• Dr green thumb

    The caps are adjustable and it's normal. I'll find the link real quick

    Dynavap site

    When cooled and off of the device, a slight squeeze of the cap will adjust the contact with the tip.

    My nonavong is the only cap that arrived loose the others were all different in how they fit.

    I've adjusted them all to my liking.
  • Will90
    You can adjust the tightness of the cap by pinching it gently between your index and thumb to make it more oval or round in shape. If you mess with it too much you run the risk of losing the heat disk.
  • koepen
    never had this problem with any other vapcap...
    thanks in advance :up:
  • koepen
    did any of these heat disks ever fell out of one of your caps?
  • Dr green thumb
    no I haven't had the inner part fall out, I just gave a gentle squeeze then test fit it and if I didn't like it I repeated. The caps do not require much pressure to shape them
  • Baron23
    To tighten the cap on the tip, gently squeeze the side with the digger outer and the opposite side. To loosen, gently squeeze the opposed sides of the cap that do NOT have the digger outer.

    As for the clicker's falling out...I believe that's an RMA issue you need to take up with DynaVap.
  • koepen
    thanks :up:
    I'm sure vapefiend will take care of the problem... :smile:
  • Aj85

    Hey guys! At 10.30 onwards in this video George demonstrates how to make the cap fit tighter or looser as needed on camera.

    Very useful to know! I had squashed a cap and I thought it was toast, but with this technique it fits like a new cap, again..

    All the best,

  • Magicman
    I'm just saying my original 2018 M I bought myself came with a cap that did not just fall off the end of the VapCap when held with the cap facing down. The impossible 2nd el jefe win VapCap cap just falls on the floor. Being as I gave this to Johnny Scales (combuster), he may say it's crap because of this. I even showed him he need to squish the cap. I think the thing is just too big.
  • UbarDog
    loose caps are normal you just need to squeeze them a bit.

    But what i see there !!!! eakk!!!! That is now a collectors item lol

    I cant quite see does is have a crimpp line near top of cappp ?
  • koepen
    thanks, that might be helpful.
    vapefiend already sent out a replacement cap!
  • acstorfer
    Give the vapcap a small pinch, repeat until it fastens on. After a little use it will fit like a glove.
  • MothChewMoth
    As someone who doesn't own a Dynavap product yet, it's a little overwhelming trying to figure out what to get. Is there a simple breakdown on the differences, use cases, pros/cons of their stuff?
  • Mrcurisan
    I’m thinking of getting the Ddave Mod Long Glass Wand for Dynavap with included tip and cap for $50. I want it for my my 18mm female joint bong. Do you guys have any experience with his stuff or at least using the glass wand instead of the original dunavap M 2018 body? I don’t own a dymavap currently and was thinking of buying it mainly for my bong. Shipping to PR is apparently $15 for USPS international but we are domestic. Already messaged him to ship first class package w tracking around $5 but still waiting for reply.
  • John Cocktostone

    I own 3.
    I'd suggest getting an M and see how you like it. Then, on the 420 sale get a Ti XL for cheap.

    The differences are subtle but noticeable when all other things are equal.

    I use my Titanium Body with the Stainless Cap because I like the heat retention the steel gives me in my induction heater.

    I have bigger hands so the M while manageable, is harder for me to rotate while heating
  • Dr green thumb
    Dynavap makes a mouthpiece that goes over m so it can be used with glass the part is $1 or $2 it's called the fat mouthpiece.
  • Señor Negro
    Hmm... I thought I made this thread just for the shadow M :chin:
  • Baron23
    the wand, Ti tip and cap, and bubbler is pretty much the only way I use my VC these days.
  • Mrcurisan
    The reason i want the glass wand is for purity!
    Hey Señor Negro I was also considering getting the wand+shadow M so I think at the very least it follows the context of your post!
  • UbarDog
    Hmm... I thought I made this thread just for the shadow M :chin:Señor Negro

    Some how shit always gets off track
    Hate it some times, Dont let it get to you
    Arseholes just seem to take the piss
    Distracting others from the issue
    Obviously i am doing the same!
    Wait or am i?
    Maybe- maybe not

  • Chandler
    First impressions /day 1 with shadow M (I frequent FC. Posted same impressions there. Made sense as I'm greatfull to ppl on both forums for their kindness, knowledge, opinions and help!)

    Shipments finally came. Been shadow dynavaping all evening. Port side mini charged n ready to go. Didn't use a lighter. Used PSM until the battery died. Can't tell you how many sessions I went through. But it was all in the name of research

    2 M"s, one was 881, the other 2798... Use was pretty straight forward. Pulled em apart, cleaned them. One was black inside, the other had a dark copper residue .. Cleaned up dried. Dry run. Click.

    At some point I almost combusted because the desire to take the next draw outweighed my patience between clicks. The ease of use speaks for itself. The efficiency is top notch. My abv always looked even and well extracted. Experimented with whole buds, ground, tight pack, loose pack, micro dose. Great consistent results each time.

    Took a few sessions to find my rhythm. Carb/no carb. I find the device so sleek finding the carb can prove difficult, with use it became easier realizing I'm usually covering it intuitively. Hits were pleasant and stronger than expected. I found at first I was trying to inhale until the off click, which would over do it and send me into a coughing fit. Looking forward to to todays research and perfecting technique!
  • Gryfin
    dont worry, I still overdo it until I cough after having it for a while.
  • acstorfer
    Does anyone else pack the tip, put on the cap, then forget it’s a vapcap, think it’s a one hitter bat, and then intuitively start lighting it in that way?

    Uhhhhhh, no, neither did I. Please don’t tell anyone I do that :)
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Today is my last day of nicotine no more pg vg for this guy thanks to this device! I made a deal with the devil of crutches.

    Anyway this is a picture of me cleaning it for the first time. Anybody else have a similar experience. A majority of it was from the body but quite a bit was from the tip as we'll. Heating it with no herb gave alot of visible vapour. Is this common?
  • Señor Negro
    Heating it with no herb gave alot of visible vapour. Is this common?Tyedyesamuraiguy

    To me that seems to be unclean yet :scream:

    I do dismantle all the pieces and soak them in alcohol for a while, and THEN, is when I do use the cotton sticks to take all residue left.

    Try that and heat it again, if you see no vapor (or only a bit) then you are good to go :up:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @Señor Negro hey thanks man i just ended up going to town with more qtips burned off a bunch more just had my first bowl. swfbqia3suxu88qa.jpg
    In comparison to my flowermate. It doesnt look black in real time just very dark. I am thrilled that i can use so little in a session. I would have to pack the right into my flower mate just to get decent production. This was a good investment.
  • Señor Negro
    Yeah I'm totally agree with you. It excels in perfomance and specially regarding at efficiency with such small amounts of material :up: :100:
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