• LabPong
    Just ordered one after watching Bud use it on the live stream. I think if Bud had the time to do another review/comparison vid....it would be to do this vs Sai TF.

    Anyone else have one?
  • Zep4
    I ordered one yesterday. You like?
  • VapeCritic

    Hope you're still diggin it!

    Hope you do too!

    I still think this one is pretty cool, I loaded mine a handful of times and so far so good, but I'm gonna keep using it to make sure.

    Posted these on my site the other day:


  • Zep4
    Yes Bud, your video convinced me to buy it, as I’d been considering the Puffco Peak but was dismayed by the high cost and bad reviews. The Senior Stoner on YouTube loves both. Thanks Bud. :heart:
  • EconMan

    I like both as well
  • Zep4
    I see a lot of negative on the P. Peak. Have you had any problems with yours, Eco?
  • Magicman
    I need for Ju1cebox squish.
  • EconMan

    I'm going to post a few thoughts later today with some pics - so many seem curious....

    In short I've used it a week, and I'm impressed. There are negatives, but there are likewise positives. Im my judgement, the positives overwhelm the negatives. This is a thread on the Crystal, so I won't talk too much about the Peak (which I like massively more), since they are so very different. The Peak really is, for most new concentrate users, as good or perhaps even better than a traditional dab rig.

    I'm working on a very important work project, and if I can make it happen today, tonight I'm doing a large "white setting" dab in celebration

    I have found that, like with the galaxy, rosin is problematic here. It tends to gunk up the coils and cleaning the crud out is a pain. The first hit is great (albeit the coil puts a bit of metallic taste) but it gets narley with all the plant material without cleaning and quick.
    It is becoming my view that a device with a direct "in the oil" atomizer doesn't work well on rosin? The Peak works great with it. I use the green setting.

    Funny story with rosin and the Galaxy. Unboxed, excited to use, loaded it, and just nothing but burnt taste. Nasty. Re-read @VapeCritic review on it and come to find out there is a tiny near unnoticeable "carb" hole I was not using. The one good hit I got was because I randomly accidentally covered the hole.... So I had to do a major clean out, and once I started covering the carb hole, it worked much better. lol
  • Zep4
    I lost my mind yesterday and also bought the Puffco Peak. So I’ve got that and the KP Crystal AND my kitties‘ OneFastCat wheel all coming this week. Christmas coming a little late but that’s ok:)!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Sounds like your gonna have a fun weekend! Enjoy!!!
  • EconMan

    Damn! Dude!
    It's cool to lose your mind that way. Still enjoying mine.

    Read my review I just posted. Add retract from it, or add to it..... and make sure you get a 2nd atomizer to hold in reserve if not near a retail store.
  • LabPong
    I have not been using the Crystal lately. I broke a cool mini bubbler mouth piece I had for it....walked through a doorway and had my hands full.....clipped the metal door frame and cracked the bubbler off .....Crystal was not harmed.

    I used it about 6 times after I got it.....couple times had decent taste...but most of the time I was not liking the taste factor....so I went back to using my Elev8r and healthstone for rosin use. I get so much better taste that way.....though the extraction process is longer and your lungs get a work out.

    I have not given up on the Crystal yet.....need to make another filtering MP for it.
  • EconMan
    I used it about 6 times after I got it.....couple times had decent taste...but most of the time I was not liking the taste factor....LabPong

    Not an expert on pens, nor am I exactly sure of the differences between the Galaxy and the Crystal, but I do know from my Galaxy (and from my friend's Crystal) the TASTE is inferior to the Peak. On the Peak, the electronics heat is a ceramic bucket; on the pens electronics directly heat the oil, and taste suffers I suspect.

    Rosin is an enjoyable concentrate experience with the Peak. I found not so much with the Galaxy... mostly I got a burt-tasting hit, and an gloomy expectation of a dirty cleaning chore afterwards.

    Now you have convinced me. I should try the Elev8r... never used one.... and did not know one could dab concentrates with it.
  • fatbiker
    Bummer. I had high hopes for this pen.

    I may still buy one and give it a shot.
  • EconMan

    It is not a bad pen, as far as pens go.... to me pens just sort of suck in general.... and for rosin they seem to make big messes.... plant material gets lodged in it, and burnt over and over again.... cleaning chores... and I'm a bit OCD on clean devices. I'm as much of a taste chaser as a cloud chaser. Lots of people love pens. I only tolerate them as a convenience.

    Honestly, I find my FF2 of more utility for rosin vaping than any pen I've owned or used (usually flower vapes suck at concentrates). 2-3 bb size "drops" of rosin, and you got a really smooth and tasty hit of rosin coming. 4-5 drops and you're going to take a real bellringer. Even FF2 detractors usually admit to its tasty attributes, and that it works astonishingly well for concentrates, even if they dislike it for flower. Indeed, one scrapes the most beautiful "reclaim" right of the mirrored coffin lid.
  • LabPong
    Wow.....so a FF2 can be a great rosin device?
  • EconMan

    It is actually quite amazing, especially given my strong bias to anything "concentrate pads". :vomit:
    I torch the devil out of them before using, and also how I clean them.

    It is a remarkable concentrates vape, considering I assume it was an afterthought? And oddly why I hate about it as a portable - awkwardness to load -- gets flipped as an asset (when I try and load my Galaxy with rosin it near looks looks a monkey doing it... all fingers..... the FF2 is easy to load rosin in... wide bowl and it is at "ground level" relative to the vape.

    But mostly, it not only is AWESOME at efficiency and reclaim, it somehow "purifies" the reclaim and makes it better. If I ever make some nasty rosin, I put it in my FF2 container, because I can vape it dark, and the inside mirror glass on the "coffin lid" will have the most clear potent oil....the nasty plant materials remain in the concentrates pad....because on the FF2 the airflow is OUT of the bowl, not into it. It is just a beautiful thing to see (and then reclaim and use) :pray: :heart:

    I got some responsibilities to take care of, but later this afternoon or evening, I'll take some pics and show you. Literally everyone I've given a rosin dab to on my FF2 LOVED it..... Even those who hate the thing believing it the spawn of Satan or at least made with a jackal's blood, reluctantly admitted it both: (1) produced amazingly tasty hits, (2) and somehow produces reclaim better than the original material.

    If you like taste, in my my judgement it is the best and coolest taste outside of a real glass rig. Most people I know agree with me it tastes better than the Puffco Peak (and also agree with me the Peak tastes pretty darn good) .

    Quick add: Another thing that makes it a "great Rosin device" is it is SO EASY to clean. Rosin gets messy and I can clean a dirty dab ridden FF2 in less than 2 minutes and it will look like new. My Galaxy pen is pretty awesome with budder, but I've not been happy with it on regular flower rosin..... the cleaning chore is pretty annoying and places an expected cost on any choice of its use.
  • MothChewMoth
    Just got one of these from a trade and digging it. Any user guides out there? Looking for deep clean instructions and recommended settings.
  • JMH
    I used it on temp setting 3(red) the most. It was hard to clean the edges inside the bowl of the glass bowl on the bottom. Hope you like it, & enjoy it like I did. Setting 2 was great which is what provided better taste for me
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