• PuffItUp

    Here are some similar ones, don't know the whether they will hold up or not
  • BobCat
    I believe Mistvape may be selling glass beads separately. It was on his IG somewhere.
  • oddjobold
    Ok got some. Thanks guys
  • VapeCritic
    Hey guys I just updated the original post in this thread with a little more G43 information, some new pics, and a new video clip :ok:

    Click here to go back to the first post and check it out :100:
  • Alxndr
    I’m interested in purchasing the G43, put me on the list please.
  • VapeCritic
    Just posted my G43 thread on FC if anybody wants to show some love over there too :cool: :heart: :100:
  • ChlorophyllMan
    It's like lighting a firework :lol: :fire: :100:
  • Magicman
    The new S&B megacorp will beat bud to market.

    I am half way through the g43 post and had to chime in about how great it is.

    Glass balls=power.
  • Magicman
    It's almost like wearing a MAGA hat at "An evening with THE CLINTONS" tour event.
  • Freelicks
    Is this the waiting list forum? I'm pretty hyped for this!
  • Freelicks
    In for 1 G43 please.
  • Sarcoid
    In for 2 G43 please.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    In for 1 G43, please. Don't know if you saw the post from the past page or so :yum:
  • AnVom
    maybe you thought about this before, but when assembling the slides don't do it one at a time, assemble a bunch in steps. You'll complete more slides at once
  • Alexis
    In for 2 G43 please.Sarcoid

    Wait- you mean we can have MORE than one each to start with? I didn't realise. Bud please can I amend my order- I'll take 50 units please to start with. :lol:
  • MothChewMoth
    nice setup! I'd be worried I'd break that upper elbow inside of a week though...
  • Pakalolo2
    @LabPongVery nice, in fact I really think this is the perfect rig for me using the G43. Is it better with or without water?
  • Dr green thumb
    I'd skip the reclaim catcher with just the g43
  • Pakalolo2
    @Dr green thumb Good call, I didn’t see it until you mentioned it. Thanks!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    that looks like a sweet set up man.
  • Dr green thumb

    Great it's a mooring chain
  • JasonMewesAKAJay
    Add me to the waiting list please Bud
  • MothChewMoth
    Do we have any beta testers who also have the Glass Symphony? I'm interested in the end user experience differences.

    As someone who hasn't used either, it seems like:

    GS = uber-powerful potential that can knock you out and fully extract on one hit; something that can be tailored to the user. Also still seems pretty cumbersome.

    G43= solid super tasty session vape with potential for big hits. Seems to last for at least 3-6 pulls.
  • Mturner7
    Put me down for 1 G43! Def had to come outta hiding for this!
  • FightonJAL
    Add me to the list!!! G43 looks terrific!

    Question: will you be selling the mods?
  • LabPong
    nice setup! I'd be worried I'd break that upper elbow inside of a week though...
    If you mean the top of the drop down where it connects to the main rig? ....then no worries...it is actually pretty strong. My whole rig is stronger than what I used to use...which is what Bud uses..a stereo matrix with the taller narrower can and a drop down...with water and a carb hole drilled out.

    LabPongVery nice, in fact I really think this is the perfect rig for me using the G43. Is it better with or without water?Pakalolo2
    Using water or not....is 100% a personal thing. I am totally opposite from Bud. I need water to make the vapor taste better, be smoother, and have no issues with smell....I keep my rig clean and change my distilled water out every day I use it. Just understand with water.....every one is different. I am very sensitive and have a high ability to sense taste and smell. So when I do not use water, it tastes sort of toasty and harsh. I can actually taste terps much more clearly with water. Do not ask me to explain it or compare with others....it just is that way for me and I totally understand that my body is different from the next person. I am happy if someone uses water or not.....just do what works better for yourself there.

    I'd skip the reclaim catcher with just the g43Dr green thumb
    The dropdown or reclaim catcher as you call it...is used for 2 specific reasons.
    1. adds volume to my rig
    2. keeps the main water unit 10 times cleaner
    and as an added bonus
    3. puts the hot bowl and heater away from my face (flowerpot, elev8r).

    I also use a 2nd downstem in the main stem. Krazy huh? No...it has a use. It makes my draw more controllable and creates less "chugging" of the water...and adds a sort of clutching element to thwart off any back blow pressure to the bowl after draw. This made my rig hit so much smoother and controlled. I can get a much wider band of draw pressure at the bowl for full control over the load extraction process. Sometimes you need more pressure on a load like when it is just starting....then after the bowl/load warms up....you need less pressure and time of draw to get a good hit. I also have a carb hole I trilled on the flat top of the main can. So I get the smoothest end of the draw/hit possible. I cant stand lifting off any joint to clear the chamber. But I do if I clear the left over vapor out before another draw or putting away.

    Basically.....TLDR ..... I made my $26 main rig hit like a $500 piece with the addition of a few parts that cost me about $50 in total!
  • Dr green thumb
    I use the reclaim catcher with my rig for dabs as it keeps my glass cleaner. All that crap that collects in the rig has potential for getting in your lungs. That is one reason I use a recycler it washes the air in multiple steps and gives a cleaner high.
  • Pakalolo2
    @LabPong That is so cool, I have try that rig out! Can you provide details on where you sourced the parts if we want to replicate your rig. At $50 it looks to be hard to beat for all the features and benefits you’re able to enjoy.
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