• CreamCityVapes

    Just want to thank you both for your service.

    Pat, I'm confident Ghost is going to rectify this issue for you. Sorry for these issues you're having, brother.
  • Pat Carter
    On my way back again to UPS as my 115th try as described by Virgil did not work again either.

    I'm sorry to hear that, and I just now noticed I had provided the instructions for the reset previously (although for another customer). We hadn't attempted any troubleshooting with you, at least not directly, so I wanted to give you our best shot. I know you did plenty to try and resolve it on your own and we admire that very much.

    George has advised that he's provided return shipping labels for you so I trust you're all set there? If you don't have a printer, UPS I've been told will print the labels for you. Please let me know if I can help with anything. Feel free to PM as well.

    GHOST Vapes
  • Pat Carter
    Yeah, thanks for nothing. Apple Care was a lot more helpful than you were. I'd sure appreciate the refund by Christmas seeing how this situation sure ruined it. Tracking number 1237Y9R50397327589.

    Hi Patricia,

    We're very sorry you had this experience and we'll do all we can to rectify it for you as we've proven we would thus far and throughout our troubleshoot with you. George has done all he can and also sends his apologies.

    GHOST Vapes
  • Baron23
    @ghost-ops @GHOSTTEAM

    reply="Pat Carter;86328"] This is a real bummer, Pat. I'm very surprised that Ghost hasn't been able to rectify your problems with new vapes and/or tech support. Although I am familiar with people having issues pairing and upgrading, I'm not at all sure I have seen a situation like yours where the problem couldn't be resolved at all!!

    Can't blame you for throwing up your hands at this point as you certainly have tried to work with Ghost to resolve.

    If I understand it correctly, you are sending it back for a refund? I have faith in Ghost and I bet (hope) they get your refund to you exceedingly quickly.

    Personally, I HATE apps that are not redundant with controls on the vape. That is, I don't mind an app as long as I can do everything on the device itself. To me (being an old ex-USAF curmudgeon), I want a vape....not a social media experience! haha

    Now I know we don't know each other really at all....but I hope you do recognize that I am sincere and sympathetic when I say there is NO way you should let this impact your Christmas joy at all. Its a material device...fuck it. We have so much more to be grateful about...including still being above ground.

    Best of luck to you and if you are in the market for a different vape, come see us and see if we have any good ideas for you.


  • Campesino
    I tried the reset instructions a couple of times and the app started crashing. I have the new stealth model.
    1)Deleted the app
    2) Rmoved mv1 battery
    3) Redownloaded the app
    4) Made sure phone Bluetooth was on the phone before replacing mv1 battery. (Not waiting for app prompt)
    5) Opened the app
    6) Powered mv1 on. And it instantly paired.

    It's my belief that the reset/update process does complete even with the error (app closing/getting stuck.)
    And that's why it connected without going into pairing mode when I did the above.

    I've only had it a few days but it is an amazing device!
    Right there with the mighty.
    More for solo than group even with the crucible dispenser imo.
    I can see the crucible being an issue for folks with hand mobility/dexterity problems.
    @GHOSTTEAM is there a reason the lid doesn't clip on the crucible?
    If you made a small stiff bristle brush that lined up with the cap holes one could stir the material without removing it. Im going to take the liberty of 3d printing one i hope you dont mind. Then again it may crush herb into too fine a powder if the herb were already too dry.
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