putting socks on in a grocery store and then he lost them. He had me crying I was laughing so hard! @420vapezone is awesome. :fire:
  • Pud
    On the ditanium review he was so freaking stoned he started singing... I was dying laughing cause you could see it in his eyes... he was coooooked! :)
  • Baron23
    Well, they did do Sesh with Troy and Bud. It was kind of fun.

    I too would like to see a Siskel and Ebert kind of thing with the two of them in a review...with points of agreements and points of disagreements air on the vape aired out.

    I think that would be great.

    Its not like I really know Troy. We have met once and socialized a bit and we have communicated privately. My impression is that he's a good guy doing his absolute best to put out a quality product....but one that also reflects who he is. He is presents as a real person (and often a really stoned person! haha) which I appreciate in all of the shrink wrapped, highly produced, content we are exposed to these days.

    All reviewers have different styles. Sneaky Pete and Vape Life X are both speed speakers and could probably have a career as an auctioneer if vapes don't work out! LOL Then there is Buzz Dankin which is actually a team of two guys. And of course, who can leave out Wavy. :-)

    Then of course, there is the pinnacle....Bud's formal reviews. They were just unbeatable, IMO.
  • Bad Dog
    that first too hot hit did him in :rofl: Troy and Sneaky Pete are what got me interested in the Ditanium. I also like when Sneaky Pete blows out the combo dab and can barely keep from coughing to hoarsely say " yep that's a combo dab " . Both reviews caught my attention as I enjoy a good ass kicking from time to time and it seemed to hit both of them pretty hard :lol: I had hoped Bud would have reviewed it but he decided to show the Ditanium no love, now a review is a little late in the game.

    Lately I've been dialling back to 1:15-1:30 for nicer flavour and even at that temp the effects for me are nothing to sneeze at. It can really offer up a fairly varied experience depending on how you use it.
  • Pud
    their reviews and the ones here are def got my interest as well.. I’m waiting for sneaky pete sale... last year he had 20% off but seems like it was only black that he had... puff it up was 15% but who knows.... maybe hapo will be even less... lol
  • Bad Dog
    20% off now that's a pretty good deal, I can feel my VAS tingling :lol: I wish I could have been more patient but I just couldn't wait :rofl: still I'm very pleased with it and I'm glad I didn't wait till after harvest because its really been very useful, but for now I have sworn off buying anything vape related till Christmas then maybe a IH for my vap cap, I'll have to take it up with Santa.
  • Hapo

    ...right now I am using a SAI running the Ti bucket with the Poseidon bubbler the most...

    ...I like the on demand TC aspect of it and the bubbler gives one dab rig like hits...

    ...I was using some small pearls in it but didn't see the advantage so now I don't...

    ...I have been some what disappointed in the DG round bottom banger and bubble spinner cap...

    ...it is not all that much better than the cheap banger and cap I bought at the local store and much larger...

    ...the round bottom does not make it easier to clean like one might think...

    ...at this point the main advantage is the cap does not fall off...

    ...it is finicky aboot getting the pearls to spin...I will try larger pearls but don't know if that is the right direction...

    ...I will keep practicing, but the SAI rig is just too easy, and easy to clean too if I don't scorch the remains...

    ...I have used all kinds of products but lately just use rosin from my press...

    ...one thing aboot your review that is intriguing is your note that the Ditanium does small dabs well that would be lost in a banger...

    ...that was the main gripe I had with the V Rod...you had to put a lot of concentrate in to get a good hit and then watch a lot of it cook off...
  • Bad Dog
    Yes the Ditanium excels at small dabs imo even without the carb cap. They're super easy and the effects and flavour is close to being on par with my banger as well as leaving only a minimum of fats and waxes to burn off. I do admit that I don't have the most sophisticated dab mouth but I still think that the Ditanium provides a better than adequate experience for sure. I do far more small to moderate size dabs than lung busters but all have their charms.

    Typically when I break out my banger and rig its for a bigger lung buster, I use a 6mm terp pearl and frankly it's a bit of a job to get it to move. I could have gone smaller.
  • MothChewMoth

    I think Troy provides an accurate assessment; if you're within the optimal range, you'll get a very good hit. Occasionally an AMAZING hit, but usually still better than anything I've tried portable (I've owned a carta, sai taf, Kandypen Crystal black, terp pen, etc). Small amounts you can basically do single pulls and you'll get 95% of the material if you are placing your concentrate on top of the quartz.

    My preference for dabbing 100% is my e-nail (I have several used daily), and I don't think you'll find anyone saying this is quite on the same level. It gets close, and the AMAZING hits are right up there, but most of the time it's just great.

    Like @Bad Dog said, I too rarely use my carb. Most of the time I do a couple small dabs around noon on the dial (with or without flower), then I do a burn off for 5-10 minutes and go back to around 2 for flower.
  • Bad Dog
    I would have to agree with that, the last lung buster I did floored me with its effects and with the carb cap I crushed it in 1 draw. I definitely think it better to only use enough concentrate for 1 draw, not just for efficiencys sake but for the best consistent results in general.

    Been screwing around with the whipless glass hand piece today and I'm very happy with it, not sure why I haven't used it recently. It's a little more throat feel than with my rig but that's to be expected, the taste is very nice indeed and the vapour is almost instant, it holds just the right amount for me for daytime, highly enjoyable experience and recommend to anyone who wants to do a little flavour chasing.

    Now that harvest is over and most of my bud is curing I'll soon have a ample supply and I definitely see more daytime Ditanium use in my future :lol: lately I've been cutting back my usage to minimal as a extended drying out but this passed week of daytime Ditanium use has been a very welcome diversion, and been feeling better in general. This period of extended use has made me appreciate more this vape that I was already reliant on to get to sleep. Not only do I think that it can offer up what you need but still has a little left in the tank, so to speak. Today I'm medicated plus a little extra which is nice for a change of pace and I'm hopefully looking forward to another week of daytime ass kicking before my tolerance resets a bit.
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