• taikat

    I am pretty new (under 24h) to the idea of using a vaporizer. Please don't burn me for not "using the search function" - I found it pretty difficult to set the right search parameters for my particular case.

    Living in a country (Germany) where canabis has not been legalized (yet), our (my wife and myself) intended use is not directed towards inhaling any THC, but indeed - natural herbs like lavender, sage, peppermint, etc.

    Short background: We have been "standard" cigarette smokers up until about 10 years ago, and my wife is still smoking 1-4 cigarettes a day. Tried e-cigs, didn't work - too much maintenance ... all the liquid .. smears ... drowned coils. So she went back to cigs and I just didn't do anything. Now I started to also have the occasional smoke - and that is certainly not something I want for me (and of course not for her). I do it more for socializing reasons, "doing something with my hands when I am bored", and the taste (love menthol). For my wife it is also more about the socializing and "stepping outside" at work. She also is a medicinal herb enthusiast - so that is when I stumbled over the vaporizer.

    Long story short.
    I watched plenty of videos, read lots of articles ... and could kind of narrow it down. I wonder if you can recommend to us some devices (and why) for the following use case:
    - 99% medicinal herbs (peppermint, lavender, eukalyptus, etc.)
    - round about 4-6 vapes a day with a duration of a cigarette (5 mins maybe)
    - filling once in the morning, and carrying the device without additional maintenance through the day
    - device should be small and stylish (like DaVinci IQ or MIQRO) ... preferably with some color options for the wife
    - ideally no stirring around in the chamber during the day
    - easy maintenance at the end of the day
    - good temperature control (the medicinal herby have apparently a wide range of vape temperatures)
    - somewhere around the 200€ (or 230$) is ok ... shouldn't be more than 300€ (340$)

    Hope that wasn't too long, and the one or the other of you can give us some tips.

  • bum karacho

    hallo, alles fit im schritt
    wenns nur kräuter sein solln ist der mighty von storz und pickel ein top vape....
    jedes kraut will eine andere temperatur und der lässt sich per knopfdruck von aussen einstellen ein klarer vorteil.
    hab den schon für 250€ gesehen.
    sein kleiner bruder crafty lässt sich leider nur über app regeln und schafft mit einer akkuladung nur 4 ladungen.ist aber sonst ident.
    beide sind top bewertet
    made in germany funtioniert immer!
    der solo 2 ist auch top!
    cheers :cool:
  • taikat
    herzlichen Dank für die schnelle Antwort

    Ich weiß es sollte nicht das Hauptaugenmerk sein - aber dieser kleine "Darth Vader" trifft weder unseren Geschmack was Aussehen angeht, noch ist er "ladylike" klein genug für meine Frau. Ich glaube ich würde mit sowas wie dem Boundless Tera noch klar kommen (große Hände) aber die Frau findet eher sowas wie den Pax2, DaVinci IQ oder MIQRO ansprechend. Wir haben auch Null Ahnung, ob convection oder conduction das richtige ist für das was wir machen wollen

  • bum karacho
    der pax funktioniert sicher. pax2 und 3 sollen auch fast gleich sein,da gibts auch nette farben.ist auch sicher top.
    bei iq und micro gibts hier im forum immer wieder probleme mit reinigung ,draw resistance und der komischen chamber, aber stimmt der schaut gut aus.
    der tera soll mittelklasse sein wird gemunckelt!
    convection und conduction ist geschmackssache.
  • taikat

    Der PAX3 soll recht blöd sein was die glänzende Oberfläche angeht (Kratzer und Fingerabdrücke) - da wäre es dann lieber der PAX2. Wobei die beide (glaube ich) keine Grad genaue Temperatur Regelung haben oder?

    Was Reinigung bei "normalen" Kräutern angeht. Entstehen denn da genau so viele Rückstände wie beim Canabis?
  • bum karacho

    kann ich beides nicht beantworten?
  • Baron23
    Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, and mash them all for German! :rofl:

    to be frank, I think your requirements exceed the capability of any portable that occurs to me right now. In particular, you want a load size good for 4-5 sessions during the day but without refilling (which means larger load size like IQ or Pax which are full conduction vapes) AND allowing you to turn it off and come back to it later (which pretty much restricts you full convection).

    I can't think of one, personally, that would really meet your rather stringent requirements.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    kind of off topic for your post but it ties in. I too have been searching for cigarette alternatives at the moment i am using one of these https://www.govype.com/uk/vype-epen-3-starter-kit and while it kills me to pay the little bit extra for prefills it makes me use it less. They also use "freebase" nicotine which can give that feeling of a smoke. They have menthol flavours etc. It has some sort of protection on it that can sense a dry wick so it will never give you a dry hit. Since the pods are refilled the coil will always be new and fresh.

    I just purchased some tobacco seeds. My plan is to process it myself and vaporize it. Hopefully resulting in me stopping tabacco products all together.
  • Chronicles22
    Perhaps Firewood 5 which would allow you to load 5 (albeit small) loads in a magazine for quick swapping, or Ghost MV1 which would allow you to load 5 capsules in a separate holster to swap throughout the day. Both are “on demand” and will only heat your material while using and cool down much quicker than the large load conduction options.
  • juxt
  • taikat
    @juxt Was ist verboten?

    @Chronicles22 Firewood 5 looks interesting - but too large

    @Tyedyesamuraiguy That's the thing. We are not really looking for a typical cigarette replacement. The smoking is more a social than a nicotine or tobacco thing. Sure - I'd like to see how a vaporizer works with a herb/tobacco mix to make it easier to switch for my wife. But on the long run I'd only want to vape herbs.

    After talking again to my wife about this, it turns out she does not have any issues with preparing and disposing individual fillings for a session. So instead of pulling out a cigarette, she would just fill the vaporizer on the spot, vape, and dump the leftovers. So I guess it is more important to have a vaporizer that loads easily than to have one that can work over multiple sessions during a day. She gets dreamy eyes when she sees the MIQRO or IQ (less so though). Is there any small stylish device out there that can compete in terms of looks and taste quality (which is pretty damn good for a conduction device - if I can believe the videos I have seen)?

    Thanks so far guys!

    ps: any imemdiate advice for the plan to add some tobacco into the device together with the herbs in the beginning?

  • EconMan

    I do have to say I used a MIQRO recently and it was quite nice. And it did have a nice taste. Did not know it was a conduction unit.
  • taikat
    In the process of buying one right now … wife saw the cobalt blue one, and will not hear anything else
  • EconMan

    Cool. Let me know how you end up liking it.
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