• Magicman
    Pretty colors....
  • Pakalolo2
    Daddy wants one
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    I need and want a blue one. :smile:
  • Chandler
    Should last a lot longer than the Portside Mini, as the Mini has very low Mah compared to what you can put in these.GrumpStump
    Anyone have experience with this? Portside mini vs FD battery comparison?
    the smallest IH currently available...you should give the Flux Deluxe a hard lookfluxerheaters
    I am indeed brother. Been following your thread on FC. FD appears a touch thinner than the Psm, but perhaps slightly longer?

    I like your thoughtfulness in adding a carry case, rubber band, battery monitor.
    I have a psm, but I'd like to support the movement and see the differences/improvements...

    When you mention using higher quality components, (no disrespect to Pipes) , is it safe to assume that the parts inside the Psm are of lower quality than FD?

  • Mangu
    I believe when he mentions “higher quality components” he means that cheaper options were available but he decided to spend a little more on the better quality option...
  • Chandler
    @Mangu thanks. That's what I figured as well. But I also figure that @fluxerheaters has also seen and compared the components of the portside mini
  • fluxerheaters
    When you mention using higher quality components, (no disrespect to Pipes) , is it safe to assume that the parts inside the Psm are of lower quality than FD?Chandler

    I want to preface my response by highlighting this first: no disrespect to Pipes Every Dynavap IH maker on the scene owes a huge debt of thanks to Pipes for showing us the tech and giving us examples of how to make it work. I see my design as evolutionary, and it follows the general approach introduced in his initial efforts.

    Our devices were built with slightly different goals in mind: he was building from a blank canvas, and I had the benefit of seeing both the Portside and the PSM before I started designing mine. It's easier to hit a target when you can see it :wink:

    The core of many (most? almost all? every other one but mine?) of these Dynavap IHs is the Mini ZVS 5-12VDC IH heater, widely available on Amazon, banggood.com, etc. These are very cheaply made devices - when I was doing my initial research, I bought 40 of them for $3.50 each, so I could mess around with them. They are great for what they are, but they offer room for improvement if you want to build something better. They don't use very good MOSFETs, for one thing - the Mini-ZVS's work OK, but there are better-suited MOSFETs for a 12V powered IH , such as the NVD5890NLT4Gs I use (the tech explanation is longer than I want to get into here, but FC user Stardustsailor has an excellent post documenting this very subject, if you are interested).

    In contrast to the Mini-ZVS heater, the Flux Deluxe's heater is my own design. I drew up the schematic, and I chose which components to use to make it. I do all of the soldering and construction (apart from the battery management circuit and the PWM relay, which are off-the-shelf components). It should be better - more of it is hand made, with a lot of attention to detail.

    Another difference is in the quality of the magnet wire used to make the work coil: the Mini ZVS uses wire that is only fair, while I use much better quality, higher copper content, 200°C capable US-made wire, in a smaller size/gage that's better suited to heating a Dynavap instead of an iron bolt. You can read about effects of this difference in the early reviews - my users are reporting smoother hits and more consistently shaded ABV. The small improvements add up to a produce a better overall user experience.

    I don't know if you are familiar with guitar amplifiers (another hobby of mine), but I would liken the Deluxe to a "boutique" guitar amp: it does the same thing as a regular heater, but every component was selected to be the best possible for the budget under consideration, and I expanded that component search to include some components that were out of budget but clearly the best for the task (the on/off switch comes to mind, as does the original switch debounce sub-circuit).

    So...yes, the components in my heaters are better than the others, because I looked at what was being used, and I chose to use better ones.
  • Chandler
    @fluxerheatersthank you sir. Wonderful explanation. I'm about to get on the list!
  • Magicman
    Call me and take my money!
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