• Señor Negro
    Even if I'm not agree with all mod decisions I have to say I totally support (95%) of what he just said.

    I found myself trying to enforce rules even not being a mod because I've been part of a nice amount of forum communities and it felt natural to me. But I found the hard way that was a big mistake and had to step back because I saw no full support on mod's job even if they were not the ones that wrote those same rules.

    Rules are there to be followed, because if people keep seeing there's no actual consecuences for breaking a rule they could be lead to think there's no reason to follow any of them.
    Rules won't prevent people for making stupid things but at least everyone can (and should) see what the limits are.

    Theres totally no "good vs evil" "black&white" fight in absolute terms, on every forum on the internet there's a grey scale that NEEDS to stay balanced. And it usually does not keep the balance by itself, and that's why there's the need to interfere or even incercept whoever crosses the line (and therefore the reason a line needs to be drawn and be fixed and enforced so everyone can see those).

    I do not try to encourage to rule with iron fist either (that could work on a very desperate situation and only just for a while) but I do understand that if there's a set of rules the less anyone should do is follow all of them withouth question. (of course that should not be aplied Bud and Hazel, it's their forum and they can fuck it whenever they want :joke: https://youtu.be/MYHE8-Zojno?t=41 :joke: )
    Because, this may seem to be a public forum, and it is on the part meaning that anyone can join, but at the end of the day there's only one propietary and he can do and undo whatever he wants.

    I find for a number of reasons that some people may be discouraged to join the forum because they could think it's a mess. You can get used to it, but it indeed needs (just a bit of) more control to make people (specially new users) feel confortable.

    For me, best mod on a forum is the one that do his job unnoticeably, because that means that mod is able to quickly sofocate any bad vibes shown of public, which eventually will happen (the bigger the forum the more often) that could damage both internal and external image. And related to that @Baron23 and @Cl4ud3 make an excellent work :up:
  • Señor Negro
    If the police gave speeding tickets to everybody going over 55mph there would be mass public backlash and lines around the block at the court houseVapeCritic

    That, actually, would make everyone not to pass 55mph. Most people won't notice or even care if 70mph is the "non written rule" max speed.

    At Champs they had signs everywhere about NO THC but they weren't running around busting people who were vaping bud in their booth.VapeCritic

    Leave it that like for ... let's say 5-6 more editions ... and you'll see that it will be a complete mess. That won't be happening tho, because surely someone will change that before it's a real thing.

    And last, but not least. Actually I think this one is one of the most important rules serious forum communities should NOT follow: Selective enforcement.
    This is, IMHO, one of the worst things an admin could do to his/her community, because it's a matter of time there will be people claiming favoritism on some users over others. I mean, there will be that problem anyway, but with that "selective enforcement" concept there's a strong reason for peolple to think there could be reasonable (even if it's entirely subjective).
  • Baron23
    @Hazel @Cl4ud3e

    Bud - this is the most important thing I have to say....and I said it before in person and in writing. Its just a frakin internet board and I will not allow it to effect the way I view people or negatively impact my friendships and we are, IMO, friends. Its just an internet forum. That's the bottom line on all of this shit to me.

    But I definitely and strongly do not agree with you but will again say, as I have before, its your board and you can do anything you want with it without prejudice. But there are also limits to what I will actively participate in and I believe your view of what is proper moderation has moved beyond those limits.

    As for referring to Claude and I personally, no...you do not name us....but while we have some real whackos on the board, I don't think we have anyone so abjectly stupid as to not see the clear implication. Let me again say...clear...nothing oblique about it...and if you don't see that then I think you are being naive on the subject. Everyone knows that, when you are talking about how you want changes to how the board is moderated (or in fact how you really do not want moderation), this is in direct comparison to what has been going on under Claude and I as your mods. I'm sorry, man...but this is like the second or third time you have thrown Claude and I under the bus with the membership on this subject, intentionally or not, and its not pleasant.

    And please, my friend, I do know the difference between flexible/reasonable enforcement and absolutely rigorous, dogmatic, enforcement of rules and I submit....again, as I have in the past....that Claude and I were light touch moderation for the very most part. Not reddit (thank god), but certainly not FC or any of a number of other large boards on other topics of which I have been a member.

    Please note, again as I have said in person and in writing, that Claude and I have NEVER banned anyone EXCEPT Chinese spambots and accounts that were clearly opened by people who YOU previously banned. Oh, Claude and I advocated that some people be shown the door...rightfully so IMO....and we three PM'd about back and forth about these guys.....and usually over a fairly long period of time and many violations.... before you banned them. But Claude and I have never banned anyone on our own initiative, that I am aware of.

    While you are worrying about PAM complaining on FC that you "de-platformed" him, have you noticed the lack of activity by many long-time serious members who used to be regular contributors? This cuts both ways, Bud....yeah, assholes like PAM will get upset after they get banned for continually trolling and pushing back. But other good solid members will walk away if most of what they see on the board is garbage, spamming, and trolling.

    As for deleting posts, once again this is absolutely not been a frequent action (again, aside from spambots and the like) and its very clear to me...and I believe to others...that this all came about from @magicman, who seems to be your pet troll, whining about his offensive posts being deleted in the CHAMPS thread.

    I want to be clear about this. Magicman trolled @UbarDog over multiple weeks and over multiple unrelated threads, all of it interpersonal and insulting to Ubar and none of it an actual contribution to the thread. Not just once, not just twice, but multiple times MM has chased after Ubar because he figured out how to get his goat and yanking someone's chain is all good fun to him. If you read the board closely you would have seen that this was far from a one off deal. That or just trust your mods who do (well, did) read ever frakin thread and kept track of this crap.

