• Westkvw
    I decided that i couldnt live with out the MV1. It came tonight and i anxiously waited for the fast charger to charge the battery. I had some coursely ground herb loaded and filled a baby crucible. A glorious moment seeing the battery light turn green. I recall @thevapecritic saying the draw was long and meeting the initial draw resistence. FUCK YEAH This thing delivered and my first draw on the MV1 had a beautiful cloud and the flavor that followed was unlike anything I have ever tasted. It was thee most delicious hit i could ever imagine there being. And each hit after delivered and delivered. I kept hitting for the flavor not necessarily to get more lit. And Im real fucking lit now.
  • Ctipp22
    It’s a great device
  • KKAMC72
    Swear I was expecting a different story LMAO :lol: I thought you broke it based on reading the title
  • EconMan

    That's good to know. I'll be joining you
  • Westkvw
    Not sure what kind of witchcraft was used to make it but Im on board and super excited to share the experience with my vape friends
  • Ctipp22
    ghost is the best hit for hit portable. Tastes so good and that heatsink works so damn well. I can get similar flavor with another device but the air will be hotter. Ghost wins on the hit for hit vapor quality.
  • Dose
    @Westkvw - I feel the same way. I was a bit skeptical prior to my purchase, after the first crucible I was sold. I have since had sessions with two friends both of which are now purchasing MV1's.
  • martinstraka8282
    It really is an amazing vape. From day 1 of getting it I've been very impressed.
  • ssaucyc515
    I literally get so surprised every night LMAO on the 2nd crucible I'm like... it's okay vape production is awesome though. And then I'm filling the 3rd one and I'm covered in sweat cause I've been laughing at a stupid joke since the first crucible. Then i realize how high I am , get some munchies, and it's time to go to work :lol:
  • Vape Rookie
    I broke my MV1 cherry last night too! What a difference between it and the cheaper Utillian I bought earlier this year!

    From the small amount of herb in the crucible, I could feel the effects of three draws more than the effects of 8 draws from the Utillian. The flavor was better, the vapor was cooler and somehow, the effects felt "cleaner", for lack of a better word. I loved it!
  • acstorfer
    I am loving this newer generation of Ghosts. My original unit had a much more difficult learning curve. It was literally 36 hours before I got everything going. The newer units, maybe it’s just the heatsink, aren’t quirky at all. The herb doesn’t need to dry out. The crucibles are far more forgiving with the pack. The settings start at 1. I use to start anywhere from 3 to 6. It takes a couple less seconds to start getting vapor. It’s a shame these newest units weren’t the introduction units.

    Congratulations on your Ghost MV1! I’m glad you had such a great Day One experience!
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