• badbee
    Thanks Hippie, I figured someone must have tried this.

    Anyone try using the ruby glass balls in their G?Ernielicous

    My order shipped yesterday, I'll be trying it out next month.
  • Bruce
    Yo Yo Yo - Top of The Food Chain, BiYatch's

    The G43 my best pure convection device.

    Brilliant device, surprised I didn't think of it!

    The only problem with the G43. Is the name... Wouldn't the Bruce sound much better?

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Pakalolo2
    @badbee Now if we put together a Wall G43 with a Titanium coil and ruby beads....
  • LabPong
    badbee Now if we put together a Wall G43 with a Titanium coil and ruby beads....Pakalolo2

    or Ti with sapphire balls! BOOM VAPE BLOWN! haaaaaa
  • badbee
    and we will call her Ruby G (sorry Bruce).
  • LabPong
    Check it........

  • BestBuds
    Those ruby balls are giving me blue balls! :starstruck:
  • max3334
    looks awesome

    What do you guys think of 3mm SiC balls? Would it be safe to try? I don’t mind I’m a tinker.

  • LabPong
    Go for it with the silicon carbide balls.....I am looking to test sapphire balls next.

    Problem is with all these terp balls.....you need to know they are real and not just colored cheap glass.
  • badbee

    Shipping was faster than expected.

    So I tried some tests and these seem genuine. Under 60x magnification the structure is crystalline and mostly uniform with some very small dark inclusions and tiny spherical bubbles that are typical of artificial gem stone. Heated white hot with a torch lighter they glow like a lightbulb, after cooling no visible affect at all, thrown hot into cold water there is no change. They air cool from white hot within 5-10 seconds (seemed faster than glass would cool). A hardness test was indeterminate: rubbed with maximum hand strength against a beer bottle they make scratchy noises but no obvious scratch in the bottle, no affect at all on the bead. I think they are too small and too well polished to verify hardness this way, it requires a sample with a sharpish edge. Struck lightly with a hammer they shatter into tiny, almost microscopic, crystalline shards.

    Any other ideas for testing?

    I should have ordered my other supplies sooner, now I have to wait for connectors and some other stuff.
  • Rockytdogg

    All I know is the 6mm ruby purls I got from 710Coils seem to stay hot a long time... much longer than the (glass?) freebies (2) that came with my $14 25mm Amazon banger (that took less than a week to deliver and came with a pretty cool cap and a small hard shell padded case, too.)
  • badbee

    OK, I got the RG43 up and running yesterday. I feel like one of those people who buys a new Ferrari and then immediately floors it and puts it into a wall. Started it up at 3.2 V (~10 Watts) but couldn't get a good hit even after bumping up the voltage a few tenths, just seemed wispy. So of course I refill it with twice as much flower, maybe 0.3, and turn it up to 4.2 volts (maybe 16 Watts, yes I know that is too high, now). Take a hit and pretty much cache the whole thing in one go, right at the edge of combustion. Details are a little fuzzy after that, I petted the cat for a couple of hours, something was on tv.

    I guess I need to do some tuning of my technique and figure out micro-dosing. Actually the next thing is to drop a thermistor into the beads, just to see what's going on in there.

    Now to go back and reread this thread from the beginning.
  • LabPong
    @badbee Might just be the resistance with your wires/clips/connections.....but you should be able to milk glass easily around 3.6 to 3.7 volts....after heat soaking a good 5 or 6 mins.

    I usually hover in the upper 3.5 to 3.6v range ....+ or - 3.amps.
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