• LabPong
    LabPong That is so cool, I have try that rig out! Can you provide details on where you sourced the parts if we want to replicate your rig. At $50 it looks to be hard to beat for all the features and benefits you’re able to enjoy.Pakalolo2

    I get asked this question every time someone sees my rig and I tell them how little I spend on it...so here is a quick recipe to make one for yourself.


    some downstems have various types of openings...slits, holes, etc So make sure that all holes/slits are below the water level and that the downstem goes as far down into the main downstem as possible, (3 inch or 8cm double joint 14mm to 14mm)

    the basic parts to make it work much better

    this is why you need the taller downstem as the normal drops downs do not fit the width of the can

    Carb hole drilled....for those that like to use water only!


    For the main rig....mobius D9/ion knock off.

    For the drop down (make sure to choose the 14male to 14 female one)

    For the 3 inch double 14mm joint downstem (they are measured normally from bottom of stem to the bottom of the first frosted joint section) Should be either 8cm or 3 inches for this can.

    You need a 18mm to 14mm adapter to fit in top of the main can. Make sure you get one that can accept the downstem. Some of the adapters I have found have a narrower hole at the bottom and a normal small downstem will not fit through them. So caution there.

    Then just use what ever bowl setup you need.

    For a Bonus:
    You can drill a carb hole if you want to experiment later for water use only. You will need a 3/16 diamond glass/tile drill bit from the hardware stores to do this. You need to drill slow.....and submerge drill spot for best cutting/drilling performance. It takes me about 15-20 mins of slow drilling to get through the thick glass sections.
  • Pakalolo2
    @LabPong Thank you kind sir, this is awesome!
  • LabPong
    LabPong Thank you kind sir, this is awesome!Pakalolo2

    Thanks Pakalolo!

    I started back in 1981 with my first experience using being a 2 foot graphix bong with fresh out of the can maui waui! I was christened into MJ by a friends older brother that just happened to be a total connoisseur. Since then.....I maintained the water tubes to be my preferred method over any!

    Since the need to return to medicating about 4 years ago because of my life long problem with my back....I got turned on to CO's finest offerings. I quickly found that after almost a year....I could not take combusting any longer and gave vaping a try....now 1.5 years of only vaping.....I have tried many water rigs and configurations.

    This unit is by far the best setup I have ever had in my career....lol Also the cheapest!

    So hope some of you find this works as well as I do.....I have many rigs....this is the one I always grab!!!
  • Will90
    Looks cool! I have the same water pipe. Is there a benefit to using the down stem? I normally just use an 18mm male to 18mm female and then a drop down on top of that.
  • beezee420
    nice! how tall is your downsteam? I like the double connections!
  • EconMan

    Thanks for this. I enjoy all your musings on glass and rigs so much.
  • LabPong
    The reason I put the narrow extra downstem in the rig was for a couple reasons.

    1. I wanted a tighter bubble and more condensed vapor path into the water.

    2. I wanted to use a lighter draw and get that same pressure on the load/bowl that allowed for a wider range of bubble/action and changing pressure. This was not possible when I use the rig without it. There was too little resistance from the single matrix and it causes the bubble action to be super chuggy and no ability to function at lower pressures. Pretty much like it has an accelerator that is either full on or full off.......no regulation.

    It makes the rig hit so much smoother and more functional for different vapes and draw techniques. The reason for using a double jointed taller down stem is to allow enough room for a drop down to fit over the top and sides of the can. You could just get a 18mm outside and 14mm or 18mm inside stem and not use a drop down. I had a hard time finding one that might fit well and did not want to buy a bunch to see which ones would fit the best.

    The double joint/frosted down stems are normally measured but the distance from the bottom of the stem to the bottom of the first frosted area. With this rig if it is made consistent...it needs to be 3 inch.
    So make sure the downstem is a 14m male 14m female at 3 inches, or 8cm.

    Be careful as some do not show this measurement or guy by a different way to measure....maybe even full length top to bottom....I had to buy a few extra as I have another rig like this but taller and narrower from a different seller...that one needed a 3.5 inch one to fit properly.

    Just make sure the stem fits as low as possible without touching the bottom of the main perc.

