• Xsuperlunchbox
    Looking at getting my next vape and Ive narrowed it down to these two. Ive heard amazing things about the battery life and vapor quality of both units. I have a solo 2 for a session style vape and I really dig the idea of an on demand vape but I just hear so many good things about the mighty I cant make a decision. What are your two cents on these two? Thanks in advance :)
  • Dose
    I'm pretty new to the vape scene and only own the MV1, however, since you have the Solo II and are interested in an on-demand vape why not try the MV1?

    When looking for my first vape I was between the IQ, Mighty and MV1. I went with the MV1 because I wanted an on-demand vape and something I could micro dose. So far I don't have a single regret, it's kept up with my needs and has always delivered the relief I need.

    Regardless of which one you purchase I'm sure you'll be happy with either.

    P.S. DynaVap is at the top of my list for next purchase followed by the Mighty.
  • bum karacho

    mighty is still KING
    i would not recommend the mv1, every day troubleshooting with th mv1 here in the forum.
  • martinstraka8282
    I would go for the MV1 in your scenario if it were me. Solo 2 is a pretty solid reliable cloud blowing sidekick to the micro-dosing on-demand MV1.
  • MustB

    I considered the Mighty but once I'd discovered that the battery can only be replaced by sending it off I went for the MV1.

    Not sure why they designed the Mighty in this way, after all, who wants a vape that is a brick once the battery is dead, or pay extra to have the battery replaced?

    Maybe it was designed this way purposely to make some extra cash? Who knows?
  • MothChewMoth
    Mighty if you want amazing sessions that require no learning other than temperature settings.

    MV1 if you want the best flavor while on-demand, but don't mind a learning curve for your grind, herb humidity, pack, and draw.

    I personally went butane for my on demand, then picked up the Mighty and love it. MV1 is next on my radar as I've had several opportunities to use one and it's another great unique device.

    You can't really go wrong with either of your choices, but you do need to make sure you understand the MV1 is going to require learning the technique. Just pair your needs to the above statements and you should arrive at your answer. Good luck!
  • bum karacho
    I personally went butane for my on demandMothChewMoth

    me too ........dynavap and sticky brick rules for me on demand.........
    sticky brick i like a little bit more.........
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I have both, both are great but if its more than just me vaping the Mighty usually wins the reach test. The MV1 has got a better flavor/vapor for the first couple of pulls but the flavor on the mighty seems to last longer. If I am by myself however, the MV1 gets grabbed first. Its all about how you want to use your vape I guess.
  • KKAMC72
    You need both! As we grow our wants will change. 1 thing will never settle the hunger!
  • CreamCityVapes
    The million dollar question.

    It's a 1A and 1B for me. Both are incredible devices. Feel like the MV1 is more for personal use, while the Mighty can be shared due to how long it lasts.

    But a solo session, I think the Ghost might get me slightly higher.
  • martinstraka8282
    It does seem like if they can only get one, that the Solo 2 is more comparable in use cases to a Mighty than the MV1.
  • MothChewMoth
    Yup, OG Sticky Brick is my favorite vape for a variety of reasons, but OP didn't sound like they were looking for butane.
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