• max3334
    Can any one tell me how often do you clean your g43? At least the heating it up and dropping it in iso?
  • LabPong
    Max.....it depends on a few things...but it stays pretty clean actually. If you brush out the bowl area when it cools off....that keeps it pretty clean if you do this every time. You can take a lightly dampened qtip with iso on it and wipe out the bowl area and the outside of it as well.

    As for cleaning the heating area in the middle with the glass balls and screens. There is a few places in this thread where I showed how and what to use to clean the G43. Simple actually...one of the more clean vapes after use out there. But pending on what you put in it.....YMMV.
  • LabPong
    Man....had a fun no-pain day all day yesterday thanks to the Sled-G ! :strong:

    I did not think it would happen.....but now it has............

    I am preferring the Sled to the Mod .......I'm enjoying using it more often than the Mod G lately.
  • Baron23
    I like the sled better...always did...liked the unprotected beta sled better but value my home and life so went with mod version.

    Now, all I'm using is protected sled. I find mods and their menus to be a PIA, personally.
  • LouieB
    Happy 4/20/20 to All on the Forum. I am celebrating one year exactly with the G43/Mod version, and all is good....works like a Champ ! :) Current rotation, 2020 M with an IH and glass, MV-1, and the G43.
    Everything else is on a long break . Have a safe and Happy 4/20. Peace, and many thinks to Bud + Hazel, and the folks who help keep this going. Cheers , LB
  • Will90
    Sidecar mod holder lol. Made from styrofoam scraps, velcro tape, and utter boredom :up:
  • LabPong
    Sidecar mod holder lol. Made from styrofoam scraps, velcro tape, and utter boredom :up:Will90

    No....i think you made that cause your flower is KICK ASS STRONG lol

    Dude....whats up with that concentrate mess on the downstem? That can happen when you cook a load fairly hot..but usually is it more white colored. You doing dabs in there too?
  • Will90
    lol :rofl:

    I'm not sure about the reclaim.. I don't use concentrates.
    I do leave my ABV pretty dark with my vapcap... never combusted though. Does it seem too yellow?
  • LabPong
    I do leave my ABV pretty dark with my vapcap... never combusted though. Does it seem too yellow?Will90

    It can depend on the strain and what is in it for the color .....but usually I see this when I combust in the vapcap or Lotus.
  • Chandler
    I'm with yall. The sled is great. The past week or two however, I stopped using the sled. It sucks with only one battery. Battery dies its over. Lol... Straight mod till I get more protected cells... 11.7watts on the mod = joy

    I tried this on 420 for first time


    I've gone almost a month I think without using my VROD.
    It's going to be a nice experiment going from strict G43 sled/mod usage back to strict VROD usage. See how i really feel about it/them vs one another.

    I also tossed the stainless steel screen in my Elev8r bowl for a titanium vrod screen.... SO MUCH BETTER! I swear I can almost feel the slight difference in vapor quality because of the different material. Sessions seem even smoother.
  • Baron23
    haha...very inventive and creative.

    By the by, for flower only rigs I too get the orange cancerous looking gross reclaim buildup (and it ain't even reclaim like in dab rigs). I get it in my EVO HT and my 18mm C2 rig I use with FP SH and G43. And, no...I don't think this is from running too hot. I think this is just vapor condensing on the glass.

    I find, surprisingly enough, I find that often just scalding hot tap water is enough to get it out. I do use Powdered Brewer's Wash for good cleanings, but just hot water works for getting them pretty clean.

    I will note that I have seen where if I even leave a spec of it on the glass, that will be the spot to almost immediately build up again....sort of like a knot to crytalize sugar to make hard candy (remember doing that...tying a knot in a piece of string and leaving hanging in a very saturated sugar solution...??)

    Now, dab rigs...no, hot water won't touch that true reclaim nor really will the PBW. ISO is needed there IME.

  • Bad Dog
    Does it seem too yellow?Will90

    How often do you empty out your bong? And do you have hard water? I get similar Build up In my bubblers from calcium and reclaim, I find it builds up faster if I don’t empty daily


    Today is cleaning day, I use white vinegar microwaved slightly , boiling water and a heavy squirt of dish soap, plug the holes with paper towels and throughly shake every few minutes till the water is no longer hot. If that doesn’t get it all I go for another round.
  • LabPong
    Someone recently sold their used G43 sled for $150 on reddit.
  • Terpenetime
    Someone recently sold their used G43 sled for $150 on redditLabPong

    I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would do that!
  • LabPong
    I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would do that!Terpenetime

    Maybe they have a Mod version too....and just like that one better. Or...they needed money because they are not working now.....or maybe they were drunk...or....fill in any reason until we might hear otherwise..lol.
  • Terpenetime
    Maybe they have a Mod version too....and just like that one better. Or...they needed money because they are not working now.....or maybe they were drunk...or....LabPong

    ... maybe he’s already sold everything else and this was the last thing left?

    That would explain it :100: :rofl:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Well if he got $150 used Bud is definitely undercharging
  • Terpenetime
    Well if he got $150 used Bud is definitely underchargingSouthboundPachyderm

    He did include four batteries but it was still over list... I think he could have got even more had he asked for it.
  • Pud
    Well if the g was $99 and 4 batteries about $8ea + stand for $5 plus paypal fees $5 + shipping $8 that is $150 so thats not crazy
  • ShayWhiteGrow
    G43 for sale on fc classifieds. $165 :grin:
  • LabPong
    Both the for sale/sold ones are worth it....had plenty of extras. Score them if you can....!
  • Bud
    Hey guys here's a brief G43 update...

    I haven't sold any since march, nobody from Platoon 4 was ever contacted to order, and I'm reallyyyyyyy sorry about that. Huge letdown by yours truly.

    I guess it's accurate to consider it discontinued at the moment, but I do still have a few dozen SledG's completed and a bunch of parts & supplies, and I will keep thinking about if/when/how it could ever be offered again.

    Kinda looking forward to tinkering with it again and figuring out how to give it a wall plug.

    I'll post any future G43 updates here.

    A humungous thank you again to all of you who were so supportive during this project :100: :100:
  • mmx
    @Bud I would still love to get one finalyyyyyy :cool:

    I think I was in 5th Platoon when things happened. I thought it was over, but here we gooo :fire:
  • Señor Negro
    I have to admit the idea of selling my G43 came to my mind (shame on me), specially considering the G could have been seen as a collector's discontinued piece during this period of time and I could have been able to ask for a stupidly high amount of money. That, and the fact that I'm still out of "greenies" (and "brownies", lost both contacts) since ... February? :roll: :cry:

    But even if I could not avoid that thought, to me, now and then it has more sentiment value than anything else.

    Getting sappy again? :groan: :sweat:
  • thegame310
    @Bud I tend to agree, if you would make any for sale as is or with as the Wall-G I would be very interested.
  • danielblakes
    there's been a lot of work on the wall-g - and i too, of course, would love to still get mine from the platoon 4 gang - but man lemme tell ya: hitting this thing thru a dc power supply is a whole new level. instantly shot to the top of my heavy hitters list.
    glad you're in the mood for tinkering again, Bud, whether I ever see my official G or not, that's what matters most :).
  • Bruce
    Woah.... I have the sledge hammer - I used it with my Kick Ass Water Tool, I thought a hurricane hit me. W oW.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
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  • Mturner7
    @BudI back! :V I'm especially interested in a wallG. Glad to see the juices flowin again here!
  • John Cocktostone
    I lost my G43 in my move to Colorado. I hope I find it.
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