• McNuggetsTrip
    Is it bad to hold in vapor? I tend to hold it in for 6 seconds :chin:
  • juxt

    how else are you going to let the stuff in the vapor pass into the linings of your lungs...they say 3 -7 seconds but it's different for everyone...if you hold it in as long as you can and judge the strength of the hit you get, then try at 3 seconds and 7 seconds, etc, you'll figure it out for yourself what is best .. but if you put it in your lungs at all you're taking a chance, so there's that
  • EconMan
    Depends. I would suspect 6 seconds is safe. Eventually, at some point, the "high" experienced, must become confounded with the symptoms of asphyxiation?

    Indeed, the "ultimate hit" in this sense, existentially speaking, is one's final breath. :pray:
  • Dr green thumb
    I do not typically hold it more than a couple seconds. I figure with each lung being the size of a tennis court when stretched out, that it's not required. Also you aren't required to hold your breath when you breathe to get more oxygen. The lungs are extremely efficient in how they work.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    ive heard (im no scientist) that the thc gets absorbed straight away i believe this to be true it just makes sense to me.
  • bigldiesel
    I vaguely remember reading an abstract of a study stating that holding marijuana smoke (can also apply to vapor) any more than 6 seconds doesn't get you anymore "high."
  • Baron23
    This is a fairly often discussed topic and I'm not sure we have a definitive answer.

    I believe that it is true that your lungs only absorb gasses when they are actively moving over the alveoli of your lungs...that is, going in or going out.

    But I have also seen a study that seemed to indicate greater THC uptake with a breath hold duration of up to 10 seconds, I believe.

    I tend to not hold for very long as I personally believe (without proof) that all I will be doing is depositing more reclaim onto the surface of my lungs. I do sometime inhale, then take a few short and shallow exhale/inhales, then exhale the entire draw. Dunno what it does for me...but habit is habit, I suppose.

    This is about all I have found on the subject in peer reviewed type studies. There are a bunch of lay articles out there on the subject, but if they don't cite a peer reviewed study, then I kind of view them more in terms of folklore.



  • Ambush
    Can you imagine hitting a vape for 15 seconds and then holding hit in for another 10-15 seconds? IMHO this just seems ridiculous. I remember hearing something a while back that says most of the THC gets absorbed immediately, so I take a hit and then I breathe it out. The taste is there as well as the effects.
  • Ctipp22
    Well I'm sure it isn't as healthy as Oxygen but I think dry herb vape is going to be the least of all the weed smoking and concentrate heath concerns. Also there are certain cannabinoids and lower temps that show no visible vapor that could potentially be healthy in some aspects. Also this is very hard to gather enough info yet. I generally use weed for my lifestyle rather than actual health benefits.
  • MrGreen
    As I understand it the active ingredients transfer through the alveoli into the blood stream. But when you hold your hit too long the alveoli triggers a effect similar to a drowning response and shuts down the absorption to preserve the oxygen in the bloodstream.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Thank you everyone for your detailed responses! This really clears up everything that I would have asked you guys :cheer: Can't wait to get medicated :grin:

    Keep it frosty,
    - Aaron
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Thats sick!! I love how advanced our bodies are
  • Bruce
    From what I have learned in the last 7 years, 342 (F)Degrees is on the lower side - Every degree upwards is a tiny step towards combustion. Many Vaporizer goes up to 500 (F) (Arizer Extreme Q for example) the higher the temperatures the hot the vapor gets the closer to combustion. Which is (F) Degrees. not combusting your flower is one of the main reasons for vaporization. I like a very extended (F) 342 Degree session. All of the incredible benefits of Cannabis can be fully gained and the potency is the same as the higher temperatures it's just a longer session. For me kicking back and enjoying the cannabis at (f) 342 is the best way.

    The above is for dry herbs.