    I use about 1/2 to 3/4 inch above main perc for water level.
  • UbarDog
    @Cl4ud3 @Alexis @meeemeee
    Know im forgetting other yocals

    UK- Whats the best place to buy Glass
    - DHgate ?
    Vapefiend all out of mobius/matrix.

    Im just after something
    1-funcional 18mm
    2-Low center of Gav/ Large base
    3-Center perc'ed/sidecar
    4-Not after heady just cheap/cheerful

    This year I would like it to hold the just the G43 Next year I think an Older brother GS might come along. So I want to bear that in mind.
    I like the look of the mobius style (labpong's above) minus the carb hole on top and a left hand'ed spout.
    I was thinking about a cake style because it looks more weeble like, Less chance of tipping.
  • Cl4ud3
    DHGate is the best place if you want cheap. Vapefiend etc just buy from there anyway so cut out the middle man. My DHGate Mobius 18mm knockoff is still going after a couple of years use and I'm using with both the vapes you mentioned.

    Mobius Stereo matrix search there should give you plenty of options.

    One thing I will mention about DHGate, if you get an item you aren't happy with or has been damaged in transit, don't release the payment until you have a replacement in hand.
  • evolve
    Stevenlmz79 on DHgate has some good matrix style pieces
  • UbarDog
    ty guys
    I also heard "popular" was a good seller. (Edit Haahahhahh Popular=Stevenlmz79 im such a plum)
    I have this one in basket from last night was to lazy to sign up and they don't take PPal
  • Alexis
    hey mate. Yes dhgate is the place IMO. I can't actually order from them at the moment since last summer when they stopped accepting HSBC the bloody plums! It's another thing on my big list of to do tasks which I'm not up to to visit Barclays bank and open an account with them.

    I have enough bubblers on float but I do want to pick up that one Bud uses on stream, the Newvape model. I have it bookmarked on DHgate for about $31 shipped, vs $60 from Newvape, plus $$$ shipping, and then customs.

    Steven is a top seller with great rep. I have the FC 186 and FC UFO from him. I broke my first 186, got another its a good piece. The FC UFO is also an excellent bubbler it purrs very smoothly and has virtually zero drag and no blowback it's so easy to get the pull going with the gentlest suck and vapour production is more immediate and easier with any vape I use with this and I can use a lower temperature and get a better extraction, with less lung power it's particularly good for the vapcap where I get the best and most consistent performance and extraction.

    I also bought the Easy Flow Bomb Tower from Vapefiend. Its okay, not my favorite piece, much smaller in volume than the 186 with a different draw. But I use all of them I like to mix things up for variety.
    Hope that helps. And btw I think I probably I'm going to sell my WS. I have a mountain of things to sort out in my life and this January and February I am going to tackle everything with resolution.

    Including getting my whole WS package ready and prepared. These things are easy tasks but overwhelmingly difficult for myself but I am going to crack on and make things happen very shortly and I will keep you posted on this in case you're interested.
  • UbarDog
    I can't actually order from them at the moment since last summer when they stopped accepting HSBC the bloody plums!Alexis

    I just log'ed on to whine about this! Will have to sort something out. Coz atm

    I'm using this.
    Its good ,

    I was looking at the FC-UFO as well. I was goning to order.
    FC-278 + PG5136 was gonna put the PG5136 at bottom. Wanted to find a cheaper J-hook then got distracted.
  • meeemeee
    last few bits of glass I got all came from eBay. It's all the same kinda stuff comming from China. Or use a bong supermarket like everybody dose it uk and find something slightly more fancy. The larger center perc science glass can get expensive. If you wanna take a glass symphony later. Herborizer Ti is smaller. Just saying. The symphony looks great! :cool:
  • LabPong
    I like the look of the mobius style (labpong's above) minus the carb hole on top and a left hand'ed spout.UbarDog

    Ubar..... the carb hole is something I drilled out myself. I do not even think they do this with glass anymore....(im from gens past....and it was the norm in the 80's). So you will never buy a glass rig with a carb hole already.

    The "spout" is actually the added drop down piece, and it can actually spin around in any direction. You can also just not use the drop down and put your bowl right off the top center of the can.
  • UbarDog
    @LabPong Yea I Read your post.
    For a Bonus:
    You can drill a carb hole if you want to experiment later for water use only. You will need a 3/16 diamond glass/tile drill bit from the hardware stores to do this. You need to drill slow.....and submerge drill spot for best cutting/drilling performance. It takes me about 15-20 mins of slow drilling to get through the thick glass sections.

