• gbpack94
    I recently got a Plenty vaporizer expecting to love it after enjoying my Volcano classic that I’ve owned for quite a while. However, upon using it I find the vapor that it produces to be very potent; but also hot and harsh to my throat. When I have used it I usually start coughing excessively. This has never occurred when using the Volcano on any temp setting. I find if I turn the Plenty up passed 4 the vapor is just to harsh to inhale easily. But I have not vaped my material fully unless I go to 5-6. I also own the SSV and don’t experience this level of irritation with it either. Although the Plenty has superior taste. Has anyone else had these issues? Is there anything I can do to remedy this? I would like to use my Plenty somehow as it’s a very potent vapor producer. Maybe that’s just the nature of this one. My Plenty was purchased through the VapeCritic’s suggested dealer. So I know it’s an authentic S&B pruduct. I’m also using the reduced chamber; but had the same problem with the regular chamber with liquid pad on top for lesser loads. Thanks for any help provided.
  • BestBuds
    I would keep it at a lower temp and do a longer session. When I had some conduction vapes that's the only way I had enjoyable vapor.

    May I ask, what is fully vaped material in your mind? I have come to realize that AVB will look different from different vapes when fully extracted. So it doesn't always need to be coffee brown. My RBT products have an almost toast tan color to the avb. If I tried to bump up the temp at that point to make the avb darker it would taste horrible and probably combust.
    I use my avb to make knock out butter. I call it that because it's only good for going to sleep. I think all the other terms and goodness are vaped out already.
  • EconMan

    I do mine at 5.5-6 max 7 is for concentrates.. lol
  • Ety
    Turn it right up and inhale for as long as possible :-) ✊ ✌
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