• MothChewMoth
    imo most of the Ghost issues that I've read about could mostly be linked back to folks not really getting how to use a convection unit properly, so expectations were not in line with the product offerings. I get what you're saying though and it's why I didn't initially get one. After more reading, research, and trying one first hand, my concerns have alleviated. Their CS presence and customer first approach has also gone a long way towards endearing themselves.

    Regarding the footprint, I think you're spot on there. MV-1 would fit in a back pocket, but only while walking and would stick out. FF2 could slide into a front pocket and stay hidden there. Regarding usage though, I think the MV-1 is more discreet since it's concealed in your palm and used any direction. The FF2 has to be held flat and in a particular fashion that just looks exactly like you're smoking a bowl, haha.

    If you go the FF2 (or ghost) and do your research, knowing what the possible pitfalls are with either, I think you'll have realistic expectations and be happy with either device you choose. Good luck, and let us know which route you go, as well as your experiences!

    And +1 for Mila!
  • Dr green thumb

    You have a tough decision there as both vapes perform well and both require them to clean.

    I'm going to be honest here and suggest you look at dynavap for a portable vape that performs well.

    Did you ever get your micro?
  • TheZman
    No I didn't get the Micro. Unfortunately. My issue with the Dynavap is you need Butane to heat it. I'm against anything Butane. I know your heating the outside of the metal but it still would make me worry about it getting in my system. I'm health paranoid like that. Plus I've read you really have to get the technique down or you'll combust. Dont want to really deal with all that.
  • Vapify
    I agree the FF2 is definitely more concealable. I, personally, am not a huge fan of the hand position but what’s cool is that you can map the touch sensors through the app so if you wanna hold it more like a pen you could or any other position.

    Owning both the FF2 and Ghost, they’re very similar in terms of taste and efficiency but the FF2 may be slightly better tasting with the “dynamic heating” that they use which basically heats up to the set temp gradually, i think over 7 seconds, instead of right up to it. This makes it so that you get the full spectrum of terpenes and flavor as you draw which is really only noticeable if you take the full 15 hit.

    For me, the real difference maker is the airflow. The MV1 is like taking a breath of fresh air compared to the FF2 and short quick hits is almost impossible with the FF2. It really comes down to personal preference and your own vaping style. If i had to choose, I’d pick up the Ghost over the FF2.
  • Dr green thumb

    Technique is something you cannot escape with the ff2 or mv1. The easiest vapes to use are vapes with a glass stem. Airvape air, solo, air2, solo2 and Argo, tubo, and milaana2 . These vapes also perform very well.

    Between the ff2 and mv1. The mv1 wins hands down, especially the new ones that have the design tweaks that were released with the stealth version. Those design changes make it much easier to use.
  • TheZman
    Lol.. Your making this hard. Fortunately I'm going to take my time deciding. It's going to be something I have to save up for as well. I dont have $300+ Laying around for a vape right now. So my Boundless CF will be in use for awhile till I get it. Whichever I chose. Maybe by then a new better vape will be released this year. Who knows. I will say vapes with glass pathways peek my interest the most. I feel like glass has a soul and is the best.
  • MothChewMoth
    I'll just say it...G43 :joke:
  • TheZman
    When I'm in the market for a table top I'd definitely consider it. :up:
  • MothChewMoth
    yep definitely a home portable (with j-hook) and not an on-the-go device. Just yankin' your chain :razz:
  • UbarDog
    ↪Dr green thumb
    No I didn't get the Micro. Unfortunately. My issue with the Dynavap is you need Butane to heat it. I'm against anything Butane. I know your heating the outside of the metal but it still would make me worry about it getting in my system. I'm health paranoid like that. Plus I've read you really have to get the technique down or you'll combust. Dont want to really deal with all that.

    Yo Zman . I dont do butanes either BUT i dodo Do the Vapcaps, I would say they safer than a china knock-off. There is basicly 0% chance that any fumes would get inside. Been useing the M for about 3-4 months now. With a lock ON/OFF torch I can do the whole loading and heat up with just one hand while partly gaming -In low light settings ;p Only time i combust is doing this with head set on when i don't feel the click.

    FF2 battery Rabble Rabble (sorry its off topic)
  • TheZman
    What about metals getting into the Herb? How long do you heat it for so it doesn't combust? Just seems like a bit of a pain. Especially if you out in public somewhere. I like to just turn a button on and vape. Pluses I'd have to carry a Butane lighter around which adds to the bulk in the front pocket. I'm not saying I'm totally against it. I'm just thinking out loud.
  • trulukkyphrank
    Have you ever looked into the Firewood 5?
    It has some similaritys with the firefly in terms portability, on demand and taste.
  • TheZman
    I did. I dont know. I'm indifferent about the firewood 5. I feel like it should be cheaper in price. $230 us a lot for a chunk of wood. There is a lot to like though. My main issues are the price and you need a battery charger. I like vapes you can just plug in. Or at least be able to stick them on a charger. I do like that it's on demand, has a glass pathway and great vapor quality. I also wish it had more then 3 heat settings.
  • Celticdavie1888
    I've never really had an issue with the FF2 battery. They would do about 3 or 4 bowls each before swapping them over. I got the external charger so I could charge one while using the other.

    I got my FF2 when it was first released in August 2016, loved it and used it every day for a year. The updated firmware that came to FF2 in September 2017 really did improve performance considerably. Although I stopped using it around this time as the MV1 came out. The MV1 is more potent and more economical so it took the place of my FF2. The MV1 is more difficult to clean however and the taste in the FF2 is slightly better but both have very cool and tasty vapour.

    My issue with the FF2 was that it wasn't a true portable, in use anyway. It needs stirred every draw so almost impossible to do outside or on the go. I'd usually stir my MV1 but you can get away with turning the crucible halfway through if out and about. The FF2 is also difficult to load on the go too. The other issue is with cleaning the FF2 lids. It's easy and quick to clean but need to keep the rubber bits free from iso as it ruins the seal. I had to replace a lid after a couple of months of use with the FF2 as I wasn't aware of this.

    From my experience the MV1 does everything the FF2 can do but better and more efficiently. The draw from MV1 is better and more free flowing but MV1 could be difficult for people with mobility issues as the crucibles are pretty small and the latch is very stiff when first bought.

    Probably should say that even though I'd recommend the MV1 over the FF2, I hardly use my MV1 anymore either. For my on demand convection I use my SBJ and Splinter Z(just got the Z and I love it) with my Dynavap XL Ti getting heavy use too and I use my IQ when I want a conduction session. When I do fire up my MV1 occasionally I am always impressed about how cool and tasty the vapour is.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    with the FW5 you are able to calibrate your heat settings up or down so really its just that you can only have 3 different setting at once. The FW5 really is a great lil vape. Performance wise its kinda like the MV1s baby brother. Its not nearly as strong as the MV1 but for me thats sometimes a good thing. I like it for daytime use or when i need to stay productive.
  • EconMan

    I understand your sentiments. As a FF2 lover I would so like to be the project manager designing the roadmap for the FF3 -- to fix the little "what were they thinking" things..... I've always thought the coffin lid should be on a hinge, and I agree about the seals, although I'm a year in and have had no problems with mine and in near daily use. Oddly, for a flower vape, it shines for concentrates and I've used it a lot in this regard. Indeed, it is my favorite "wax pen".

    The crucible dispenser for the MV1 does give it an edge over the FF2 in real portability. Consider I just lOVE my FF2, but I've used it as a portable perhaps twice, so it's never really disappointed me in that respect. It's a desktop for me -- all I expect. It and my SBJr are my two most used vapes right now.
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