    I too am used to a "hit hole" carb confused me at 1st and lifting the bowl confuses most people over here lolz. Its not the "tradisional way "

    The Spout I'm on about was the "Fix'ed Center spout mouth peace" I would prefer this on left because i would use right hand to "do the do"

    Yea the Drop down would counter this but i would not like to put too much weight on them. "IF" i ever did buy a GS would this drop down handle the pressure.
  • LabPong
    Ubar....I see...you do want an offset mouth piece. So you can find many of these types...they are the ones called "sidecars".
  • UbarDog
    Try'ed again with my HSBC outta subboness.
    It worked Today
    In the end.

    Ty all
  • Alexis
    HSBC works now? That would be handy. So cool you are up and running too with glass on the way and a whole new world of options suddenly available.
    I have actually been quite tempted by that peace you have gone for as well over time. I'm sure there are variations to the inner volume and diameter of the can among various sellers.

    So I think I would want the slightly larger volumed one, which would be closer to the FC UFO, with the narrower versions being easier as a handheld and more similar to the D-020D I have, which is virtually identical to the one Labpong is sporting so contentedly.

    So I hope you like this sidecar bubbler. If your card payment goes through properly and doesn't get rejected I will have to try adding my new HSBC card answer my DHgate account and see if it works save the fuss of joining Barclays.
  • UbarDog
    yea just double checked payment has gone through Left hand with logo (FC-187 V2) Is awaitting shippment. This one is the larger out the 2 at 22.5cm smaller is only 20cm . So no great difference.

    Order'ed it late last night. Changed my mind 3 times lol. Got up this morning pottered about, Then suddenly changed my mind again. >< I'm bad for it. Wish i had got FC-UFO- because i was planing on getting a J-hook as the Desk hight would have been perfect with hook on. The FC-187 i might have stand to hit it and that aggitates my lazy bone.

    Sorry if i sound like an arse somtimes. I don't mean to :D also -Sorry for jacking this tread i realised its "My Glass Rig Setup" started by labpong but was most rescent "rig" post.
    I should have taken it to another tread, but too late now ;p
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Heya, when I use the FC187 I hold it up, rather than hit it while it stands on my coffee table. Same with the D020, they're both great hand-helds.

    I've never tried the bigger desktop rigs that Bud and @Alexis use. How do they compare to the smaller D020/FC187 @Alexis ?
    I use mine dry so the extra filtration wouldn't be an issue for me. I also find the smaller rigs cool the vapour just fine for me. Maybe the main difference is the height convenience? If I had space for a permanent desktop setup I'd probably go for a bigger rig. As it is, I'm even looking at more compact glass, like the FC-CAKE mkldnet2g5pnv9b1.jpg
  • UbarDog
    Yea I look'ed at that Cake one. Then I decided it looked to easy to knock over, I may get a GS at somepoint and kept this in mind. This is the exact reason why i didn't get FC-278 + PG5136 combo.
    Shame really coz that combo could of had a million different set ups. I could have just built a larger wooden base for it. FC UFO Would have been nice because you can take mouth peace off to store it, or just so you don't knock it .
  • beezee420
    use the app, its cheaper
  • Alexis
    I've never tried the bigger desktop rigs that Bud and Alexis use. How do they compare to the smaller D020/FC187 @Alexis ?ChlorophyllMan
    Easy man. I do like my FC 186. It is pretty free flowing, although it does have some noticeable blowback with higher water volume.
    It is taller than Bud's flat top model, at 34 cm. It is easy to get vapor flowing, but can be hard work to clear fully with a longer hit.

    I switch bubblers daily. I love the way the vapor builds and flows with the 186, but once you start your pull its a bit like a tug of war, were you have taken at the slack to get going initially.

    With the FC UFO, there is no Blowback and you can literally stop and restart your pull in a split second without losing any momentum, or interrupting vapor production.
    Not so with the 186, which pulls back slightly when you release your draw.

    I look forward to and get most excited about using this rig (186) however I would get physically tired using it 2 days in a row because of the extra seconds and effort inhaling to clear the larger hits so as not to constantly be leaving vapor hanging around in the bubbler between draws.

