• Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Did the click startle anybody else the first couple times. I kept having flash backs of the game operation and some other stress inducing game from the 90s while burning off.

    @Señor Negro i dont think i made it clear that the device is brand new
  • Paxhead
    I received my Dynavap Shadow M last week. The first thing I noticed was the very loose cap. Fortunately I read all about squeezing it so it fits tight enough not to fall off. I don't see why the cap is not designed to fit snugly without having to squeeze it. I found I had to squeeze it quite hard a few times to get it not to fall off. I didn't want to squeeze too hard incase it bent or snapped. This is my first experience ever with this thing and am not keen to combust just to create heat for use. Loaded the chamber and I tried to heat in full sun using a magnifying glass. Have to wear sunglasses as the focal point is pretty bright. Was difficult to hold it steady enough for that. Maybe some sort of a jig could be made to hold the Dynavap at the focus point only when the sun is shining of course. Just a thought of another way of heating. A laser heater or a mini solar oven? I thought bugger it, I don't have a torch and I want to try this thing, so I got out my little butane camping stove, blue flame, rotating in the flame, first one faint click then a second or two later a louder click. Suck on it, nothing, no vapor just a bit of flavor. I did this three or four times and still hardly any vapor. Then I let it heat a second or two longer after the second click. That was a bit better, the second time I did that it was too hot and combusted...It appears there is a fair learning curve to use this thing properly. I am really keen to get a portable induction heater to use like the one Bud is currently using but it would have to be one that uses removable 18650 batteries to make overseas shipping easier. I think I saw one some where that uses three 18650 batteries but it was sold out or still in developing stage. Magheater is one, from Germany I believe. Watching bud using the induction heater and getting such great hits from it makes me envious. I will wait till I get an induction heater before trying it again. My first experience with the Shadow M was rather anticlimax and disappointing after all the raves how good the Dynavap is. I will persevere..:smile:
  • Will90
    lol bro your experience is gonna be light years better if you use a jet lighter or induction heater. You chose two of the most difficult ways to heat it lol funny though. Definitely recommend building/purchasing an induction heater at some point, but get a nice jet lighter until then and you'll be blowing fat tasty clouds.
  • Señor Negro
    Don't worry i suposed it was new as the shadow was out recently.
    What I did not understand was the rest of your last post :sweat:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @Paxhead where you put the flame affects the temperature heat closer to the body for a higher temperature. Also magnifying glass is a killer idea!!!
  • Trix

    You were wise Shadow M's need a through cleaning!!!
  • bulllee
    I bought the M and fell in love with Dynavap, I ended up with a spinning mouthpiece and nonavong body steel tip. Love it to death rips like a beast. I just received the Shadow and first thing i noticed is the loose cap. No biggie I just pinch it a little, but I noticed that it vapes a lot cooler. On my nonavong I can pretty much do some massive one hitters but on the Shadow I need to spark it twice to get a good rip. Any similar experiences ?
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @bulllee i always start super low at first then i move it up a little bit over two additional heatings. If you heat super low spinning slow and you slightly disrespect the click sometimes its not worth heating a second time.
  • bulllee
    I seem to get better results with a loose pack. I never have to worry about starting low. My Nonavong rips like a beast. What I'm noticing with the same torch, same herb, same technique (personal preference). The Shadow doesn't seem to have the same results as my Older Nonavong. inspecting the abv seems to confirm that. Maybe the age of the steel in the devices might explain, IDK. Just wondering if anyone else might have noticed.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @bulllee i cant speak in comparsion to any of the other dynavaps.
  • Dr green thumb

    My shadow M seems to hit harder than my standard M. But not like my nonavong with titanium tip. My first hit on the shadow M is heated about 2 seconds beyond the click but never more or I get charring of the herb.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I have noticed with my Shadow M I need to hold it in my IH for like 1 second longer than i do with my regular M to produce similar results. It may have something to do with the materials put into the stainless to add color. Perhaps it takes slightly longer to heat, kind of like the SS tip vs the Ti tip.
  • Paxhead
    Round 2. I decided to buy a little one flame jet torch lighter, to have another go on the Shadow M. My hearing has been compromised from chemotherapy damage and I don't hear the click every time as the lighter flame sound muffles the sound of the click. I did have a better experience but charred a couple times. The lighter gets very hot .. Still learning how to use this funny little piece of plumbing. I forgot about the shot hole. Will have to wait till I can get a portable induction heater though, do not like combusting to heat. :cool:
  • Chandler
    I've been spoiled by the portside mini induction heater... It died on me the other day and I had to grab my torch... Decent results, very poor technique... Did a few more sessions and got used to spinning... For ease of use and more discreetness, induction heater is key! I'm a Vapman enthusiast, an induction heater is a tool I wish could be constructed for it. I knew it would be a great fit for me! Really liking My Shadow M.... My stealth ghost tests have been shelved for the moment due to vapcap joy
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