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    :fire: The G43 Vaporizer :fire: Official Thread

    What's up everybody!

    This is the vaporizer I built that you've seen me use in my livestreams, previously known as Project A, now to be called the G43.

    What does the name stand for?

    Glass slide
    4mm glass rod
    3mm glass balls

    What's different and special about this one? It's simple, it's strong, and it's cost effective.


    This is the stuff I thought about while building it:

    • Use as few parts as possible
    • Use very simple materials
    • Make it easy to use for beginners
    • Vapor must be very strong/potent
    • It must produce lots of vapor/big clouds
    • The flavor must be pure and unadulterated
    • Keep price to an absolute minimum
    • Sacrifice bells & whistles for more meat & potatoes

    I would say this can technically be categorized as a desktop vaporizer, but it can also be fairly portable if you'd like to use it as a cordless vape around your home.

    How does it work?

    The G43 is like some other desktop vaporizers in that you need to pair it up with a glass rig or j-hook to actually use it, there is no mouthpiece or stem included.

    The end of the slide is a standard 18mm male connection so you need to pair it up with an 18mm female rig. If you only have a 14mm female rig I will have adapters available as an add-on.


    If you don't currently have any glass rigs you will be able to add on an 18mm glass J-hook to your order, it works great with it and it's super simple.

    Otherwise, if you want a nice quality cheap glass rig, my go-to is the Stereo Matrix rig that NewVape sells for $60 (shown in my video clips), and you can also find very similar rigs on dhgate that are under $100.

    Vaping with the G43 is a very simple process:

    1) Fill chamber loosely with dry herb (80% full)
    2) Turn on box mod and power on cruise control (11 watts starting)
    3) Insert glass slide into your 18mm female rig or adapter
    4) Wait 3-4 minutes for the glass inside to heat up to full operating temp
    5) Start rippin' it!

    How is it powered?

    The G43 heater is powered by a box mod controller, which is easily hooked up to the vape with the included RDA connector.

    Custom firmware is then installed onto the mod (easy) which enables the "auto fire" feature, allowing the mod to stay on for an extended period of time for "session" vaping. A typical session for me with this vape is right around 8 minutes long.

    The mod I'm using it with now is a Wismec P80 which is a single-18650 battery mod, but you can also use dual battery mods if you want to extend how long you can vape with it, like the RX GEN3 Dual. I bought 100 P80 mods that I have in stock for the first 100 people who don't have one and need to add it on.

    Check out the Mods & Firmware FAQ thread for more information about this.

    Other vapes I like a lot that inspired this creation and influenced my design are the Glass Symphony, Elev8r, and Tubo Evic.

    Below is a 5-min video clip of a complete session from start to finish:

    How much is it and where can I buy one?

    $99 @ Bud's Vape Shop

    This project was mainly to see if I could create a heater that actually worked, and then when I did get it working I knew it was something you guys had to try for yourselves.

    So this basic heater-only model that you need to use with a rig is my first base model that I purposely wanted to be as simple as possible. Then once you guys have had a chance to use it and provide feedback for me I can start integrating those ideas into the next upgraded version.

    Once the G43 heater is perfected to our liking, I want to move my main focus to shrinking things down to get it all inside a portable unit the size of a medium box mod. I have an alpha version of this built that works and produces vapor, but it needs a ton of additional work to be a real vaporizer that can be sold, so it's on the back burner at the moment.

    On a final note, this will be my first foray into manufacturing, and I know it puts me a weird position when I'm still a reviewer too. I just want you guys to know that I'll be doing my absolute best to remain neutral and unbiased when I talk about my vape as well as other company's vapes, your support is the only thing keeping me going :sweat:

    If you'd like to be added to the G43 waiting list please post in this thread and let me know! You'll be notified via PM when your turn is approaching, we're currently shipping units to people in the order in which they were added to the list.

    Please feel free to post any questions or comments you may have and I will respond to them as quickly as possible. My beautiful wife @Hazel will also be jumping in to help wherever she can :cool:

    I'll also be putting up a full review video shortly, which I will post here once complete, as well as the complete written transcription on VC: https://www.vapecritic.com/g43/

    Stay up!



    Important Update Sept 2019:

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    Does power get drained while the device is connected to the mod? How long do the dual 18650 last typically with use? In the demo video you were using the single 18650 battery. How long does that typically last? Regardless I'm still excited to try it. I think I have to buy me first bong for this

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    @Baron23 Look!!! I did the responding thing right! I combined all my answers in one post to all. Feeling accomplished. Are you proud?? :pray: :smile:

    Thanks for all the support guys and gals! And thanks for joining the forum if you just joined... (Whether by forced to join G43 list lol or by choice to just join bomb ass community!). :fire: @VapeCritic & I will be going through all the new G43 list requests sometime today and/or tomorrow to get caught up. We’ll be updating the public list and letting you know once you’re officially added and in the cool kids club. Stay tuned and Stay up!! :strong: :100: :starstruck:
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