• BobCat
    It's like an offspeing of of a RBT's Splinter and a Modpod's Stempod.

    * It has a wood housing, like the Splinter.
    * It uses replaceable coils, like the Stempod.
    * Stock coils are kanthol I believe.
    * It's for 14mm stems.
    *All the betas are bocote. They look nice.

    Slightly concerned that the wood housing pulls off from the 510 deck to change the coils. I'd be certain to take the Imp off the mod before changing the coils.
  • twhc291
    I knew it was similar to both the Splinter and the stempod but damn! that's crazy.

    I have been going back and forth between weather to get a Splinter or a Stempod but now I really don't know.

    It does look as though the imp may be the smallest in size in comparison also
  • BobCat
    Imp will be somewhat smaller. I have a Splinter and Milaana- those heaters should last forever and all aspects of the craftsmanship are top notch. I really want a Splinter Z, but it will have to wait.

    "Startedat52" posted this in the Splinter thread. It's a great deal.
  • zancru

    jajajajjaaja buen porro marica.
    Parece que esta cargado, no se puede terminar de una me imagino, parece que lo guardaste para mas tarde, y el filtro se te cago de cenizas jajajajajaja
    Buenas memorias me traes loco.
    Colombian Gold???
    Es un porro que lo enrolaste con kief por fuera???
    De la mente.....
  • FH el mas melo
    @zancru bien crazy se llaman apanados no se que variedad sera son de la plaza lovaina por mi casa ufff una delicia mi perro! kief o polen por fuera deli deli te manda para trappist 1 ajjaja
    maldito marikca oee que haces hoy?
  • FH el mas melo

    ahi es el lado de Medellin donde vivo estoy en Cerro el Volador jaja to get high tho
    ese es ese mismo día una delicia de blunt para alla vivo y lo que se ve ahi es la Universidad de Antioquia la plaza mas grande de Medellín
  • zancru

    Of this article, I’ve tried 3 of them, missing or can’t remember Afghan Kush jajajaja
    There’s so many good ones, but few OG “landraces”, it’s nice to travel and discover them,


    ....or have “old school caregivers” like my friend, that has consistently growed Durban Poison for years now, I like it a lot. He has “El Dedo Verde”
    Durban Poison landrace.... 100% organic indoor Sativa grown at Portland, Oregon.

    Look at the size of that nug, for a Sativa is ok.
    NV grinder is 3” btw, 7cm

    Some close up next to a NV ShovelHead bowl for size comparison.
    You can see some of the frost.
    Tasty bud. Unique flavor.

    Stay vaped.

    De la mente @FH el mas melo

    Aca seguimos la gonorrea sin estorbar a nadie jajajajajaja
  • zancru

    Que bonito se ve loco.
    Deli ese blunt gonorrea, el solcito y la onda.
    De más como décimos más al sur, chevere dicen ustedes??
    Me imagino que se consigue flor sin semilla por ahí??
    Cogollos de Santa Marta Gold y Colombian Gold? O pura caca de mono con semillas prensado tipo ladrillo hediendo a amoníaco y putrefacción??? Jajajaja
    De la mente...
  • FH el mas melo
    jajajaja yo compre una prensada y me gusto mucho esta de aca es de calidad somos exportadores eso es pa los mexicanos lmao
    Santa Marta gold es en santa marta que se consigue tipo regular, y colombian gold igual aca es pura corinto una semilla regular casi crippy es buena y mango biche la crespa de Medellin es buena parcero gonorreico cuando llegues a Colombia lo pongo a jumar de lo melo!
    flor sin semillas ni palos y rosin tambien todo lo bueno pa COCO bueno consigame si quiere nos mandamos verde por mail pa que pruebe lo de aca y yo lo de alla, que le parece parceroski?
  • zancru

    aaaaayyyyy parce, ojala se pudiera mandar verde como si nada....
  • FH el mas melo
    jajaja no nea usted si es cagado parce se envía en café de vidrio breve uyy severa loca
  • VapeCritic
    (just moved some comments over from the livestream thread :ok:)
  • Ctipp22
    POR QUE? jaja jkjk
  • BestBuds
    I don't want to be a downer so I apologise now....
    I had a friend of over 20 years die last Wednesday. She was only 34. She left her childhood sweetheart and husband of 14 years and a 10 year old boy behind. She died in the best possible way, in her sleep. I feel bad because i tend to get really selfish sometimes. I let our friendship suffer because of my chronic pain issues. I don't really get out much anymore but I also don't reach out to friends either. So I feel bad I didn't keep up my end of our friendship. It's really fuching up my world right now....... I don't even know what to do. I just go to work, come home, eat and get high then go to bed. Not really feeling anything right now.....
  • Ctipp22
    Sorry to hear that! be well man!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @BestBuds hey man, i dont know your beliefs and im not trying to ram my down your throat maybe they make a little bit of sense to you.

