• zancru
    How far do you go without cleaning or feeling grossed out by “things”???

    My vaping station is on the warm side, room temperature measures 26C (78.8F) at the moment.
    Probably that’s why I got mold.
    This rig haven’t been used in a few days, acts as a Glass Symphony bowl holder.
    It’s a Ion Matrix knock off, circa 2012, bought it from China.
    It has years of abuse, stills percs like a champ.
    Days go by, dry hits, sometimes water, sometimes water with cranberry extract.
    Never combusted on my rigs, never ever. Only vaping.


    The two dark, green/gray mold globs on the left, are 100% “mold”, no explanation needed....now, those white “floaties” all around there, are probably soon to be “mold” jajajaja
    After discovering this midday today, I left it soaking in PBW.
    Now, PBW is another thread story....

    Please don’t feel “grossed out” and post about those “gross” rigs in your collection ;)
    Stay vaped....

    @BobCat@Dr green thumb
  • Dr green thumb

    I clean my glass regularly usually once a week. That is the first time I have seen mold on glass that's in use still. :vomit:

    It does make sense that mold can grow there as its warm and humid. Who knows maybe the mold cannibis cross could cure cancer
  • juxt
    I read a lot and this topic reminded me of this recent story:

  • howie105
    I clean my glass at the end of the day with a quick ISO and water rinse after it gets used. No mold, cranberry extract or need for PBW, I am just too cheap and lazy for anything too complex.
  • EconMan
    I'm OCD on this stuff. I almost always clean after every session, and mini clean-ups often after every bowl. Annoys friends ... lol

    RE mold. I take it seriously. Only been really sick once in my life and it was from a house I was renting full of mold.... by the time we figured it out, I was near incapacitated. I almost died... and the sicker I got the more I would stay home..... mold can be really dangerous.
  • TheZman
    I worry about Mold growing on my stored Flower. Especially being that my house is always moist. I have Saltwater fish tanks. I store it in small glass jars.
  • Baron23

    The ONLY time I have ever gotten mold and/or bacteria in my rig was when I used cranberry extract in the water.

    Hear me? The ONLY time.

    Its organic and it feeds mold and bacteria and so I quit using it quite some time ago. Not worth the small degree of resistance to reclaim that it provided.

    I still have three or four bottles of it....free to a good home. Anyone?
  • bum karacho

    fungus is alive so he needs to eat, maybe strawberry juice or something else with sugar inside.
    î´ve also heard just little girls vape with fruit juice! :razz:
  • BobCat
    You can't fool old Bobcat. Those are embryos from Zangano stem cells floating in a Marijuana amniotic fluid. I've suspected you of cloning technology for some time now. Beware forum, when the Zangano clone army is unleashed the jajajas will be on you as no vape nor bud will be safe!
  • zancru

    True that...
    Indeed, it only happened before with Cranberry extract.
    It'd take way longer to happen in regular tap water.
  • Bruce
    Maybe you can make yogurt out of that!
  • Alexis
    Just to share my current cleaning ritual: with occasional exception, used bubblers are cleaned with hot soapy water the following day of use, before using.
    Usually always in the mornings when the water has been on and is at maximum heat. I just put washing up liquid in, 2/3 full of hot water, stoppers and shake shake.

    I refill again with more hot hot water, repeat and rinse.
    Only now and then will I use any particular bubbler 2 days in a row without this minimal clean. But that depends on usage amount too.

    I normally use 2 different bubblers most days. Only really because I don't like them all with the vapcap due to harder drawing needed.
    I use the FC-UFO or D020-D for vapcaps. The FC-UFO is amazing with the vapcap. Something about it is just perfect for getting the most consistent dense but smooth hits and even extraction.

    It has the perfect amount of draw resistance to make easy work out of the vapcap and it milks the hit better than any other bubbler I have used.
    I also use the UFO with the Elev8r. It takes much less work and inhalation with this vaporizer too to get dense hits and I can actually run a lower temperature and inhale for a much shorter time it's also far easier to clear the can without being out of breath afterwards.

    I am OCD in nature, but a corner cutter still. I hate my bubblers resinney grimeyness after just one day and I feel so much better each day to clean them out. It doesn't take long for resin and (wax? etc) to start collecting and sticking around. I do an ISO and salt shake probably every 2-4 days of use, when energy allows. I'm kind of leaning to prevention rather than cure and this definitely pays off to an extent. The longer I leave it the harder work it is to get clean again.

