• Gryfin

    Well with the dynavap you have to take deeper, more dense hit than with other vaporisers,but also shorter hits. So your statement of hitting the vape for several seconds and the vapour having time ti sit isnt really the case with the dynavap. That's why I said that

    EDIT: Haha bud has it set up to automatically link to his affiliates. Amazing and quite smart.
  • EconMan
    This has been an interesting discussion. Opened my eyes to other ways of thinking....
  • McNuggetsTrip
    makes the fourm spicy :wink:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    isnt really the case for me. Ive got iron lungs i guess? I can hit my dynavap from click to click. I also only take deep hits with it because thats what i prefer. I dont see it as a limiting device.
  • Heroin Batman
    that's exactly it, 90 percent absorbed within one second. Holding it longer increases lung damage.
  • Gryfin
    I also hit it click to click, but that isnt particularly long. I like to hold mine in. Noticable difference in effects that cant be attributed to oxygen deprivation.
  • Imallergictocats
    There are no definitive studies to answer this unspecified query about the ideal vapor inhalation method.

    From a purely physiological thought experiment point of view:

    If presumed that increasing dose is commensurate with increasing efficiacy then,
    High concentration high volume vapor exposure to as many optimally perfused alveoli is essential for maximizing the bloodstream concentration.
    (Perfusion means has ideal capillary blood flow... the capillary bed is a network of millions of tiny blood vessels that uptake inspired gasses from the alveoli.)
    Getting every alveolus filled with vapor is key to maintain a flow of vapor molecules to the bloodstream. The surface area of an average adult’s lungs is roughly the size of a tennis court. (However, please note that the actual size and capacity of healthy lungs are dependent on one’s height, birth assigned sex, and ethnicity.)

    The perfusion (think of this as the best chance for getting the vapor molecules into the bloodstream) of the lung varies based on position and anatomy. Most lungs perfuse at the bases (bottom parts) much much more than at the apices (top parts).

    Therefore...continuously deeply breathing a stream of highly concentrated vapor while hanging upside down should do the trick.

    Sounds like a job for a desktop vape wand batman head rush contraption.

    Trust me,
    I learned this is med school.
  • John Cocktostone
    My lung doctor has me inhale my asthma meds and hold for 5 seconds.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    neat! I remember most of this durring my studies but was just worried about the residue clinging onto the inner linings of the lungs. I understand that there is a lining which holds the cilia open and prevents closure and how the cilia helps remove foreign crap. Just waiting on a study to see if residue will come out or not :grimace:
  • ChlorophyllMan
    So basically chase down the last of the vapour with a bit more air to make sure all the vapour reaches as deep as you can. I think the depth in the lungs that the vapour goes to is at least as important as breath hold time, that's how I practise anyway.
  • Magicman
    How long you hold cart vapor? Friend told me to blow out through nose for better effects. I trust him he play guitar for dollars.
  • MothChewMoth
    you've gotta exhale through your nose while inhaling it back through your mouth for the full effect.
  • UbarDog
    This Subject amuses me and confuses me.
    I just want to put one thing out there

    We all Vape here(over combustion) and a lot of us for health reason's
    According to our peers when we Vaporize flower. We are "boiling" off THC and CBD and couple hundred other chemical's/protines and terpines. Often Quoted "The good stuff"

    We can See this vapor. We inhale this (less harmful) mix.

    What do we Ex-hale ?
  • EconMan

    Lots of carbon dioxide?
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Now I'm mind boggled :lol:
  • UbarDog
    We exhale co2 normaly and don't produce a cloud.

    We are clearly inhaling something and then exhaling something.

    The longer you hold it the less cloud you release ?

    So are we absorbing more Via holding the hit?
    - But absorbing more of what ?

    Are there any studies of the exact chemical makeup of the Vaporized gasses/particals.
    Inhaled vs Exhaled
  • McNuggetsTrip
    I think we are just blowing out hot vapour. Kinda like breathing in cold weather
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