• MothChewMoth
    @juxt hopefully this finds you soon!
  • juxt

    Dude, that looks like a sweet setup! I wish mine was that big :) but I hope it reaches you as well. I'm excited to get it. I think the first thing I'll video with it is my *^&% :O ;)

    I have been laying low because nearly everyone now thinks I'm sick, so I thought best not to prove them right by keeping talking...but another friend mentioned folks asking about me today and I thought this would be a good place to post.

    I'm also planning a trip to cali in the near future, like in the next few days even, and if anyone's out there and would like to try some cali, hit me up. I think I'll be south of LA, mostly.
  • Alexis
    hey mate. Well its nice to see you posting anyway. I have kept my eyes out, we care man. I saw you had visited recently both here and FC. I think it's nice that so many people hear I have been curious how you are and naturally concerned as I was myself admittedly just in case you were not quite so good as you thought you were feeling.

    But I'm sure that none of us wanted you to feel self-conscious or awkward at all, far from it. And I'm sorry I have not reached out to you more in pm, I would like to have done naturally but have just had such little energy myself dragging through each day but generally doing better and looking upwards.

    Anyway I'm just wanted to add that bro, great to have you back and most important to hear from yourself that you are okay. Don't be a stranger now! :wink:

    Ps. Have fun on your trip, sounds exciting. Im excited for you, but make sure I get to catch some snippets and images please in due course if possible. Stuck at home, I get great therapy from hearing about other's adventures and travels.

    Saying that, I might be going on a trip myself soon, except it will be a different kind of trip withiut even needing to leave home (we'll have to see how cold it is first.) :smile:
  • warren0728
    good to see you back online!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    glad to have you back and posting brother
  • Pakalolo2
    Welcome back brother!
  • Gryfin
    hey man I've been following your posts and am happy to hear life is looking up. Life can really smack you on the backside so it's important to take those assclaps in stride and with a positive demeanour!
  • Alexis
    thanks mate just for caring and reaching out. Well one day at a time for now. I'm not sure if it's life that's looking up or if it's just me lol! But that's a start and the most crucial bit anyway. I'm scheduled to begin a 30-day vapour break starting tomorrow to take a course of prescribed homoeopathic medicine for my numerous current infections. It's an intensive antimicrobial course and I'm unable to manage my symptoms as well if I am still Vaping. And I have very badly needed a decent vapor break for a seriously long time anyway but have been in such a rut mentally I haven't been able to face it.

    Lots to play for though and look forward to this year but you just have to put that hard-working sometimes to get yourself out of the ditch that you have laid.
    Have a great night man. :up:
  • Gryfin
    I think that life is going to fuck you over regardless, so one should focus on their outlook in life.
    I hope your vapour break goes well and you can manage those symptoms as well as you can.
    Hope you have a nice night as well man
  • MothChewMoth
    Beyond excited to try this once I'm again gainfully employed! @juxt, thank you so much, and I hope you get good use out of the GoPro and gear!
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