    So Im not a prime risk for mold development. I have had mold infections before.
    @TheZman hey man. Im never concerned about mold on my stored flower. As long as it has not already been present on the plant at time of harvest/dry/storage, and you let enough moistire out to be at least 65% RH or less ideally, then I dont think it is a risk at all.

    If it does occur below 65% humidity, I would think there was already some fungus in there.
    In all our grows now, we have lost to bud rot and mold, but never had any problems with anything we have brought in except for one skunk number 1 plant from 2014 which got infested with black mold which was Invisible to detection.

    I developed a respiratory infection as a direct result of vaping this weed and I knew immediately it wasn't right. The whole plant was invisibly contaminated with "aspergillus niger".
    It was a fairly low level infection fortunately and has never happened since.
  • EconMan
    I hate my bubblers resinney grimeyness after just one day and I feel so much better each day to clean them out. It doesn't take long for resin and (wax? etc) to start collecting and sticking around.Alexis

    I get it. I clean everything after every session. The one exception (why, I don't know) is my Sticky Brick Jr. I never clean it much, except the screens. I just (1) enjoy a hit better if it is from a pristine and shiny device (2) enjoy sharing more with friends who may stop by and I can offer them a clean appliance to use. I would never give them a nasty glass to drink out of, so why offer them a nasty ugly disgusting looking device. :vomit:
  • Alexis
    yes Im with you on that too, how I like to always offer (rare) visitors their own nice, shiny clean water tool. I def wont share bubblers during session at least, cant risk more infections myself (we all carry multiple virus and bacteria in our sinus/throat which the properly functioning immune system keeps in check but can still be passed on), and I always have so many infections myself I dont want to share. (Alright, Im selfish, I want to keep them all for myself.)

    I dont know how others can let their glass get so grimed up with extended use, but each to own.
  • UbarDog
    I got a mate that come's round on the reg's- He loves my vapes but still he choses an old style combustion burn-it-up-bong. I have a Rig just for him. It Hides away in its own little spot "he" is responsable for it and it's care. I forcefuly changed the water on him the other week. It was manky and I could not bear it any longer n he just dont give a flying fook. lmao. I don't understand my mates somtimes.
    Offer them somethings sparking and they pick the grubby :D
  • juxt

    It's not who you know, it's what you know.
  • MrGreen
    No time better than the holidays to do some maintenance on the glass,vapes,stems and grinder.
    And to turn that four ounces of abv into some kickass tincture.
  • LabPong
    Like Baron said...ditch the fruit water stuff. Just use distilled water and your good.
  • juxt
    when your distilled water turns completely white, and you can see the yellow buggars in there, you know youre making progress
  • zancru
    I’m a heavy user.
    No matter what I do, rigs don’t last too long clean.
    That’s why I have a few and rotate through all of them. Right now, my tub floor is crowded with PBW water filled rigs. Need to have clean rigs for the holidays ;)
    Probably any glass I use, will be ready to be swapped in less than a week or so.
    All depends if I’m using it dry, with water or cranberry extract solution.
    In my case, they stay cleaner longer with cranberry extract.
    I also noted that since I came back to buy excellent primo grade, more expensive flowers from my grower friend; rather than good and cheap grade flowers from dispensaries, mostly all my rigs get dirtier way faster.
    Makes sense, more vapor production, more dirt.
  • zancru
    Not mold this time.
    But for sure, reclaim is building up.
    Time to torch it a bit, taste those hundreds of strains reclaims mixed ;)
    And then clean it...
    The perc, on that little Wicked Sands Frother, is at the base of the rig.
    It’s not perching anymore, totally dried up reclaim clog.
  • Vapster707
    :gasp: holy shit dude !!!
  • zancru

    Btw, it's a mini dabbing rig, they build up reclaim very fast, if you don't take care of them jajajajaja
  • LabPong

    :fire: :fire: :fire:


    Bro.......take 2 ISO baths per week...use only distilled water.

    That is the best you can do...and should be better than letting them turn into light proof burp jars....haaaaaa
  • upside
    The ONLY time I have ever gotten mold and/or bacteria in my rig was when I used cranberry extract in the water.Baron23

    I had the same experience after forgetting a VapeXhale HydraHoneyComb in the back of a cabinet. It was hell of a battle trying to get the mold out but I eventually won!
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