• gbpack94
    I recently got a Plenty vaporizer expecting to love it after enjoying my Volcano classic that I’ve owned for quite a while. However, upon using it I find the vapor that it produces to be very potent; but also hot and harsh to my throat. When I have used it I usually start coughing excessively. This has never occurred when using the Volcano on any temp setting. I find if I turn the Plenty up passed 4 the vapor is just to harsh to inhale easily. But I have not vaped my material fully unless I go to 5-6. I also own the SSV and don’t experience this level of irritation with it either. Although the Plenty has superior taste. Has anyone else had these issues? Is there anything I can do to remedy this? I would like to use my Plenty somehow as it’s a very potent vapor producer. Maybe that’s just the nature of this one. My Plenty was purchased through the VapeCritic’s suggested dealer. So I know it’s an authentic S&B pruduct. I’m also using the reduced chamber; but had the same problem with the regular chamber with liquid pad on top for lesser loads. Thanks for any help provided.
  • BestBuds
    I would keep it at a lower temp and do a longer session. When I had some conduction vapes that's the only way I had enjoyable vapor.

    May I ask, what is fully vaped material in your mind? I have come to realize that AVB will look different from different vapes when fully extracted. So it doesn't always need to be coffee brown. My RBT products have an almost toast tan color to the avb. If I tried to bump up the temp at that point to make the avb darker it would taste horrible and probably combust.
    I use my avb to make knock out butter. I call it that because it's only good for going to sleep. I think all the other terms and goodness are vaped out already.
  • EconMan

    I do mine at 5.5-6 max 7 is for concentrates.. lol
  • Ety
    Turn it right up and inhale for as long as possible :-) ✊ ✌
  • justcametovapelife
    Someone over at FC likes a lot connecting a j-hook in place of the coil. I like better the coil but they say vapor is smoother like that. For the moment why don't you disconnect the coil and try to vape with an SSV whip connected to the Plenty?
  • Imallergictocats
    Or connect the end of the coil mouthpiece to a water pipe with ice to cool it off and humidify it before it hits your throat.
  • EconMan
    If you haven't tried this, it is awesome. I have two cooling coils for my Plenty. One is always in the freezer. When I am in the mood for a Plenty session, I load a FAT chamber, I break out the frozen coils, and the hit(s) are amazing.

    BTW, if you don't like water, the Plenty coil is a wonderful cooling and smoothing device to use with carts !!
  • Heroin Batman
    I personally feel it only works at 6-7. Maybe drink water while you do it, or take shorter draws. Mines always at six unless I go nuts and go to 7. I don't use it all day ever tho I admit.

    that frozen idea sounds really cool (haha) I'm gonna try it out. In the olden days when I still drank alcohol I'd always keep a Tanqueray No. 10 forty ounce bottle in the freezer and I'd hit that a bit and it was great. Ah the memories.
  • EconMan

    Ah, Gin, the worst alcohol possible for the liver! lol

    My brand was Boodles
  • Heroin Batman
    I had a full test of everything when I quit drinking SHOCKINGLY my liver was perfect. I put it thru hell thats for sure.
  • Imallergictocats
    frozen coils
    that sounds awesome what a great idea
  • EconMan

    Fascinating. I never had a moment where I "quit drinking", because in the generally used meaning of the word, I do still "drink". But I have found that with each passing year of adult life I drink less and smoke/vape more. I often go weeks without a drop. And what I still drink has changed considerably from the former high quantity / low quality approach to the opposite and now alcohol is an accent rather than a way of life.

    In terms of risk -- all drugs have risk and alcohol is certainly a drug -- flower at least has a more predictable "distribution" of risk, whereas alcohol has serious "fat-tail" problems. I don't think I have ever even once imposed a "dick move" on anyone on the influence of flower. Can't say that with alcohol... and that is the danger...volatility.

    LOL. I can get annoyed with someone, fire up a nice vape, and often "suddenly" see their reasoning from their perspective. Never does alcohol have such "empathic" effects, on me at least.

    Also, be sure to keep them clean. They can get a bit of residue / aka reclaim and I am convinced they get hotter dirty than when clean. I use two ways to clean.

    1. Boiling water. Just drop it in for a few minutes, use some tongs to get it out.
    2. Electronics cleaner, spray bottle (99% iso). I spray right into the tube. Cleans it out well and quick. I get it from Amazon. Works great on my FF2 as well.
  • G-Code
    I don't think I have ever even once imposed a "dick move" on anyone on the influence of flower. Can't say that with alcohol... and that is the danger...volatility.EconMan


    Those are facts right there buddy. No need for IMO or IME :up: :wink:

    I love that you think about your posts and the potential responses before hitting the “Post Comment” button :strong:
  • Heroin Batman
    I had no choice at the time for various reasons. And after a long time without it I see real health benefits (among other benefits) so I know I can't go back. Booze is like cigarettes for me. I won't have a cigarette because I may become a smoker again just like that, booze is similar for me at least. Thanks to baby Jesus for the mj.
  • gbpack94
    Thanks for all the responses and suggestions. That freezing of the coil sounds interesting I'll have to try that one. Otherwise I have still been unable to use the Plenty without these problems. I hadn't considered that something may be wrong with mine but I now think it has an issue. Mine at 5 puts the dial almost in, or just in the red. At 6 it's all the way in red. At 7 it's at max and keeps heating after its there. Seems like after researching this is out of the ordinary. The thing gets really hot. More than expected anyway. If I go above 5 it's as harsh as smoking to me or worse. I'm planning on sending it in to S&B. Like I said maybe it's just me. I'll just keep with the Volcano for now. Get tired of using bags sometimes. But I haven't found another vape that functions in par with it. That was my purpose in trying the Plenty i guess. I hope mines a dud because I really want to like the Plenty. I did try hooking SSV tubing to the coil and running to a water pipe, worked somewhat but didn't feel too practical with this one.
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