    Then there are concentrates which are incredibly popular. The reason the name concentrate is because when the dry herbs are combined in larger quantities and the THC is extracted it packs a powerful new form. These forms are generally Wax and oils. If the dab of wax is made from the natural mean in my opinion that is great. There are processes of making the concentrates by sifting via chemicals like butane. I have learned that those who say it isn't harmful are not correct. The simple reason is that the butane is in direct contact with the dry herbs. Just from my own studies that process may be worse than smoking a pack of cigarettes. A Press is another method of extracting the THC via a press squeezing the dry buds with some heat and that is dab via a press which I have learned is a great way for the heavy hitters out there can benefit from a healthy dab. To get concentrates made by a press is extremely difficult in finding, and dabs made from chemicals are a bit easier to get. There are cheap presses that are available. I made mine via a heated hair straightener. but, I find since the concentrates are addictive. Vaping is something I do for an enjoyable flight experience while gaining the thousands of positive benefits.

    I haven't touched oils because 9/10 people who are experts have told it really bad (especially, Sinuses, sense of taste, sense of smell) Do you think it a good idea to vaporize to vape extra virgin olive oil? its natural.... but is a great way to get you sick sooner than later)

    For those who want to combust it is MUCH better to combust with a vaporizer. No Butane (poisonous), paper ( tons of chemicals and no filters, I experiment. I was doing a jay and it didn't really do anything for me. To conclude by saying vaping at 342 (F) is the number I find to the win, win.

    Check out www.TheVapeCritic.com for Vape reviews

    Y O U ! Have just been vaporized by the one and only ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master^ ^ ^

    Peace, Love and Vape. - Y'All Biyatch's
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Holy vaping olive oil

    Thank you for the detailed response

    Do you think 428F is enough to combust my weed? I'm using the Air 2 with a 3/4th pack
  • Bruce
    Sure, 428 (F) The Vape Critic said is combustion just the other day. Sure it's better when the flame of the lighter makes contact with a joint, I have read that is 720 (F). If you combust with a vaporizer there is no paper and or filter that is extremely Poisonous and causes death. So I would stick with combusting 428 (F) or as high as you like. Vaporizers are just the best way to enjoy the benefits of marijuana - whether you don't wish to combust or to combust a vaporizer is a much healthier way of enjoying MJ. I have the Air 1, The temp. went up to 340 (F). That's is combusting that's a nice tempt to combust.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    sounds good man. Always thought the combustion temperature was higher :scream: I need to crank that baby down a bit
  • MrGreen
    My preferred temp is 338f maybe I should try 342!
  • Tdog420
    375f-395 is the best range for potency vapor production and flavor w conduction and convection. Convection being a little higher depending on device. Also i understand u all already know this. And i hold vapor for about 5 seconds any longer is pointless...... Any longer then 10 seconds may cause problems depending on person
  • Alexis
    I have long been a proponent of holding my hits, but this is largely, or solely because for many years I have been rationing a tiny annual supply to try and make it last at least a year with no other sources or options. There's honestly no question in my mind, that an immediate exhale results in a much lighter effect than at least a 5 second hold.
    But where to draw that line? Now Im no longer in a rationing position, I dont NEED to hold my hits in order to still have weed in July (well, maybe July 2020 hehe).

    So I seek a new line. And I realise where I have been going wrong and drawing that line too far. I do remember hearing that some flavonoids or terpenes are absorbed in the throat and upper respiratory passages maybe sinuses too. I do notice that when I hold my hits or longer so that there is not much visible exhale I do not taste anything on the way out.

    Now I have adjusted and I'm holding for maybe 5 to 7 seconds before exhaling. I try not to exhale the majority of the vapor because that is still being a little wasteful IMO. But I am enjoying exhaling some nice visible clouds. And I seek a line now between not exhaling the majority too quickly, and holding too long to get the full taste of the vapor on the way out.

    The more I taste the exhalation, the more, and the more instantly I feel the effects in my head. On the bigger hits I get crazy head rushes and feel instsntly medicated in a different way. I am now convinced that how you time your exhale can have a noticeable and positive difference on your high. Which Im attributing to how various compounds are better assimilated via the throat and upper reaches.

