• MothChewMoth
    what is that changed to be used with?
  • MothChewMoth
    ahhhhh thanks, that's the context I was looking for haha.
  • Ctipp22
    My ohms are .8 so I lowered my wattage to 10.8 and boom the flavor and clouds are amazing
  • zancru

    first couple hits are good, right??
  • LabPong
    My ohms are .8 so I lowered my wattage to 10.8 and boom the flavor and clouds are amazingCtipp22

    Your learning....your getting there! haaaa

    Welcome to enlightenment :sparkle:
  • LabPong
    Ok....since there has been a decent amount of interest in the G43 use with a adapter bowl.....

    Here are the 2 I use for Flowerpot, Elev8r, and now G43.


    Notice how there is a nice budge area on both that allows for the screen to set into place...and also allows for the air to hit the load evenly.

    When you use other adapters that are too wide at the bulge area...or are just round shapes there..you have opposite problems. If too wide...you create a gap and swirl of the incoming air across the load and the otter edges do not get extracted, leaving you with too much stirring and not utilizing all the material well.

    When you have an adapter that has no bulge set....or is just a round shape....the screen will never set in place well and it will PYO. lol

    Ok....so here are some examples of what is not that good to use.


    There are some like this one above...but even more round and ball shaped than this...which leads to the screen sliding around always.
  • Dubmonkey
    Wanted to report into say the G43 is a flavor delivery device. So much flavor comes through. Hit is nice. Load her up and sip away. Just set to 12w and kick back. Tried the bowl adaptor way and had to turn up wattage to 13w to get browning. As heater is further away than the stock bowl. Excellent work @bud
  • LabPong
    Just a note about using the G with the adapter bowl.....the G slide will go down to certain depths that are different from one to another with all the different adapters. So if the slide going all the way down and almost touches the screen or load....you can add some pipedope/teflon tape to the bottom of the G slide to keep it from going to deep.

    Or let the bottom of the G be right down on the load and just use less flower in there.
  • Tdog420
    12.2 watts 5 minute heat up......initial thoughts after intense weekend........ Bottom line i love it. Good flavor and clouds. Of course there are some negatives. Mainly loading unloading somewhat annoying. Indepth thoughts to follow when i have time to properly give my full thoughts.
  • LabPong
    Mainly loading unloading somewhat annoying. Indepth thoughts to follow when i have time to properly give my full thoughts.Tdog420

    I think the G43 is super easy to load and unload and not any different than most vapes. I have a pax loading tool from NewVape and if you had one of these.....no vape would be hard to load....all would be easy. It works perfect even for a vapcap to give you an idea.

  • Tdog420
    i have that and a delta 3d scoop. Its not horrible to pack you just have to be careful when packing. I find the best method is dumping some herb on my tray and pushing it in like the vapecritic does. I dont have issues but other people due w packing. Also i never use my scoops w the g43 because i always get little flakes all over my table which my goal is to avoid. Also for cashing i do have a debowler but i find for some reason herb sticks in the g43 fairly well even emptying right after use. Also the fact the one area is hot makes this vape a little more involved when using.(which i dont mind). There is no such thing as a perfect vape yet so to say there are no negatives w a vape would be untrue,but again let me just add that overall the g43 might be my very favorite at home unit it is overall an amazing product that i do love.
  • Ctipp22
    Anyone know how to adjust the screen inside that separates weed from balls, mine seems a little crooked.
  • Cl4ud3
    Just push it up with the back of a pencil or something blunt.
  • Baron23
    something blunt.Cl4ud3

    Take-out chop sticks are very useful for this type of thing
  • martinstraka8282
    Is there an update on G43's next batch shipping out? I ordered mine back on the 3rd and while I'm patient, I'm still curious.
  • VapeCritic

    I just packed up your order, it's shipping out tomorrow, check your email for tracking :ok: My apologies for the wait and thank you very much for your patience!!

    I hope you enjoy :cool:
  • VapeCritic
    IMG_20190211_161928~2 (169K)
  • zancru

    Is that a view of your bed, when you “play cool” and @Hazel send you, and abandon you, to have “the giggles” by yourself??
    All alone, sake drunk, totally stoned, not even Lana to curl up jajajaja triple jajajaja

    Btw, nice setup to bed to ;) , rather with a G, than bad company
  • Dr green thumb

    That's buds couch in the kitchen that hazel mentioned on live stream.
  • Bruce

    Serious question: has anyone ever tried to vodka in a water tool with a loaded batch of dried herb?

    What is Bud's idea of a balanced diet?

    A loaded G43 in each hand.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Hazel
    you should see the other side of that room! Took me forever to transform. Other wall has Fireplace and looks opposite couch is backyard. I’d say if that was his bad boy bed.. he’s got it good. His back would be fucked after sleeping on that couch but he’d have a nice romantic fire at night to drown his sorrows and a gorgeous sunset in the morn to welcome his hangover with. :lol:

    and his idea of dessert is a “cupcake” as he would like to call it aka a healthstone full of sauce! :razz:

    lol if only that was the couch in the kitchen ! The couch in the kitch was in that room previously but had to be booted to the kitch bc this sex kitten of a couch had to enter our lives. And I couldn’t give up the couch in kitch now. Super comfy. Idk wtf were doing to do when we redo the kitchen this year and have to really get rid of it. lol that couch is so comfy! :monkey:
  • Hazel
    Have a good day guys! :kiss: Snowing in NY!
  • zancru

    Never ever get rid off of furniture.
    You’ll need it at certain point.
    There’s always an empty wall, or an empty shed too ;)
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