• UbarDog

    There is talk over at FC about almost excally the same as what happened to your unit. Tip insertion with out the cap. Here is his replie.

    The glass rhinestone is held down with thin double sided tape and is kept from any sideways movement by means of tubing that is pushed over the button shaft.


    I have never heard of one coming off while using normally. All the force is downward and should not come off by itself. What might have happened is they put a VC in without its cap and got the rhinestone stuck in the cap or something along that line. Or was just curiosity. Something I'd do...
    Regardless, the solution is to re-install the stone. Clean the surfaces and use some type of thin double-sided tape. Carpet tape will do. Stick to stone, then trim around it. Use tweezers to put back in place. Advise him not to use without as will melt the top of the button. If the stone is lost, I can send you a couple new ones.
    In the case that a VC was used and the top of the button is melted, all is not lost. A small drop of JB Quickweld will suffice as a heatshield. Just a small dap to cover the top of the switch being careful not to get anywhere else.
    To deal with the tubing, you need to use a paperclip and bend one end the fashion a small hook. This jig can be used to snag and remove/position it.
    Please PM me with any questions. :science:

    Here is link
  • 52
    Ok so I finally got to my extremely un scientific heat cycle per battery count. The count was done with a full load in a Ti tip and Ti screen. I heated the cap from cold for the first heatup then three more for a total of four. All four were taken within about three minutes or less so the tip stayed warm for three of the four heat cycles. The tip and heater were left to cool for at least an hour so again the first heat cycle of every session was from cold. This is what I counted.

    13 sessions plus 3 heat cycles, one shy of 14 sessions.
    55 heat cycles, 14 of them from cold.

    I have had my heater for a couple months and believe the battery has actually gotten better then it was when I first received it. I believe I was only getting around 8-10 sessions at first. I’m impressed with it but don’t plan on doing another count with it, lol. I am doing a count with my 14mm Fluxer Deluxe but it’s going to take a while as I only use it with my SS tip because it is too hot for my likings with a Ti tip(I have a 15mm ordered).
  • MrGreen
    When you heat the cap at the tip versus the base it’s effects the vapor can you achieve the same with an induction heater?
  • Mangu
    Nope. Heats pretty even throughout. Just avoid packing too much or the material farthest from the cap doesn’t get thoroughly vaped.
  • MrGreen
    Thanks,too bad I was hopin for terpy hits.
  • SunnyHours
    He's in Canada, that's AWESOME! Any chance you can post his contact info? I'm really interested!
  • Hippie
    You can leave the tip in the IH beyond the click to achieve the same result as heating the cap in different positions.
    Most of us do that with Pipes IHs as it's very consistent once you get used to the timing
  • Mangu
    Not sure what you mean....the IH heats pretty evenly. The hits can be as terpy or non-terpy as you like as you get to decide how long you will heat before or after the click. Very similar to a lighter... just no need to distinguish the location of the tip of the flame because the heat is applied evenly. IMO this will work in your favor, not against it.
  • MrGreen
    electronik schmiede desktop cruiser
    Anyone seen this,l like the ability to dial in a temperature even pre click.
  • LabPong
    When you heat the cap at the tip versus the base it’s effects the vapor can you achieve the same with an induction heater?MrGreen

    I would say that Pipes heaters are in the middle some where with heating the tip section.

    He made them with an adjustable setting that allows for different depth settings...but I think it was micro adjustment. I never messed with that and not sure if it is still built the same way now. I have the Jarhead and the Skeletor, which is the kit version now...but slightly different than the original.

    I would say it is not a big problem as you can adjust the time at or after the click to get stronger vapor....but stopping at the click is pretty good for taste. I do about 50% of the draws each way for a full vapcap bowl. I only use Ti ones....and not much vapcap use for me lately though with my recently acquired Lotus vapes
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I just plugged my PS Mini in to charge maybe 15 minutes ago. When I looked over the power supply was blinking between green and red. When I touched the plug it was hot AF. Has anyone ever seen this happen before? I guess i assume it's some sort of overheat warning when it flashes.
  • RollingStoned

    My psm blinks red and green every single time, but plug is not hot. I dont know why it would be
  • 52

    Mine does that when it’s close to full charge. Gets hot while charging too.
  • Chandler
    Mine does that when it’s close to full charge. Gets hot while charging tooStartedat52
    Same. Actually I don't know if it gets hot
  • Mangu
    Mine blinks as well. Probably gets warmer, not sure if gets too hot though....never been an issue as I wouldn’t really need to touch it. Did it like burn you as you removed from the charger?
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    no it didn't burn me it was just hotter than I ever noticed. It still seems to charge fine. I guess I was worried for nothing
  • TheOriginalDonDota
    Got my psm yesterday. Combusted on the very first bowl. Give me a round of applause please lmaooo... 2nd bowl was done correctly absolutley magnificent! If your on the fence just get the psm its awesome.... i do wonder how the battery will hold up long term tho
  • SourMalk
    So I just messaged Pipes and got myself on the PSM waiting list. He said he's waiting on batteries.

    Anyways I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to modify the battery to a sled that could fit a few 18650s? I'm not sure how big it is or how many batteries could fit inside but I feel like a user replaceable battery is the only thing it's missing.

    I'm sure doing this is 100X more complicated than I think but if anyone has ever attempted it let me know!!

    Ps: I'm aware that there are other induction heaters with 18650 batteries already but Pipes actually isn't too far from me.
  • SourMalk
    My PSM came it today, works fantastic!!

  • Kinick23
    @SourMalk for sure, using mine as we type...
  • 52
    Anyone have a link to a replacement wall charger in the US? Mine is starting to act funny, have to jiggle the plug for it to charge. Pipes acknowledges the charging plug, all of them I believe, is not very good.
    Edit: found it.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    any chance that whereever you found your wall cchareger had the car charger too... link?
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