• Father Time
    Hey VL, my plenty recently croaked (refuses to heat up 100%) so I'm needing a new vape

    I'd prefer a powerful desktop without any butane torches

    I've narrowed down my choices between the VROD and VXH but I'm open to suggestions

    I know nothing's perfect but I want to try and check as many boxes as possible

    Posted this on FC too, hoping someone there or someone on VL can help

    + Pure flavorful, clean & dense vapor (no hot vapor)
    + Effortless to load and reload
    + Flower / concentrates with easy to low maintenance
    + Ability to use multiple glass pieces, water or dry
    + Efficient with options for big bowls (hard to go back from the plenty's chamber)
    + Ability to use in the dark (VROD seems like it'll burn me in the dark)
    + Clouds, clouds, clouds (I like clouds)

    Things I don't like about the VXH
    - Can't flip upside down without damaging electric circuits (afaik)
    - Have to wait for concentrate glass to dry before hitting
    - Can't dab / flower at the same time, like the VROD
    - Small bowl, constantly refilling
    - No temp dial

    Things I don't like about the VROD
    - Seems hard to use in the dark
    - Managing multiple pieces
    - Might burn myself frequently
    - Need a lab to operate
    - Looks dorky

    If someone owns both the VROD & VXH:
    - How comfortably can you use & reload bowls in the VROD at night in the dark?
    - Can you compare flavor / cloud density of both vapes? Which provides cooler flavor?
    - Can you compare the bowl sizes for the Vrod & Evo? Vrod is bigger yes?
    - Which one is easier & faster to go from 0 - 10 with flower?
    - Which produces better flavor without water?
    1. What should be my new daily driver? The FP VROD or the VXH EVO? (21 votes)
        Flower Pot VROD
        Vape Xhale EVO
  • UbarDog
    At time of me writting this there are 6 people who have voted but not one person put there 2 cents in.

    At least state why you voted, The way you did.
    I own neither so can't vote, but i would love to hear views
  • Mrcurisan
    I don’t own the Flower pot VROD, but I do own the VapeXhale EVO!
    1) I’ve never flipped it upside down. Apparently you should use a glass adapter and whip to bong.
    2) Wait for glass nail to dry or cool down? I usually can take a good dab hits with each nail and then at the end of session, burn them off at max. The thing is you do have to wait till it cools down. Sometimes it doesnt go away, the balck residue. So i carefully spray alcohol while its hot and then a qtip. Good as new!
    3) I don’t vape flower and concentrates together, so in my opinion this option is not a big deal. Nonetheless, you can preload your bowls and glass nails with your material and in 1 second after your hit change bowls! Hell, if you wanted to, do thr switch whildt taking a hit, i’m sure you’ll get what you’re looking for. Aka pass out
    4) Once you get your temperature or clock dialed in you won’t be using any other position. I like it around 12-1 o clock for extraction of flower and concentrates. I’m a low temp dabbing kind of guy and i feel you don’t need 2pm to hit rosin wax.
    Any other doubts, please don’t hesitate to ask
  • Law7764
    I have owned the Evo and the NewVape showerhead. They are both very hard-hitting devices. In my opinion NewVape hits harder with less material. When I hit the Evo I would turn it upside down and put it in my bong, but I would never leave it upside down for any longer than the time I was taking my draw. Using it this way for flower only never caused any damage to my Evo. In order to use it with concentrates I would have to attach the whip because it cannot be turned upside down using concentrates. I’ve never been burned by my Evo.
    The showerhead is extremely effective extracting everything out of the small amount of material. That being said I still have some burns marks on my arms from months ago.
    I’m not exactly sure why you would need to use the vaporizer in the dark but if that’s absolutely necessary then I suggest you try the Evo. If you want a slightly harder hitting the Vape that uses slightly smaller amounts I will go with the V Rod which is very similar to the showerhead that I owned . If you’re using a lot of concentrates I found the showerhead to be easier to do multiple dabs off of,and to maintain Cleanliness. The Evo concentrate glass tubes are very fragile and harder to keep clean.
    I find it hard to believe that you would be disappointed with either vape.
    Good luck you will love them both. If I could only have one it would be NewVape
  • justcametovapelife
    Imho Evo and FP are not in the same league.
    FP is said to hit harder.
    I don't own a FP but I do have VXL Evo, Herborizer digiTi, Supreme V3 dually, Volcano, Plenty, minivap and many more.
    I think all the vapes I mentioned above are superior to the Evo, with the exception of minivap.
    If you are used to the Plenty's chamber do yourself a favor and don't get the Evo, cause it works best with small loads and that can be nice (since flavor is good) but in the end boring and time consuming, if you have high tolerance.
    If I was you, I'd give a look at the Supreme. It sure hits way harder than the Evo. The claim of it is to be the most potent vaporizer in the world. It's basically enail for weed, just what I expected from the Evo, minus the countless bowls "to get there". It has a big heat exchanger that gets hot via torch (Supreme3) or pid controller (Supreme 4).
    Too much expectations on using any glass vape in the dark. Forget what I said about Supreme if you want to use it in the dark, or any desktop other than Plenty or Volcano).
  • lazylathe

    I vote for the EVO!
    My main reason is ease of use but this is mainly for herb use. I do not do concentrates.
    I always flip my EVO, 100% of the time. Just don't leave it there for 15 minutes, always remove after a hit and you are golden.
    The next very important reason for myself is inhale speed.
    With the EVO, ANY inhale speed works with herb. Fast or slow, it just works and the herb is always done to the same degree.
    I would also use the EVO in the dark, the VROD hell no!

    With the VROD, it is all dependant on your inhale technique.
    I own the SH version and while it hits hard and has amazing flavor, it just takes more to use than my EVO.
    It's less forgiving of any mistakes. Inhale too slowly and you will over cook your load and the flavor will be not as good. Too fast and it's still green.

    I still use my SH but not as often anymore.
  • egoblasta
    The EVO is the best thing I ever used for flowers. Easy usage/cleaning, 12 o'clock temp, top notch extraction, at whatever draw speed (never tried with anything else than flowers though). You will need to refill often, but IMO the flavor and efficiency of the device are enough to justify this drawback. If you want longer sessions (at a price of a little less flavor and a slower kick in), I would suggest the Extrem Q from Arizer, my friend uses it and I was astonished by the quality of the device and the length of the sessions for its price. Never tried the VROD so I won't talk about it.
  • bum karacho
    i love my EVO specally for hash and kief and the newvape stuff is hard to get in eu.
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