• Westkvw
    I ordered an Arizer Extreme Q for black friday. Any tricks and tips?
  • martinstraka8282
    I love mine and having been using it for about 4 or 5 years now.

    I'm not sure if you'll want to spend more at this point but i highly recommend the ddave mods (just google that) at some point for some better performance. He has a bunch of stuff to go with it but primarily Its basically a bowl with a bigger hole for more airflow and it sits much closer to the heater compared to the stock bowl. I use higher temps if using the stock bowl.

    I also recommend packing your herb in the elbow piece instead of in the bowl itself. I find it more efficient and its pretty widely regarded as the way to go.

    Another good tip is to use fan setting one when drawing on the 3 foot long manual whip to help with the draw. I don't need it, but it does help for hard hits imo.

    If you're using bags, i also recommend only fan setting one and not two or three to prevent too much air to vapor ratio in your bags.

    I typically keep mine at 190-200 C and get great clouds with very well extracted avb.
  • Westkvw
    Great info thanks
  • Funtub100
    Martin knows! Elbow packing is the way to go! I’d buy the all glass whip for the balloons as it will last...Will save you buying new tubing every year, it’s easy cleaned and you collect the reclaim :D Mines is set to 208c Enjoy your vaping!
  • lazers
    Check out Ddave mod to get the most out of your vape.


    Also, dry your herb out a bit more before grinding to get that convection going, the smaller broken up pieces of dryer bud tends to vaporize much faster than moist clumpy stuff you get sealed in a dispensary bag.

    agreed with martin about fanspeed 1, it really helps get that convection going and get the herb evenly heated in the adapter

    i'd look into get a 14/18mm water pipe adapter so you can do high temp extractions for intense sessions without harsh vapor also, you can get that in the ddave mod kits though if you pursue that route

    oh yeah, and be sure to preheat the adapter before use, i like to preheat on a high temp, and reduce it to my vaping temp once i get the glass to a good level of heat
  • martinstraka8282

    Very good point on the pre-heating.

    I've never hooked mine up to a water piece but finally took the plunge on Black Friday, can't wait to try it out with the Q.
  • martinstraka8282
    Agreed, highly recommend the newer whip setup.
  • southerngirl
    purchased the Q. Preheated as instructed to sterilize unit. Watched several tutorials on the net to ensure I was correctly operating. No vape would come out no matter what I methods or hookups I tried. This is my first desk vaporizer any ideas? I ordered DDave mod kit and still no results. The unit itself is heating.
  • EconMan

    Is this the one with the remote control?

    If so, curious, is it really that useful?
  • ssaucyc515
    it's pretty convenient especially if you use bags. You have to cycle through the menu on the device it's self to turn on and off the fan. On the remote it already has fan setting 0 1 2 3. It's cool :) nothing else besides that. And maybe turning it on from across the room
  • UbarDog
    Hit snooze button on alarm. Turn it on from ya bed. Get 10 mins more and a instant wake n vape.

    The remote sound even better the more i think about it !

    I think its for use with whip and bags like Saucy said
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