• Will90
    New bong from Clean & Clear Glass.

    The green slyme accents don't show up very well in my pics, but you can see more clearly in the pics on DHGate. The color is really nice in person.
    I actually got a deal on it.. I bought it through the Clean & Clear Glass website: HERE
    It was the last green one he had in stock. He sold it to me for 40 CAD. :fire: :fire:
    But he has the green version in stock on DHGate if anyone's interested.

    I haven't checked the "chugginess" of the perc yet, but honestly I'll be using it without water 90% of the time.


  • MothChewMoth
    my T break has been since Nov 1st :yikes: I've been dreaming about it, quite literally. In my dreams I've been taking a huge, satisfying rip, then being mad and disappointed I couldn't control myself. It's feels very real until I wake up. Still waiting until I'm gainfully employed...
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I feelbthat. Ithink my longest break was about 4 months. It sucked! Good luck with the job hunt. I hope you find something soon!!!
  • juxt

    All that and a salt lamp!

    Do the ones on ccg website ship from the US or something?
  • Will90
    I'm not sure if he has any stocked in the US, but the ones on the website are reduced in price because you have to use Western Union to pay, which has a $5 - $10 service charge, depending on how you pay. I didn't have any issues using Western Union, but it is something to consider.
  • zancru

    nice SOL perc man....
    that must purrrrrr like a kitty....
    enjoy it.
  • Trix
    Has anyone seen this?wfv9gth7iereyt10.jpeg

    Exploring Humboldt's marijuana farms - both legal and illegal - and providing a glimpse into what it takes for an outlaw farmer to cross over to the legal market.
    I recently started watching and couldn’t stop. Found it very fascinating.
  • Spog

    I’ve found when I go into smoke shops that carry a decent amount of vapes, I know more than they do about them at this point.. I can also name off all the relatively decent ones (not the off brand budget vapes).. not that they don’t have knowledge of the product they sell.. but that the forums and buds/petes reviews/demos and personal first hand experiences, im like a level 8 vape nerd.. my first one was a arizer solo in early 2014 and I’ve had a million different ones since!
  • Dr green thumb

    We need the guys in smoke shops to watch buds videos. I had an experience the other day where a smoke shop was telling me the davinci ascent was a smaller version of the mighty and performed just as well. I politely gave the young man a quick lesson in vapes so that he didn't go ruin someone's experience with their first purchase.
  • Spog
    On that note, why does every fucking head shop recommend the ascent? I mean it’s ok but definitely not great even for its era

    I think because it sounds cool
  • Will90
    Yeah I really liked it as well.
  • Dr green thumb

    The view outside of zancrus home when he exhales

  • Dr green thumb

    This is what I imagine using the g43 in a car looks like. :smile:
  • ssaucyc515
    How true is this? :lol:
  • Alexis
    hey man. I know on FC it was revealed some time back that CCG have a US warehouse too, they seemed to offer most items there when I looked.

    Pardon me if you already know this in which case my comment is useless and a little patronising.
  • Dr green thumb

    I'm finding this very funny right now. :lol:
  • Bruce
    That was me at the bar last night.

    Always looking for new ways to get them ladies hot, my big vapes don't do the trick anymore[

    That vape looks awesome. I am afraid to ask because that one hasn't been in my collection.

    Love that mask I gotta get one, I think I will wear it all day!

    Everyone should buy via Bud's links.

    There is no worse feeling than having wasted money on a fake.

    These fakes are unregulated and can be dangerous!

    The same ruthless a-holes sell cancer medicine to cancer patients when these pills are made of concrete. That's a fact.

    I was going to shove my Fake Pax 1 up some slime bag, smoke shop owner's ass.
    I got my money back.

    The fakes are made so well to deceive. I had to learn how to spot a fake. In my case, it was a hexagon screw. I was lucky because of many sell via the internet or Craigs List, e - bay, letgo etc,,,,.

    Buy from Bud's links or the Manufacturer. Period.

    My goal nobody on VapeLife Forum buys a fake.

    I will vaporize the next person from our forum that buys a fake.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • BobCat
    Wasn't GHOST sending Bud 4 Stealth MV1s for giveaways? I can't even locate the thread in the forum. Sitrep?
  • BobCat
    Thanks Doc! Unfortunately, that discussion has been closed. By any chance, do you recall if the giveaways happened?
  • Dr green thumb

    They never happened. I don't think bud ever received them.
  • BobCat
    SANEzel & Bud,
    What ever happened regarding this post from @ghostvapesofficial?

    "Nothing beats a free prize weekly giveaway, so we are sending Bud 4 X Stealth Bundles for a few very lucky subscribers.

    Each giveaway bundle will include a Stealth MV1, Fast Charger, Spare Battery and Crucible Dispenser, so stay tuned for details on how to enter once he returns from the vape cave."
  • Magicman
    Gib itam plox!

    El Jefe won all four of these in a "silent auction". No one ever had a chance because bots were involved.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    ....And because its 6 am and im still awake.
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