• Ctipp22
    Gonna rinse the j hook and take some tokes. Got snow here today
  • MothChewMoth
    sounds like the mod's safety cutoff IS working as intended to prevent overdrawing even with the custom firmware :eyes:
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Hiya, I've been cleaning the glass part of my G bowl with iso and cotton buds, no problem with that.
    The bit I can't get clean is the edge of the bowl screen that has crumbs of flower trapped all around the circumference, between the glass and the screen. Bud's pick tool is even a little too thick at the pointed end to reach them.
    I'd love to be able to blow down from the top of the slider but the wire prevents a good lip seal and I'm not sure if the glass balls would come flying out too! :gasp:

    Does iso soaking just up to this first bowl screen help untrap them? I could remove the screen but will probably distort it in doing so and I've only one spare. Maybe the answer is to buy that screen size in bulk and put a new one in each time I clean. :chin:

    I am thinking about using the G injector-style like @LabPong does from now on as well (are you using it like that exclusively now dude?). I have an Elev8r bowl already and it would keep the G much freer of flower debris.
  • MothChewMoth
    do you have some canned air? That should work with the tiny straw extension they come with. I don't have that same buildup or I'd test with mine here.
  • LabPong
    I am thinking about using the G injector-style like LabPong does from now on as well (are you using it like that exclusively now dude?). I have an Elev8r bowl already and it would keep the G much freer of flower debris.ChlorophyllMan

    Cman......you got it right. G stays much cleaner!

    I use both my smaller one and the Elev8r stock bowl....as well as using just the G when I am in bad pain.....I go for FULL G LOADS. haaaa

    Like right now....I'm in massive pain from physical work and my back feels like it is on fire ...going to grind some of my strongest indca and float away for a bit. :sparkle:
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Funnily enough I was just thinking about that, I think my girlfriend has a can. I wouldn't want it to push the debris through to the other side though, that was my only concern.
  • MothChewMoth
    if you're able to view it down through the top, I'd expect it'll blow out the tip.
  • UbarDog

    Pound land CD cleaning brush or a Make up brush fan brush . I squeeze brussles close, insert, then spin it about.

    Search "Fan Brush".

    Gets all round that rim
  • ChlorophyllMan
    yeah I guess it's pretty unique in that it can be used in both ways :smile:
    Hope it sorts your pain out swiftly.

    @UbarDog lol my gf is a hair and make-up artist so I bet she does have some good brushes to choose from!

    Thanks for everyone's rapid responses, much appreciated :smile:
  • LabPong
    Cman......I clean the G by letting it soak in ISO for 15 mins. Let the ISO only go up to the handle and not on the wire casings. Then you can rinse out with water from the top several times. Then just use a blow dryer on it for a few mins......gets is pretty clean.

    Also, before and after this.....push up on the lower oven screen and make sure it is seated well. I do this as habbit every few days to make sure it never comes loose. My screens only moved one time when new...probably because I was putting to much pressure on the wires when moving it back and forth a few times to test different rigs.

    You can blow through the top after use.....you do not need a full mouth seal on it....you will get most of the loose stuff of the screen. I scrape mine with a pic...then blow through it a couple times back and forth pending on how gunked up it is.

    yeah I guess it's pretty unique In that it can be used in both ways :smile:
    Hope it sorts your pain out swiftly.

    Oh.....believe me.....28% thc and some high CBD flower.....im good for a couple hours....then repeat until prescription gets filled. :smirk:
  • Ctipp22
    I really have been enjoying my G tonight it’s so damn clean and flavorful and lowered to 11 watts !
  • MothChewMoth
    Just wanted to post that I'm currently using the G-43 dry through my new knockoff dual matrix rig @ 11W. I'm mid-session, first of the day, and am EXTREMELY medicated. Like feel my teeth medicated... :love:
    Clearer thoughts to follow hopefully later or in the morning... :yawn:
  • Other Side
    I'm still rocking the G43 on the reg. I like it at 11.5w and I always let it soak for 5-6 min. I have it permanently wrapped up to my FC-187 and Wismec Gen3 dual. It's a most excellent combo. I like the two battery better than the single too. I tend to take long back to back sessions and I feel like I'm changing out the single battery too often!
  • Ctipp22
    Did the cleaning and dipped it until it reached the screen. I noticed the screen is a little crooked but still cover. The g43 is my favorite vapor quality vape right now. When the glass J hook is clean it tastes great
  • EconMan
    Look what came. :)

    Charger and two Sony bats.


    I use this on my FF2 and other things. It works GREAT on the G43. Just let it dry fully before using, but at that purity it evaporates quickly.
    Edit: got it on amazon. Forgot the price but it was reasonable.

  • EconMan

    It was one of those things I did not realize how useful it was until I got it. If you "get good" at the nozzle technique, you will be able to "fine spray" a drop just where you want it.
    On my FF2 I literally hold the unit upside down, and give it a good 1sec full force spray right into the bowl where the little laser cut holes are.
    On dab rigs, it's almost all I use anymore. Especially with "dirty" Rosin. Instead of dipping the swab in the iso, I spray the iso in the banger and then swab. save a couple steps.