    Early days yet, but I'm pretty convinced of this and it's so cool to not have to ration (this stuff coming out of my drawers and ears) anymore. :lol:

    So the line I seek to draw now is to get the maximum beneficial absorption of cannabinoids in the lungs, and let the entourage of compounds filter out on the exhale in active, absorbable and large enough quantities.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    nice! After this year I'm going to try to ration an ounce or two. I really like your idea
  • TheZman
    You dont need to hold hits. Your feeling a difference in being medicated because your making yourself dizzy by holding your breath and cutting off your oxygen supply. Its probably why some people have cardiac events with using. Not a good idea to throw a substance in your blood stream and cut off your oxygen at the same time! For some reason this has been the thing to do with tokers throughout time.
  • Alexis
    i have to respectfully disagree, at least to the extent that an instant exhale like within 2 seconds vs 5 seconds does make a considerable difference in the potency of the hit in my experience over time.
    I became absolutely sure of this throughout my years of rationing my herbs whenever I exhaled more instantly I would literally blast through loads in much quicker time without getting nearly as medicated I swear on it.
    I don't and never did hold my hits for fun purely for medicine conservation sake. I honestly was going through so much more weed with the faster exhales and I just could not have sustained my usage at that rate and been satisfied.

    No really valid such studies have been produced convincingly on actually vapourising and still it seems many people are referring to or quoting the age-old study which was measuring combustion hold times and effects. People always mention this as evidence that THC is absorbed from vapour within just a few seconds.

    I'm keeping my mind for more open on this now and I'm sure I was way over the line. But I do definitely feel there is an optimum time to hold your vapour inside your lungs to maximise cannabinoid absorption and this is more than two or 3 seconds.
  • TheZman
    When I use my vaporizer I'm taking a 7 second or so draw. During that time all that medicine is filling up in the lungs. I feel like theres no need to hold it in even longer. I'm mean I do a short pause but that's it. During that 7 or 8 seconds it's already absorbing. Now if your smoking a joint like a cig and taking a quick drag and then holdng it maybe.
  • Gryfin
    i presume you dont have a dynavap then, haha.
  • Alexis
    i do agree with your logic there, and length of draw does come into play. But I still feel like when I clear the hit, a the majority of the lung-absorbed actives are taken down to the mine in a shot, and if you exhale fast you are just turning them round and sending them right out on their way again before they have even touched base properly.

    So there's no real rhythm formula or timeline I guess it's just using your senses and making up your own mind about how efficiently you feel you are absorbing your vapor and drawing that line so that you aren't being unnecessarily wasteful neither going against your body's best needs in a more comfortable manner.
    I am particularly in tune with my body and how I react to and I'm affected by things. I often kick myself actually lately because I I'm lazy about holding my vapcap hits and I immediately let out a gorgeously tasty smooth huge cloud and honestly don't get a satisfying effect from it. And this is after a typical long vapcap inhalation which can be over 20 seconds regularly and is actually much harder work for me and the MV1 which I found very easy to manage.

    So I get what you are saying but I still don't think it's that clear cut, and this has just been my honest experience through time. If you are vaping lots of material regularly with high-end vaporizers then it's not really going to be a noticeable difference how long you hold your hits. Not everybody vaporizers in the same fashion though so some people may have slightly better opportunity to observe these possible effects over time, and my unusual crazy allergies and resulting and natural bodily intuition have perhaps given me a better opportunity to observe this?

    Take this away give me freedom to vape any vaporizer and a plentiful supply and I probably wouldn't even be having this conversation lol! :lol:

    And I really don't mean to patronise anybody with anything I say on this, I'm only sharing my own experience and am trying to be more open minded about this.
  • TheZman
    Everyone's different. What works for one may not work for another. I was just initially commenting on holding your breath definitely will give you a different and much stronger high because your cutting off your oxygen and getting dizzy on top of feeling the high from your MJ. If that works for you and you like it that's cool. Kinda reminds me if that natural height technique that was popular when I was a kid. They use to blow all there air out of there lungs, push there chest up against a chair and hold there breath till they passed out. Lol..
  • TheZman
    No I do not. Lol..
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    im not sure what you mean :chin:
  • UbarDog
    Kinda reminds me if that natural height technique that was popular when I was a kid. They use to blow all there air out of there lungs, push there chest up against a chair and hold there breath till they passed out. Lol..TheZman

    We used to do this with a bong hit in between! Hyperventerlate . Bong hit , Then Bear hug from behind till pass out............Trippy shit!!!!! I have lived whole lives in one of them.
  • TheZman
    I know. Lol. Definitely trippy shit. You have visions and everything. I couldn't even imagine going bong rips in between that. Haha...
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