    I dont believe that death is the end of everything just of our time in this vessel at this time and place. The great thing about friendship is that even if you dont speak to eachother for awhile you still know deep down insde the realtionship that you two had. Being your friend she would understand your life experience maybe she felt the same way and did not want to trouble you if you werent feeling well. I know that im just a stranger on an internet forum but I can sense that this person meant alot to you and im sure the feeling was mutal. If my beliefs are correct i know that you guys will have the chance to see eachother again in some way maybe in this life maybe another one who knows just be open and recpetive to the universe if that resonates with you. The best thing to do is learn what you can from this experience to make your future ones more positive. My heart goes out to you and everybody else in your friends life. Life is all about highs and lows and everything in between these feelings make us human. I hope that you can find some sort of closure. I am glad that you reached out on here. If my post wasnt helpful for you i hope somebody else can offer you something more. Take care of your self bro or bra.
  • Dr green thumb
    you took a good step in talking about it. I would make an effort to keep in contact with her children (birthdays, holidays, etc.)
    You can show your appreciation towards her by helping them. I have lost friends and they were sudden and hit me hard but I have kept in contact with their kids and that's helped.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Why are nickles bigger then dimes?
  • EconMan

    Because at one time money had real value. A dime was silver, a dollar was golden and a Nickel had, well, nickel in it. Every "silver dime" struck before 1965 weighs 2.5 grams or 0.088 troy ounces (90% silver content). So, the pure silver content in the pre-1965 US dimes comes out to approximately 0.0723 troy ounces. This gives them a melt value of somewhere around $1.10 – $1.30 (USD), depending on the daily spot prices of silver (current silver price: $14.53). Note that a penny cost the government more to manufacture and manage than their monetary value.

    Money is relative. It is just a placeholder. In my office I have a Zimbabwe $10,000,000,000,000 dollar note framed as a reminder (10 trillion). Its USD value before it's complete fall was about $3. It was cheaper to wipe your ass with a billion zimbabwe dollar note, than to actually buy toilet paper; paper, unlike Zimbabwe dollars that had real demand behind them.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    A ha. Oh trust me i knoe how silly money is
  • zancru
    That rabid dog is about to eat Lana jajajaja
  • zancru

    That’s even worst than not having a rubber handy jajajaja
    I’m imagining Crazel using this tactics on Bud’s....
    “Sorry hon, if you shave your peach fuzz, you ain’t having my peach fuzz”.... jajajaja @Hazel @VapeCritic
    How long It’ll take tha Budio to grow a full hipbeard???
    My head mane grows like crazy, alpha male lion style luckily jajajaja
    back hair is coming too, like a mini silverback gorilla jajajaja not wanted by the way :(
    but facial and chest are my weakness, still a teenager on that aspect jajajaja not having to shave that much is cool too,
    and the ones sunlight never touches, those might be Chernobyl mutant style, those grow at an alarming rate jajajaja
    And after 40s, nose and ear hair gets longer too jajajaja
    Sorry guys, taking advantage on my single status, to make couples jokes, and because I’m freeeeeeeeeee jajajaja
    And because of fu&;!$(!)ing DR. Verde jajajaja
    Stay vaped...
  • G-Code
    Lana for the win :strong:

    Squirrels look cute, but they’re sort of just tree rats with bushy tails...

    I have a civilized squirrel (?) that insists on ripping the trash apart and then taking it out back to eat on my patio table. He looks at me while he eats like I’m the asshole that keeps putting his dinner in the trash :roll:
  • acstorfer
    I love my pot doc! My last doctor recommendation was for 40somethingthousand mg’s. This is just for inhalation. I did the math. The recommendations are for 70 days. Mine came out to (if I just stick with weed) around 8.75 ounces of weed. Yup, an ounce every eight days. Repeat that for concentrates, and increase it for transdermal. I could never afford all this, but I’ll never have to ask for increased. Shame I’m not a dealer. I can always get 20% off, and if I plan accordingly around holidays 25% off. That brings Sour Diesel and Columbian Gold $7.50 to $8.00 a gram. I know, for some of you that’s mucho dinero. For Florida it’s dirt cheap.

    Anyway, not worth the possible problems which sucks. Everyone should have access!
  • Hazel
    like a mini silverback gorilla jajajaja not wanted by the wayzancru
    omg this is so funny !! My parents have the same sense of humor!! They have a postcard at their place that’s a big fatty silverback gorilla and they joke that’s its each other all the time lol :joke

    And grosssss peach fuzzzz. My brain immediately goes to “fuzzy wuzzy was a bear” ryhme and “peach fuzz” as in a literal peaches fuzz LOL wtf is wrong with me?! :lol: smh

    Also, fellas and fellas and Bro’s of all kinds... if you want to get rid of that unwanted mane or pubes or scraggles and you don’t want to use the good ol trusty razor, might I suggest laser hair removal? I will tell you it works fabulously! Just find a good place and plan to go every 2-3 weeks for a year ish.. depending on how dark your hair is. Lighter hair usually goes away faster (less sessions). Andddd you guys don’t have to worry about it coming back EVER... bc unlike women.. you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant and having your estrogen and hormones levels go crazy. Aka chicks who have laser and get pregs can have some of the hair come back. But not for silverback men ! :rofl: :up:

    Laser hair removal for the win !! :party:
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