    You may not have gotten the PMs from members, but I certainly did. PMs that said "why is this guy being allowed to troll me and get away with this?" "Why is he being allowed to post stuff like this on the open forum?" A very good question and one you can answer to other members in the future. But at the time, Claude and I received these types of PMs and you know what....they were right.

    So, after once again derailing a thread with yet another interpersonal troll toward the very same member and causing anger and a flaming reply, I asked Magicman to cut it out. And what did I get back....a clap back with more trolling posts with more angry replies. So yeah, after completely garbaging up a thread, causing yet another interpersonal fight, and basically telling your moderator to fuck off, I cleaned out the mess he made and I stand by doing it.

    If you think Magicman's contributions to the board trump reasonable and adult moderation, then perhaps he is the type of member you really want and, therefore, I certainly am not.

    This is not a case of someone going 65 in a 55. This is the case of someone doing burn-outs and donuts in front of the police station and then after a high speed chase having the judge dismiss the case cause...."well, you know...we don't want to be fucking mean here, now do we?" I know you can see the difference and I know that Claude and I did not take action unless seriously provoked.

    I didn't think any of this should have been talked about in public but it started on the LS so we are where we are.

    This will be the last public statement I'll make about moderation of the board. If you feel we need to talk more, I'm all for it, mate. We are friends. Email or PM me or even better yet, pick up the phone and call me. We know how to get in touch with each other.

    I am most likely not the first member of this board, but I certainly was one of the very initial cadre three years ago. At that time, I made a commitment to try to generate content and help build up the board which I believe I have done well as both a member as well as a moderator. I'm proud of the growth of this board and what it yet may become. I intend to remain a Member Emeritus (made that title up! LOL).

  • Will90
  • Will90
    Sick in bed lol :vomit: :groan:
  • Hazel
    ditto but we have diff bugs and I’m not actually in bed lol Feel better! :heart:
  • Will90
    Feel better!
  • Hazel
    thanks mines not actually a physical bug so i guess that’s not fair to compare lol im just shot...exhausted... need a massage and dinner date and good show to watch i think. Trying to do some cardio on my day off from lifting to get that adrenaline and dopamine flowing. Maybe I just need some vapeage lol haven’t vaped or smoked yet all day.

    Heard the new Michael Jackson 2 part doc on HBO is supposed to be really good if you have desire and time at some point to check it out. Or call out sick an extra extra day lol

    This is my gym view. Empty. rqz6s7et5z9ds8jz.jpeg
  • Will90
    I love me an empty gym!
    Yeah I want to watch the new MJ doc.. just finished the R. Kelly series.. my god.
  • Hazel
    moving the rest of our convo to random thread ... but
  • D. L. Myers
    I’m sorry to hear you won’t be moderating anymore. I understand your reasons, but it’s still a shame and a big loss for the forum. I hope you will continue to participate, as your contributions have always been interesting and useful to me, and I’ve appreciated the personal advice you’ve offered me. Take care and I hope to see more of you in the future.
  • Hazel
    Hey there ladies and germs ~

    I was waiting to post this to see if things turned around but seeing we're T-2 hours away from our normal Saturday Live Stream time... (6PM EST)... I'm cutting it a little close, so here goes.

    Unfortunately we have to cancel tonight's LS (3/9/19). I know...I know... :cry: I'm sorry!! :cry:

    Bud and I have been feeling under the weather all week and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. :death: :groan: We were really hoping to pull our shit together and make it happen (or at least brosef Bud), but I think we just need rest. We're really sorry!! We will make it up to you...just not tonight. lol :pray:

    We really appreciate you guys (and gals) always being super excited for the live streams, and your continued support with the forum, G building, and your overall support in just us. We feel really bad but we have to sit this one out before our bodies and brains tell us to really take a hike. We hope you understand and we promise to make a sweet and enjoyable, positive fun-filled comeback as soon as we can/he can.

    P.S. -- If you're wondering what "brosef" means... :smirk:
    1. brosef. Noun. (plural brosefs) (slang) A male comrade or friend. Used especially in address.
    2. brosef. Noun. A radical sick dude.

    P.P.S. -- If you're wondering what "sick dude" means... I got you covered...
    "A sick dude is someone who has a hip style or an amazing attitude and demeanor. They are usually the person who is the center of attention and admired by many."
    :chin: Sound like anyone you know? :wink:

    Love you guys! xo :heart: xo
  • OhHello
    Feel better! Last month I had the stomach flu and a terrible cold and I’m just starting to feel myself again.
  • zancru

    Fast recovering on your way.
    Get better soon.
  • Vegan Vaper
    Get well soon!

    will make it up to you...just not tonight.Hazel
    … Sounds like my teenage years... lol
  • Pakalolo2
    Hope you guys feel better soon! Take care.
  • Imallergictocats
    Here’s to a swift and complete recovery for both of you.
  • Baron23
    get better, soonest!!

  • D. L. Myers
    Hope you’re both feeling better soon!
  • Cuckfumbustion
    Get well and back to vaping live next week. I'll try not to get sick as well. :mask:
  • Magicman
    The show must go on. Bud should have tossed the reigns over to El Jefe. He paid attention and knows all about g43.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Ironically it's El Jefe that's caused the stress, illness and exhaustion.
  • Magicman
    Personal attacks are frowned on around here. El Jefe is stream star.
  • Hazel
    El Jefe will be in stream prison like McMillon if he keeps it up.
  • Magicman
    DERRICK MCMILLON is innocent.
  • JermainDeGroot
    What happened to the sathurday live streams? Did they quit?
  • meeemeee
    Wish you guys the best.
    Come hang out at my house if you wanna run away and chill.
    Hope you both feel great real soons