    The 186 makes for the smoothest and coolest hits which helps me personally. I would never use my Elev8r, or Herbo or equal, in the smaller D-020D sized cans. Just not enough cooling for me personally and I get significantly more throat irritation.

    I expect @LabPong 's additional drop down and in a stem adds a little more length and therefore according to his rig setup, but personally I cannot use the smaller bubbles with the larger hitters without it really bothering an aggravating my throat too much for comfort.

    The 186 is the best rig I have for really smoothing out those large hits I do like. I ISO cleaned it today actually. I have been using the Easy Flow Bomb Tower for the Elev8r the past 2 days. Got tired of that now, it is 33 cm, but actually quite a small bubbler compared to the 186. I prefer the 186.

    I want the flat top Stereo Matrix though, I see it almost as a compromise between these 2- should be easier to milk and clear than the 186, but still smooth enough. I bit shorter at around 31,5 cm.

    Also, I never use my vapcap with either 186 or Bomb Tower. Its just such hard work to get it flowing first (seems like 3 seconds of stalemate to get going), and maintain. So much harder than the FC UFO and

    Im not sure how much help any of that is, these ramblings are the peak of my intellectual capabilities today.

    @beezee420 I have been a bit suspicious of the DHgate app since a member reported being frauded after using it over on FC. I think there was something else fishy I heard about it too which put me off but not sure now.

    Edit- here is the flat top on Dhgate:
  • ChlorophyllMan
    really appreciate the reply, very good of you. It does make we want to try a bigger rig for side-by-side comparison. The cabinet I stash all my gear in each night has a maximum height of 33cm so I would have some options, thanks man :smile:
  • Alexis
    no worries bro. Just a few thoughts from my own delusional angles. So the 186 is out then at 34 cm.
    But the Flat top model should fit well. Cheaper too. The UFO, while apparently small, is effectively like a bigger piece. It has quite a large inner volume. It smooths and cools really well. Just not so good as a handheld, which is how I typically use the taller ones.
  • Alexis
    This one is the larger out the 2 at 22.5cm smaller is only 20cm . So no great difference.UbarDog

    I forgot to add comment on this last night. It isn't the height that makes that much difference more the varying width. This is the case for all bubblers of varying dimensions.
    I have seen sidecar Matrix models which were like the UFO, wide with a large volume (the one in vapefiend's vids), also much narrower models which are more like the D-020D.

    So always compare images to see what the actual size/shape/volume difference is.

    The Bomb Tower has maybe just over half the volume of the 186, yet when I ordered it, from the pictures and dimensions, I was expecting it to be much bigger in volume and almost the same size as the 186.

    It's like the 186 with anorexia pictures can be very deceiving.
  • UbarDog

    Package Size:
    30.0 * 16.0 * 16.0 ( cm )

    Is the only guestmate on width ...... 160mm is fk all

    Most proberly 25mm base either side and 5mm wall = 60mm leaving internal 100mm

    Still 160mm should be stable.
  • Alexis
    yes stability shouldn't be an issue. What Im getting at mainly is how you can end up with 2 quite different pieces as far as perfirmance goes. One style may suit a particular vape better.
    So it is just a case of knowing what you want first. I know though that it is possible to miscalculate the actual size and dimensions of a bubbler and find out it doesnt fit your desired purpose (device) so well.

    Im sure what you have ordered will be very good and perfect for your needs. I will be curious to see if it is the larger volumed sidecar or slightly narrower one, and of course how you like it.

    Those package sizes are never much to go by, my Tardis was massive inside! :lol:
  • LabPong
    @UbarDog ......no worries your cool. I just didnt understand what you meant by "spout" until after you responded. Feel free to talk about other rigs or how they compare....Im down with that!

    @Alexis .... Actually what makes the back pressure go away with my rig is mainly the 2nd downstem inside the main one. The added volume of the drop down does help with cooling for sure.

    But I feel the stereo matrix rigs have much more draw resistance then the single matrix cans that are wider and shorter....like the side cars and center mounts like mine. It was actually a little to free flowing for me...and adding the 2nd downstem and drop down made it more balanced and easier to control the pressures at the load and mouth areas.
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