    On the G43, I went from the top to the bowl. That is, I sprayed from the wire down into the joint./bowl area. I've done this several times under the operating hypothesis that the area above the joint should not get exceptionally dirty, so I view doing this more like "maintenance" than "cleaning". What I don't know is if this hurts the G43. I knew from months of use it didn't harm the FF2, and it seems to have no problems with the the G43, however I've only had it a week.

    My guess is 99.9% iso has so little water in it, there just isn't as much of a chance of a short circuit. For that matter, I don't even know if alcohol is a conductor? Anyone know?
  • Baron23
    I use 99% ISO in bottles for just the reason of avoiding water content...also, way better as a solvent.

    I believe ISO is a poor conductor unless there is some water in it like with 72% ISO rubbing alcohol.
  • MothChewMoth
    Ok so here are my official G43 thoughts post extreme medication last night.


    - Crazy hard hitting. Like, desktop hard hitting.
    - Tasty. Not for as long as some others, but your first hit is really really good.
    - Looks cool. It's really unique and fun to show off.
    - Swappable battery is potentially useful, but not something I've needed so far.
    - Custom firmware works great. The mod is very easy to use, but could have more complete instructions.
    - Works amazing through any attachment I've tried (rig with and without water, j-hook)


    - Burnination: need to find a solution for the insanely hot portion. Blistered my finger on first use, which put a damper on the experience. Need a more prominent handle or something to shield the beaded section for those who want it.
    - Burns, pt 2: It really just comes down to comfort and ease of use. I got burned refilling it, because I've found it a little awkward refilling the chamber when it's hot. I'm trying to hold a small slick cylinder steady while desperately trying to not touch the hot portion. This isn't something I really worry about with my Sticky Brick, Mighty, or EVO.
    - I'm still a little on the fence about 18650s, which is why they're on both lists. I like that you can swap out the batteries, but I've found this isn't actually a feature I use at all.
    - Doesn't seem as efficient as some others. I've found I need to pretty much fill it up to get the best effects, and that's a lot more than I'm used to using. The effect obviously is way stronger, but it's not really great for micro-dosing.
    - Deep cleaning seems perilous. Hopefully I can just get by with some of the ISO methods proposed here.

    Final thoughts:
    I really like it, but it has some room to grow. As for my favorite vape, as of now, I'd rank it behind my EVO but ahead of my SB and Mighty. I'd say it's right up there with desktops but in a significantly smaller package, which is a huge win for @VapeCritic . Here's some potential additions that could help the current device improve.

    - Optional heat sleeve.
    - Optional glass arm sleeve for grip.
    - A spacer (or several for more options) for micro-dosing.
    - ELB type basket for ease of refilling and keeping the vape cleaner.
    - Full mod instructions linked somewhere.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    nice, fair writeup man.

    I would like to find a slightly deeper basket screen, so as to push a smaller load up nearer the heater. I think this would help with .1 loads, for when .15+ isn't required.
    I'm in two minds about an ELB. It would be cleaner which I'd really like, but it would be fiddlier to stir perhaps.
  • BobCat
    I would like to find a slightly deeper basket screen, so as to push a smaller load up nearer the heater.ChlorophyllMan

    Would a S&B capsule dosing pad work?
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Hiya, yeah something like that would. I think @UbarDog was using some glass IQ spacers. But they could be a bit of a faffle when it comes to stirring? Guess you can tell I don't really like stirring? :groan: :sweat:
    Maybe it has to be that way, because I can't find any rimmed baskets with more depth/height than the regular ones.
  • Ctipp22
    I get some awesome flavor with my Dutch treat through the G43.
    C151E5BD-7DE2-4E62-866C-C11C8B979EA0 (19M)
  • UbarDog
    Yea I was using the IQ spacers 1st day. I get odd results with them and have since stopped.
    I'm very interested in a 18m to 14f as a bowl. I'm after a funnel type but can't find one on e-bay/dhgate. They used to sell them for about £2 but there is only "doughnut" style. There is one @ vapefiend but with delivery its a £10 . Any one got a UK-ish source

    I also want to try this because my rig's 18mm fem is recessed inside the can, I think its a flaw ?. Heater part of G-43 sits about 9-10mm below top of glass and gets HOT too. I'm alittle worried about the rig, you guys think it will be oki ? or i should hurry with adpater?
  • UbarDog
    Btw I been hitting it up HARD. Got 4 batterys on charge right now :cry: and 0 charged up.

    Hard to be a mircodoser when its this tastey .
    Also been trying things like 50/50 mix of raspberry leave and flower. So the bowl is packed full! Also broke out the keif last night mixing it up . Taste explosion! Never been into herbal's but with a sprinkle of keif, why not! i might see if i can try others too.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    I'm very interested in a 18m to 14f as a bowl.UbarDog

    Do you mean more like this?

    Edit: Sorry, realise they are out of stock now!
  • GrumpStump
    Does anyone have any suggestions of what can be put on the G43 to keep from getting burnt? I'm thinking cork tape, or something like that.
  • UbarDog

    yea thats the exact one I was refering to when I said "They used to sell them for about £2"

    They all sold out :cry: and have been for over 2 weeks I think

    Silicon tubeing should do it. BTH I touched it and got a G-bite the SECOND i went to use it. Never again thou. Same as my mate, he instantly burnt him self and now he Knows better ;p

    Found a nice adapter

  • Bruce

    If you aren't vaping with the G 4 3, then you probably should reconsider your priorities in life :]

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
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