• MothChewMoth
    @Ogaitnas please post some photos and video of your setup and how you're using the device. It's either user error or a defect; these things are simple but just require a little technique. The former is solvable by us, the latter by @StickyBrickLabs or the vendor you purchased from.
  • EconMan
    I have started using my Firefly 2 and found that perhaps I should keep it and sell the SB Jr. I'm honestly getting better hits from FF2 even with all the resistance!Ogaitnas

    I own and use both. IMO, you will always get "better" hits with the FF2, with better defined as tastier. Indeed, the tastiest hits I ever take are usually with my FF2. And it is certainly easier. The SBJ has a steep learning curve for many people and requires considerable technique in usage. Combustion is exceptionally easy, and nasty, in a Brick since it is made of wood and wood absorbs smells.

    Do not let this board "gaslight" you. The SBJ is a hard unit to "master". Nothing about its use is "simple". Indeed, it is the hardest unit to "light" of any I've used or studied. A pain in the ass sometimes. Statistically, anyone who gets one should expect to struggle with it. I've never had a friend use it who "nailed" it from the start, rather I'm always coaching them... don't combust, don't combust, don't combust, slower, faster, less torch, more torch, don't combust!....

    There is a cult mentality concerning vapes, as humans tend to do, and it implies to be in the cool club, one must have "this sort of experience" or "that sort of experience". You may just be a person who dislikes the SBJ. Doesn't make you a bad person, it just makes you different than some.

    I like my SBJ. But for me, if it was a choice between keeping it or my FF2, for me the FF2 wins immediately.
  • MothChewMoth
    @EconMan, fwiw I came from a background of never smoking from pipes, bongs, J's, etc, and the brick was my first real vape. I never had anyone to coach me, other than reading this forum for tips. I've had no problems with it, and found it simple to use after watching videos. I've subsequently also used the FF2 and found it EXTREMELY difficult to get a decent hit out of it (but you're correct that when you find the sweet spot, they taste slightly better). General consensus on the web (not this forum specifically) is that bricks tend to be easier than the FF2. Perhaps that's not your experience.

    I find your statement of "gaslighting" to be a little ignorant and personally insulting. No one here is calling the OP out, but simply trying to help him learn to enjoy a product he seems to have researched and chosen. From what he's described, there's a problem SOMEWHERE, in either his use or the device itself. If OP can show us his setup and usage, we can very likely pinpoint the problem.
  • Baron23
    I too did not find the SB Jr all that hard to get going well....key trick for me was getting to know when the load was done as I tended to think there was one more hit in there and ended up charring (not combusting just pushing it more than I would care to).

    On the other hand, while some love the FF2, I did not like it whatsoever and feel the same way about the company.

    Good thing the make all of these different vapes since we have all of these different vaporists around! :blush:

    I find your statement of "gaslighting" to be a little ignorant and personally insulting.MothChewMoth

    As did I. :down:
  • EconMan
    I find your statement of "gaslighting" to be a little ignorant and personally insulting.MothChewMoth

    Then you have my sincere apologies. It certainly was not directed at you personally, but rather typed tongue-and-cheek, with me sillily forgetting so much can be lost with respect to intentions.
  • Ogaitnas
    Got a 4 flame torch and have been able to execute fairly well. I've decided to keep my FF2 and of course my Dynavap M.
    Thank you all for the help I'll keep trying to master it!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    what did you do with the sticky brick?
  • Ogaitnas
    As I said the 4 flame torch has made a difference so I'm giving it a chance.
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